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The Whitehall Diner (Whitehall, Pa) 

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Almost two months ago now, I was lucky to have dinner with Allison.  I’ve been reading Allison’s blog for a while and she is an incredible runner.  In October, when I raced the Runners World 5k and half marathon in her area we decided to meet up for dinner.  She recommended the Whitehall Diner because she knows the owners.  I typed this up a while ago but I’m just now getting around to posting it.  So sorry, such a diner failure!

We got to the diner around 5 pm and it was already crowded.  I knew it must be good if it’s crowded at grandma dinner time.  I cannot even imagine how crowded it is between 6-8pm.

Whitehall Diner Atmosphere: A 

The Whitehall Diner was a beautiful slick building located on a hill.  We arrived just as the sun was setting and it was gorgeous.  The inside is huge and more similar to a restaurant versus a diner.  It’s very modern and clean.  The interior is open and has plenty of space.  It’s huge so you don’t feel crowded or claustrophobic.  There are several rooms and areas to sit.

Whitehall Diner Service: A 

Allison knew everyone at the Whitehall Diner, and the staff was all extremely friendly.  The waitress was great and refilled my coffee several times.  I have no complaints.

Whitehall Diner Coffee: A 

The coffee at the Whitehall Diner was piping hot each time. Hot coffee is important because it was the first and possibly only cold front so far this season. On a side note, was it colder in October than December because it feels that way.

I did not want anything other than piping hot coffee.  The whipped cream was perfect and nearly overflowed out of the mug every time.  The waitress was amused with my coffee intake but then again who isn’t?  WhiteHall diner coffee

White Diner Food: B 

The Whitehall Diner menu has many options.  There is everything from pancakes to eggs and lunch and dinner specials.  Since it was before a race, I ordered something I’m familiar with: a Greek salad with salmon.  It was great.

My only complaint about the salad at the Whitehall Dinerwas that the portion size could have been bigger and I was slightly hungry afterward, but I have an enormous appetite.  The food was excellent, though.   I liked that the salad included several grape leaves as well as anchovies.  Sometimes Greek Salads lack both, and it’s quite upsetting.  Grapes leaves and anchovies are my favorite. WhiteHall Diner Salad

Whitehall Diner Cost: $$

For the coffee and the salad at the Whitehall Diner, the cost was 20.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Whitehall Diner? 

I would come back to the Whitehall Diner.  Everything was great, and it’s in the top half of diners I’ve been too.  Plus if I’m coming back, it generally means I get to see Allison so that is a win-win.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A 
Coffee: A 
Food: B 
Cost: 15-20
Overall: A 

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Questions for you:
What temperature do you prefer your coffee?
Is there a restaurant you’re a regular at?

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  1. I actually like my coffee hot but not super hot. I love when there is a little coffee left when they refill it because then it’s the perfect temperature for me, haha

    Looks like such a nice place! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Whenever I get coffee anywhere, as soon as I get home I’m microwaving it constantly! MUSTBEHOT

  3. My coffee must be piping hot!

    I love that you are a runner and love diners…me too .

    We have a good one close by…it is in Turner valley, Alberta Canada.

  4. LOL at grandma dinner time. I totally love eating dinner at 5:00 PM, too! It;s the best time to go out to eat as well because it’s usually not too busy. Then if it is, you know it’s a great spot!

    I totally agree with you on wanting the coffee to be hot and the serving sizes to be big 🙂

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