Five Types of Holiday Shoppers

There are several types of Holiday Shoppers you will see or have seen already.  Heck, you might even fall into one of these personality types.  I know I do!  Working in retail, I’ve already seen every personality type.

Five Types of Holiday Shoppers

First, it’s hard to believe Christmas is only a week and a half away. Maybe it’s just me but with the last few weeks of temperatures closer to 50 or even 60, it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit.  That being said, I’m nearly done with my Holiday shopping.  It helps when everyone told you exactly what they want.

So spill it, what kind of Holiday shopper do you fall under?

Procrastinating Peggy

Picture this: It’s December 24th and 10 minutes before closing.  This customer is in the store getting their last minute gifts.  You are trying to get home to your family…Normally the shopper looks frazzled and in a bit of sheer panic. Personally I’ve been there and I know I’ve frustrated the employees in retail stores.  internet meme

Gift Card Gerry

You get a gift card, you get a gift card…everyone gets a gift card!  At a local running store, it’s always good to get a gift certificate because unless someone explicitly tells you what shoe they run in, then it’s impossible to know.  Plus, who knows…today they want running shoes, a few days after Christmas maybe they want whatever’s on sale.  gift card meme

Early Bird Etta

They were asking about Christmas sales in July.  By the time I publish this post, they’ve already bought Christmas gifts for 2017.

Grumbly Gina

This person would hide in a hole during the Holidays if possible.  Yet here they are at check out telling you why Christmas is awful, why even bother and whatever else they can complain about. christmas shopping meme

Online Oliver

Forget those holiday shopping crowds.  Everything for everyone is purchased online.  There are no crowds to deal with and if a product is out of stock, it’s just back ordered.

Question for you: what kind of Holiday shopper do you consider yourself?

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  1. I think I’m all of the above lol. I try to start early but I always end up forgetting something and having to get it last minute. I do love having amazon prime this time of year for two day shipping!!

  2. I’m a gift card shopper ,i finished my shopping in October, I believe that when you get a gift card it makes it easy cause they can buy what ever they want.
    Happy holidays to you hollie
    Be safe

  3. Online shopper here! I have done at least 90% of my Christmas shopping online. Cyber Monday was awesome and amazon prime has been my best friend. I seriously hate crowds!

  4. I am so, so close to being done with my shopping! I just need to get gifts for my sisters, and I know exactly what I’m looking for–just need to plug the trigger. 🙂

  5. Last minute for sure! There is something I love about shopping on Christmas Eve, it’s always for last minute, stocking stuffers, but it’s fun 🙂 And, yeah, I’m also a huge fan of Black Friday shopping too!

  6. HA!!!! Love Early Bird Etta and so wish I were her! But, I am a total online shopper and I feel sorry that you work in retail this time of year, especially with the Grumbly Gina’s of the world! 🙂 Thanks for getting my LOLZ in today!

  7. I’m an online Oliver haha. However, if I’m shopping for myself I tend to buy stuff in-store 😛

  8. The warm temps have totally thrown me off my A game with Christmas-y feelings, too! I’m fine with the warmth, though! I’ll take it as long as we can get it 😉

    This was fun to read! You always nail these personality type posts!! You could totally write a Buzzfeed article or quiz, haha.

    I’m definitely a mix between Gift Card Gerry and Early Bird Etta 🙂

  9. online oliver!!! also is there a homemade Henrietta because thats totally me too, i like making things for people really gets me in the christmas spirit

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