haddon heights firecracker 5k
Firecracker 5k (20:10)

I haven’t run the Firecracker 5k in a few years. I never seem to be healthy at the race. I signed up a few days before keep me honest about showing up. (Last year I said I might run but then decided not to because it was hot).

Anyway, I arrived around 7, grabbed my bib, and warmed up. After about 2 minutes, it was already hot enough. Summer came fast, and the temperature lows have been in the 70s with the humidity at 95%+.

My favorite part of the entire race was watching the turkey get escorted off the course by the Haddon Heights Police.

Turkey being escorted off the road

Anyway, I got to my car, chatted with my coworker, and we headed towards the start, and I got to talk to coach Girard (if you read the newsletter, you know Girard gave great wisdom there).

By the time we knew it, we were off; I saw four females take off and assumed my place for the day would be fifth (which seems terrible to expect in the first .1).

The first mile felt like it was taking forever. I ran a 6:17, which is my fastest mile in a long time.

During the next mile, I saw I was slowly catching two females. I caught one female around 1.5.  I was shocked because 5ks haven’t been my scene in a while, so passing anyone is surprising.  I passed the next woman around mile 2 and found myself as the third woman overall.

The second half of the course has a few small hills, and I noticed I was catching the next woman. Even though I wasn’t moving much faster, I got the third place woman around mile 2.

The last mile was spent trying to maintain my podium spot. As we headed into the final stretch, I heard heavy breathing and two males outkicked me. I couldn’t give any more energy if I tried.

I crossed in 20:10, which is what I had for the day. I was happy with my effort and for the weather.  I even got to see and chat good friend and writer for the NYT Jen M at the race.

Jen M and I Haddon Heights firecracker 5k

Questions for you:

Did you run a Fourth of July Race? How did it go?

Weekend Fun

Last week and the Fourth of July weekend was low key for me. I was happy to relax.  I was able to see my inlaws in PA, have some personal time, run and work.  I also got some necessary cleaning done. I feel like I had a balance of everything!

Last week I visited my inlaws in Central PA. Even though it was a short visit, it was great to get out of town and see them. I always enjoy Central Pa because of how quiet and peaceful it is.  It reminds me a lot of where I went to college.

My mother and I posing
My mother and I posing
And of course my father and I posing
And of course my father and I posing

We did a lot while I was in PA but we were able to relax as well.  We relaxed by their pool, had all your can eat crabs, went for an extremely hilly run and had gas station coffee of the area (Rutters).

crabs (the good kind)

If you are ever in or around Chambersburg, PA, I recommend going to Trickling Springs Creamery. It’s an adorable creamery and the ice cream is homemade. I tried the butter brickle and maple bacon.  They also have lunch too and it’s a perfect cafe and ice cream stop for anyone.

I never thought I would enjoy maple bacon anything but the ice cream is really good!

Trickling Springs Maple Bacon ice cream

I back on Thursday and they restored my internet.  I haven’t had internet since the storm 10 days ago so it was nice to get that finally restored.  I had power and lights but did not have central air, hot water, internet and cable.  I missed hot water more than the internet.

On Saturday I ran a local 5k. It was actually the highlight of my weekend.  I got to hang out with friends and coworkers before going to work.

liz and i

In my personal experience, Holidays are always harder when family is gone. This Fourth of July was mentally difficult and honestly I was glad to be working and to stay busy.  I honestly didn’t do a lot for the Fourth of July.  I ran a 5k, worked and then got a deep tissue massage.  Due to a change of plans, I grilled at my house.

On Sunday evening, Liz and I ended up grabbing dinner at a local diner. I haven’t been to a new diner in a few weeks so it was nice to do that. I love catching up with Liz anywhere and everywhere.

Now begins another work week. I’m excited to hopefully have a “normal” week that doesn’t involve loss of power or traveling. I have a few things I need to finally get done!

Questions for you:

How was your July fourth weekend?

Do you like the countryside or city better?

63 Miles and Breaking Through a Plateau

Last weekend’s 10k race took a lot longer to recover than usual. I haven’t raced a 10k all out in a while so it made sense it took a lot longer to recover. It obviously effected my training this week since I was running a lot easier than normal.   I ended up needing Monday off.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 10.7 miles
Wednesday: 10.7 miles
Thursday: 10.0 miles hilly
Friday: 10.6 miles
Saturday: Firecracker 5k   (19:15) Plus deep tissue massage
Sunday: 12 miles


The first few days of the week were much more difficult training and life wise.  As I said earlier I was recovering from the 10k.  I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately either which definitely played a role in my recovery!

On Monday I did not feel good at all. My legs were exhausted and it was hot out. Normally I have been taking Thursdays off but I knew there was no way I felt decent to run on Monday.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were similar easy runs. The rest day on Monday helped me recover faster but I still didn’t feel great. On Thursday I got to run with my father in law in Chambersburg, PA.  It was a really nice change of scenery and I reset button for me.  It was an extremely hilly run. I love central PA because I am able to get hills in. I also enjoyed running with my father in law.

After the week of training I had, my race on Saturday was surprising. I was not expecting to run a 19:15! I was hoping to be around 19:30 but I will take a faster race when I was feeling worse.

haddon heights 5k


On Saturday after work I also got a deep tissue massage which helped to loosen up my muscles.

Next week:

I’ll be racing the Belmar 5 miler on Saturday. I’ve been really forward to this race all month. I haven’t been to the shore all summer!  My goal is to beat my 8k pace time from the Scott Coffee Run. Other then that I will continuing adding speed and base. It’s exciting to finally see progress with my training and break through a plateau!

Questions for you:

What was the last training plateau you broke through?

How was your Fourth of July weekend? 

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