New Year Equals New Me

This isn’t the typical New Year’s Resolution post declaring my New Years Resolutions.

This also isn’t the post to say I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. I do have New Years Resolutions, but that is for another post. 

Start on January 1

I’m actually indifferent towards people who want to begin a new life journey or goal on January 1st.  Honestly, I’m excited for anyone to make positive changes in their life.  Every year I hear friends declare they are going to go to the gym more.  They plan to do X, Y, and Z.  That’s exciting, and I’m happy for everyone, no matter what their goals are.

Sadly, I also hear other friends publically wish resolutioners would get out of the gym or out of their way.Sure, having more people at the gym can be an inconvenience because there are fewer machines available.

The reality is everyone at the gym is paying for the same membership.  No one is more entitled to a piece of equipment because you have been a member for one day or 1000. If a person “getting in your way” annoys you, purchase your own damn gym equipment and stay at home.

Every year on January 1st many people begin a journey to better themselves.  New Year’s Resolutions include anything from fitness goals to life goals, work goals or even chasing your dreams.

The majority of the population makes a resolution or goal to achieve in the new year.  According to studies, only 8% of people keep with their New Year’s resolutions.  The facts are that is still 8% more than last year.

While people make many different resolutions, this post is focused more on the fitness and gym related goals.

This post is about the people who join a gym each year to achieve their goals.

This post is about the people judging those that are new to fitness programs.

Each year I see my “in shape” or fitness oriented friends complain about their gyms being crowded.  I have even seen posts about how dumb having a New Years Resolution is.  I’ve seen everything from posts about how silly new people look at the gym to even taking hidden photos of someone trying to workout.

Please remember that if someone has not given you permission to include their photo on your blog or social media, you shouldn’t.  It is never appropriate to take a picture of someone without their permission, especially to make fun of them.  Take a step back and realize how upset you would be if you found out someone was publically shaming you for trying something new. 

Here are just a few complaints about resolutioners at the gym I’ve seen:

The gym is crowded. No space for me! (sad emojis)

Someone took my elliptical (or any piece of gym equipment).

I hate how busy it is; I hope these people leave soon.

These people are wasting their time. (You are wasting your time complaining)

Those statements are rude and it’s even ruder to post.  Every single person from an elite marathoner to a star quarterback started their fitness journey somewhere.

Who knows where someone started, maybe it was with a New Years Resolution?

Judging someone based on their fitness level is both pathetic and sad.  When people first begin something, they are the most self-conscious.  New people (anywhere) fear being judged the most. It reminds me of people that won’t follow someone on twitter or facebook because they have five followers. It’s superficial.

I can remember the first time I went to the gym.  I was 18 years old, and I was nervous the rest of the patrons were judging me.  I tried every machine in the fitness center in 10 minutes.  I had no idea what I was doing.  Slowly but surely I found things that worked for me.  The first few months I was hyperaware of everything and everyone.  To be honest, I would still be mortified if I found out someone was publically shaming me at the gym!

Was that person laughing?  Must be at me…

Are those people chatting? They must be chatting about me…

So as you ring in the New Years, remember that a New Years resolution might not be your thing but some people are trying to better themselves.  Sure, some people might fall off the wagon, but many people will succeed.

I encourage you to think about when you were first beginning your fitness journey.  Do not be upset with others for attempting to begin their fitness journeys or using a machine typically in your routine.

Question for you: When did you start your fitness journey?