June Training: 4 (Injury Free) Miles

June training: 
It’s time to look at my running log for June.  Last month was an easy month to write because it was my lowest training month in the year, if not the last 3-4 years.  I think I’ve had 0 mileage months before but I can’t remember.

running 1

Moving on: 

Total mileage: 4 miles
Range of paces: 8:55-untimed
Races: zero
Workouts: zero
Favorite Run: None

Cross Training Workouts: 
Swimming: 10 times
Spinning: 6 times
Elliptical/AMT: 6 times

So why don’t I have I have a favorite run? It’s hard to choose my first run “back” as my favorite.  I’ve never come back from an injury feeling great.  I normally have soft tissue soreness which takes a few weeks to go away.  I’m hoping that’s the case as here too.  If I had to choose my favorite I would say my second run back was my favorite, but no one is making me choose.

To be honest, June was not a month I want to remember. Mentally, physically and emotionally it’s a month I am ready to leave in the past. I made the best of the situation, but I can’t say I had a great month of running, training or even life.  It wasn’t a great month for me, and I’m hoping to put it behind me.  Not every month can be enjoyable, and it’s important to remember that.

My only goal for July is to continue healing.  I can’t make any goals because I have no idea how I’ll heal and how my fitness will return.  In a perfect world, I would progress seamlessly back into running and be fully healed by the end of the month.  I would probably hop into a 5k by the end of the month.  That is a 100% dream and reach goal.  I would be up to 30-40 miles a week but if I can complete July injury free and healthy than I am fine with that too.

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Last but not least, Lindsey Hein interviewed me for her podcast: “I’ll have another”. If you want to listen to it (it’s about 70 minutes, tune in here).  Yes, I’m probably as awkward as you imagined.

At least this month provided something different besides run all the races, run boring workouts and do nothing else.  Right?

Questions for you:
How were your workouts in June?
Do you have any goal races coming up?

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  1. I’m working through an injury also. I “ran” the BAA 10K on the 26th, in 1 hour and 14 minutes! But I did it and I didn’t cause any additional damage. Having the discipline to run that slow was an accomplishment for me.
    I have a 5k at the end of August paid for, but nothing for July.
    Patience is a virtue that I am sorely lacking.
    Oh, workouts? My PT cranked on my leg every week all month long. I’ve been doing lunges and squats and now the front of my knee is a little painful.
    I’ve been doing this for almost 14 years, had many injuries and they always go away, eventually.

  2. I’m really happy you’re able to run again, Hollie. Even if you’re doing it time based and slowly coming back (which I agree is the way to go), I know you’re glad you could cross train and that the injury wasn’t any worse.

    Good luck with your comeback!

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