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The last few weeks have been a busy time for both my husband and I.  For me, work has picked up because of cross country season and marathon season!  I don’t foresee having a lot of extra time for a few months but I don’t mind.  Considering my husband has also been gone 3 out of 4 months we have been married, I also want to enjoy being a newlywed.  I still have personal time but far less of it!

For our date night last week, we went to the Creperie Beau Monde in Philadelphia.  Crepe Beau Monde was on the Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate for their Crepes.  So of course we had to go.  For an appetizer we split the smoked salmon and leek crepe.  I love that they split it for us and made it easy.  If we tried to cut it ourselves, the melted cheese would have squirted halfway across the restaurant.

With more smoked salmon on top
With more smoked salmon on top

For dessert we split the apple, toasted almond and creme with hazelnut ice cream.  It was one one of the best desserts I’ve ever had!  Everything about the crepe was delicious and I wanted to eat 10.  It is a top contender for the Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate.

Creperie Beau Monde crepe

Finally, the coffee creamer dispenser was one of the most unique creamer dispensers we have come across.  It is a cow and the milk poured out from the nose.  I could not stop laughing!

Me Coffee Creperie Beau Monde

My blog is not known to document my own personal cooking.  That is because I’m not that great at it.  I don’t think my meals are noteworthy.  At our house we tend to eat very simple: a meat, potato and vegetable.   Something we have been working on lately is cooking together.  Last night we roasted a spaghetti squash (one of my favorite vegetables!).

Roasted Spaghetti Squash 

We used this recipe but also added garlic and butter.   Then we topped with goat cheese, parmesan cheese grilled chicken and roasted tomatoes. We also served with a side salad. It is simple, easy and delicious.

grilled spaghetti squash

The other major cooking adventure we are pursing is homemade ice cream.  We bought an ice cream maker last month and have been experimenting with different recipes.  Right now we are using variations of this recipe.  The last time we made ice cream we also grilled fresh peaches and it was perfect.  I never knew making ice cream was that easy.

homemade peach ice cream

So there you have it.  I haven’t gone too crazy but have been enjoying cooking and going to other restaurants that aren’t diners.  😉

Questions for you:

Have you ever made homemade ice cream?

Do you like crepes? 



  2. I’m on a spaghetti squash kick! I can’t wait until it’s in season (since then it’ll be on sale all the time, haha)

    I totally thought that crepe was a slice of pizza at first and I was trying to figure out why there was lemon on it…. Hah! There is a crepe food truck here in Richmond that is pretty good but I think that’s the only time I’ve tried one!

  3. There is nothing better than homemade ice cream, but I have yet to try it on my own. And Philadelphia is one of the best restaurant cities around, in my opinion. The crepes look amazing!

  4. ha ha. My family has one of the cow milk dispensers. 🙂 It drives my Dad crazy since it tends to drip.
    Also, the spaghetti squash looks delicious!

  5. That creperie place sounds amazing. Crepes are actually one of my favourite breakfast/brunch foods, but I’ve only ever made them at home, and never actually had a savoury variety. Ice cream, on the other hand, I’ve never made at home. I keep tossing around the idea of buying an ice cream maker since I can’t eat a lot of the store-bought ones due to allergies, but… it’s still on the list 😉

  6. All that food is making me really hungry! I’ve only made ice cream in chemistry class before, but once I get a house I definitely want to invest in an ice cream maker. Dan went through a phase when he made crepes all the time..even getting a crepe pan and spatula. I still like crepes but definitely filled up on them during that 2 weeks of his obsession (he even considered opening his own crepe shop lol!)

  7. Haha I have that cream dispenser!!! It’s Jonathan Adler! Those crepes look phenomenal. My favorite is nutella, banana, cinnamon, with vanilla ice cream on top #HealthyEatsOnly

  8. Both those crepes look incredible. Hazelnut ice cream yum!
    I don’t exactly love cooking, but it is definitely so much more enjoyable cooking with someone else 🙂

  9. love that dispenser! i’ve seen those at this one market near by, they are so cute. I do NOT cook. I am awful at it. and I loooooooooove crepes. Preferably sweet, but I choose sweet over savory 96% of the time.

    1. I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it was. Believe me if I can do it, you can too!

  10. Wow! I am impressed with all those great eats. Even if you don’t think you’re a great cook, your skills far exceed mine! I’m hoping once I settle in the new house, I’ll become a better chef – but it’s not likely.

  11. Crepes are great! Love ’em! I definitely don’t make them enough, though. Your spaghetti squash looks wonderful, and I think it’s so sweet that you and Tim are doing some cooking together :). I’ve had homemade ice cream once, I think. In elementary school, my science teacher taught the class how to use salt and cream and a coffee can (to shake the ice cream in to make it homemade. It was probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had! I’m sure grilled peaches would have taken it to the next level!

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