Training Log: No Races :O!

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Or maybe a Christmas mistake but this was the first week in a very long time that I did not race.

As seen on my run: It's beginning to look a lot like summer...I mean Christmas...
As seen on my run: It’s beginning to look a lot like summer…I mean Christmas…

I had planned to race, but I messed up the location and missed the race.  I’ll have more on that later.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: Run with Jen
Thursday: 4X1 mile repeats (6:27 average)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy Run
Sunday: 14 miles with at 6 tempo (6:36 pace)
Total: 76 miles

Monday and Tuesday were easy solo runs.

On Wednesday I was able to run with my friend Jen.  Jen is a very competitive masters runner and routinely runs sub 18:30 5ks.  She had a meeting near me and we ran a very easy 5 miler and then grabbed coffee.


On Thursday I was supposed to run another base 5k.  Long story short, I went to the wrong base.  I guess that’s the issue when both fitness centers are named the exact same thing.  

We arrived at the wrong fitness center 45 minutes before the race started.  The other base was over half an hour away so we would be pushing our time to get there.  My husband and I ultimately decided to do a speed workout on the track. The track on base is .75 long and even crosses a road. The physical fitness test is a mile and a half test so they do 2 laps around that track. It’s a unique and fun track to run on.

(Spontaneous) Track Thursday: 4X1 mile average 6:27 pace

On a silver lining, I felt exhausted during the workout and I know running the race would have been rough. It was mentally challenging and I was proud to get through it.  I averaged 6:27 pace for the mile repeats that I’m happy with the effort.  I’ve done faster on the road and I’ve done slower on the track.

Looking back at my log I realized I ran over 80 miles in a 7 day period (Thursday to Thursday) so it made sense I was so tired. My rest day on Friday felt glorious!

Second workout of the week: 4 mile warmup+6 mile tempo (6:36 average)+4 mile cool down
I haven’t done a tempo run at home in a while. Instead of racing on Sunday I did a workout from home. It felt nice not to worry about races or getting there. I will say I missed the adrenaline of racing though. I didn’t know what my body would be able to hold but I averaged 6:36 pace.  For the tempo to be considered successful pacing wise, the goal was to hit 6 miles at 40:00 or faster.  The loop I chose ended up being 4.3 and I ran it in 41:30 (6 miles in 39:30) so I hit my mark!

Next week I’m continuing the grind of training. I do have a 5k I have my eyes on next Saturday so hopefully I don’t mess up the directions again.  Also thanks to everyone that has asked about my stomach and antibiotics.  I’m definetely not feeling 100% just yet but I am getting there.  Today I felt my stomach but more on the warmup than anything.

Questions for you:
Have you run on a unique or fun track?
Do you prefer to workout with friends or solo?


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  1. I’m doing all easy running right now, and I’m able to maintain my easy pace (and not go too fast) when I run with someone. When it comes time to do structured workouts, though, I usually run solo.

  2. Glad you had a silver lining to missing the race…and that is just weird that they are both named the same thing? That must happen all the time!!
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and look forward to where you will race next!

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