Springfield Diner (Springfield, Pa)

Springfield Diner (Springfield, PA)

A few weeks ago, after coming back from a race, I decided to go to the Springfield Diner.  I could have chosen a New Jersey diner. However, I heard the Springfield Diner was good, and so I decided to go.  Since I live within 15 minutes of PA, there are several PA diners closeby too.  I don’t want to get too predictable and switched states up.

Of course, on a Saturday for brunch, everywhere is busy.  There were only a few spots left in the huge parking lot, and I worried it would be a long wait. Luckily it was only 15 minutes.

Springfield Diner Atmosphere: A 

The Springfield Diner was a busy place.  It was a loud and bustling restaurant.

Springfield Diner

The outside decor of the Springfield Diner is a huge shiny and metallic building.  It’s a very stereotypical diner.  The inside consists of mostly booths and a bar.  It looked like there were a few tables in the back too.

Springfield Diner Coffee: A 

The coffee at the Springfield Diner was hot and refilled several times.  There was plenty of whipped cream.  I have no complaints.

Springfield Diner

Springfield Diner Service: A 

The waitress at the Springfield Diner was extremely attentive and friendly.  She refilled our coffee, brought refills, and made sure we’re doing okay. Although every table in the restaurant was filled, our food was brought out in 10 minutes.  10 minutes!  It was impressive.   So we waited 15 minutes to get seated, 10 for our food and left within 50 minutes.  All of this when the diner was jam-packed.  Efficiency is an understatement there!

Springfield Diner Food: B 

The Springfield Diner had all of the classic diner options and more.  They had a lot of seafood options that made me want to come back for dinner.

At the Springfield Diner, I decided to order the red velvet pancakes.  It came with strawberries and bananas topped with cream cheese, whipped cream, and chocolate chips.  The pancakes themselves were just plain.  Don’t get me wrong; they were good pancakes, but they weren’t red velvet.  It was just plain pancakes with chocolate chips on top.  Most people know red velvet is my favorite dessert, so I was disappointed.  The pancakes were good, just not what I was expecting.  To be honest, I thought they had accidentally messed up my order but that their take on red velvet.

Springfield Diner

Springfield Diner Cost:$$

For the coffee and pancakes, the cost was $13.  Not bad and I left filled me on a sugar high.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Springfield Diner? 

I enjoyed the Springfield Diner and would go back.  The food was good, just not what I was expecting. I would love to go back and try dinner.  It was one of the most efficient diners I’ve ever been too.  I can’t imagine what they are like at a slower hour!

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-20

Springfield Diner Overall: B

Despite the food at the being good, it was not exactly red velvet so I feel as though I have to give it a B.  I’ll be back and I would be interested in trying their dinner and dessert options.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite dessert?  Do you like red velvet?

Do you like pancakes? 


    1. I think all of the diners is so special to New Jersey/Pa area. Did you used to live out here?

  1. I like red velvet too. I would have been disappointed too. False advertising! 😜My favorite dessert changes but right now it is a full fat rich greek yogurt…

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