Reflecting on Training

I have been thinking a lot about my training lately. I’ve been thinking about the evolution of my personal running as well as my life.

Consistency is key. 

We all have good and bad days. Similarly we have good months and bad months.  We even have good years and bad years.  

Rome wasn’t built a day. 

There are so many terms and phrases that you hear regarding training and progression.  Most importantly progress takes time.

Two years ago I was easily running 19 minute 5ks.  Similar to now I would race almost every weekend.  The difference was I was running between 19-19:15 for the majority of races.

One of my many 5ks that I finished between 19:00-19:10...the "glory" days
One of my many 5ks that I finished between 19:00-19:10…the “glory” days


Another 5k with a local fastie and friend of mine...More "glory days".  Her Glory days still live on ;)
Another 5k with a local fastie and friend of mine…More “glory days”. Her Glory days still live on 😉

Over the last two years, I’ve gone through a lot of life changes.  I’ve moved, I’ve gotten married, I’ve been injured and I’ve run two marathons.

Marathons are fun...or whatever...
Marathons are fun…or whatever…

So what? 

So throughout the last two years I’ve neglected speed.  I stopped running fast and hoped my base carried me through races.  I chose to increase mileage for marathon training and decrease speed.  

That worked to keep me healthy for NYCM and it worked when I came back from my injury to PR in the Phoenix marathon. The high easy mileage carried me through two marathons but it won’t carry me through shorter distances.  It took me two years of neglecting speed to regress to my current turnover rate.  .

Like anyone I want to see instant results.  I’ve been going to the track for an entire month now.

Shouldn’t I be PRing and seeing massive results?  

Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with.  Running also  isn’t a linear sport and it takes time and consistency to see results.  It took time and consistency to lose speed and it takes time and consistency to gain it back.

That’s partially why I’ve decided to keep my current plan of track, weekly 5ks and a long run this fall.  I do want to continue my training and regain speed. I think running 5ks has benefited me a lot and while I’m not seeing the results now, I know I will soon.

Consistency is a funny thing. It’s easier to be consistent when you are seeing results and benefits. It’s harder to stay consistent when you are not seeing the results.

Thinking out loud and reflecting, it took two years of inconsistency with training to lose my speed. I don’t foresee it taking two years to regain speed but I do foresee it taking longer than a month or a summer.

success progress photo

It’s nice to be able to reflect and realize while I’m not making as fast of progress as I would like, I am progressing towards my ultimate goal of a 5k PR.  Mentally I’m in a great place with my running and I’m enjoying my training.  Sometimes I think enjoying running is the first step of

Questions for you:

What goals are you consistently working towards?

Do you like the track, tempo runs or races? (Or something else)