63 Miles and Breaking Through a Plateau

Last weekend’s 10k race took a lot longer to recover than usual. I haven’t raced a 10k all out in a while so it made sense it took a lot longer to recover. It obviously effected my training this week since I was running a lot easier than normal.   I ended up needing Monday off.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 10.7 miles
Wednesday: 10.7 miles
Thursday: 10.0 miles hilly
Friday: 10.6 miles
Saturday: Firecracker 5k   (19:15) Plus deep tissue massage
Sunday: 12 miles


The first few days of the week were much more difficult training and life wise.  As I said earlier I was recovering from the 10k.  I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately either which definitely played a role in my recovery!

On Monday I did not feel good at all. My legs were exhausted and it was hot out. Normally I have been taking Thursdays off but I knew there was no way I felt decent to run on Monday.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were similar easy runs. The rest day on Monday helped me recover faster but I still didn’t feel great. On Thursday I got to run with my father in law in Chambersburg, PA.  It was a really nice change of scenery and I reset button for me.  It was an extremely hilly run. I love central PA because I am able to get hills in. I also enjoyed running with my father in law.

After the week of training I had, my race on Saturday was surprising. I was not expecting to run a 19:15! I was hoping to be around 19:30 but I will take a faster race when I was feeling worse.

haddon heights 5k


On Saturday after work I also got a deep tissue massage which helped to loosen up my muscles.

Next week:

I’ll be racing the Belmar 5 miler on Saturday. I’ve been really forward to this race all month. I haven’t been to the shore all summer!  My goal is to beat my 8k pace time from the Scott Coffee Run. Other then that I will continuing adding speed and base. It’s exciting to finally see progress with my training and break through a plateau!

Questions for you:

What was the last training plateau you broke through?

How was your Fourth of July weekend?