Belmar Chase 5k (19:34)

When I choose Belmar for a goal race I hoped it would bring a 5k PR for me.

The shortened version the race wasn’t a PR and was exactly one minute slower than my 5k PR.  I’m not surprised and I know it will take a lot more work to get back to the fitness I was. I knew going into the race I probably wouldn’t PR but I knew it would be a lot of fun.

Tim and I arrived to Belmar around 7:45 and warmed up together.  I was scatter brained and just wanted to get to the start.  That is a little later than I prefer but typical me is always running late to races. The Belmar Chase was delayed about 10 minutes anyways.

The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t overly hot and it was breezy.  Thankfully the rain last week brought a little bit cooler weather.

We started the race and I immediately regretted my start position. Ashley Higginson was racing so it wasn’t as if I was going to toe the first row. I did, however, start too far back and spent the first mile weaving in between people.

The amount of people made the first mile fly by and I ran a 5:53.  It was my fastest mile in a very long time.  Realistically I thought I should be able to break 19 minutes at that point. I didn’t factor we were going with the wind.  I also didn’t factor that I made a stupid mistake and took the race out too fast. I should have factored that I haven’t done enough speed work to maintain that pace.

Despite being slower the second mile went just as fast mentally.  I stuck with a pack of women that were all coincidentally wearing the Saucony A6 in bright orange.  (Hashtag twinning) We were like a little pack!  It made the mile go by quickly and my Garmin tells me I ran mile 2 in 6:06.

I don’t have the speed or endurance yet to maintain 3 miles at that pace gain yet and it quickly showed.  The last mile went onto the boardwalk and into the wind.  I didn’t realize how much of the race was going with the wind until we hit the third mile.

Belmar 1

The final mile was a struggle. You could visually see the finish line the entire last mile.  The huge Saucony banner felt like it was never getting any closer!

I crossed the finish line in 19:34.  I was 6th women in my age group.  After cooling down I got to hang out with Austin and Jeff.  Jeff is the East Coast ElliptiGo Rep and Austin is the super fast Philadelphia area Saucony rep!

austin jeff and I



The race not what I had hoped but I have a long post about it later in the week.  I was extremely proud of my husband who finished 17:40 after being away and training overseas.

My track workouts are slowly paying off but I also know I have a long way to go. I don’t feel as if my turnover rate is where I want and I know my endurance for the 5k is not either. It will take time but I’ll be there eventually.

Questions for you: 

Have you ever run a race that you can see the finish line from afar?

How early do you like to get to races?