The Continental (Philadelphia)

The Continental (Philadelphia)

Recently I went to the Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar in Philadelphia.  The Continental has two locations: The Continental Mid town as well as on the water.

While it’s always 5 pm somewhere, it was a little early for a martini.  I’ve heard The Continental is delicious and in fact, it was ranked as having the biggest and best salads in Philadelphia.  So why not?

The Continental (Philadelphia) Atmosphere: A 
The Continental is a lot bigger than anticipated.  When looking inward, it looks like a 10 table restaurant.  However, when you get into the restaurant, you realize there are 3-4 rooms and two full bars.  It was surprising!  I love the inside, and it’s very classic diner. The Continental is known for their retro look as well as airy rooftop patio.

The Continental Philadelphia

The Continental (Philadephia) Service: B
The waitress at The Continental was nice and made helpful recommendations.  She refilled our drinks when we asked.  It was strange because 3/4 of the meals came out at the same time, but my husband’s food came out 10 minutes later.  It would have been better if they had waited for all four meals.

The Continental (Philadephia) Coffee: D
Sadly, this was some of the worst coffee I’ve had at a restaurant or diner.  The coffee at The Continental was lukewarm at best.  Honestly, I didn’t want a refill because it wasn’t great.  As well as coffee, the Continental is known for their happy hour, pop and retro cocktails ensure everyone has fun.

The Continental Philadelphia

The Continental (Philadelphia) Food: A
The Continental menu is small, but they focus on fancier food dishes.  They are known for their eclectic flavors and signature Szechuan shoestring fries to playful spins like a calamari salad, and signature jumbo lump crab.

As I mentioned, they are well known for their salads, so I decided to order the Continental salad which contained chicken.  The salad was one of the biggest portioned salads I’ve had, and all of the ingredients were fresh.

The Continental Philadelphia salad

I also ordered the octopus since I like octopus.  The octopus was cooked in olive oil and came with pita bread.  Octopus and pita bread…I couldn’t ask for a better combination.

The Continental Philadelphia

The Continental (Philadelphia) Cost: $$$

For my salad, octopus and coffee the cost was $33.  It’s pricer, but the food was fresh and worth it.

Overall summary/would I come back to The Continental (Philadelphia)? 

I really enjoyed the Continental, and I’ll be back.  Next time I’ll skip the coffee but other than that, The Continental is a great diner/restaurant.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: D
Service: B
Food: A
Price: $20-30
The Continental (Philadelphia) Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Have you ever been to a martini bar? 
Do you like octopus? 


  1. Your meal looks fresh and delicious! I went to a martini bar just once, in Seattle and had chocolate martini’s, they were excellent!

  2. I LOVE octopus! That salad looks very big – good portion of chicken.

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