December Training

I feel like I have overloaded this week with running blogs.  You could say I’m running right through Holidays…ha terrible LOLZ pun.  This is a running blog so I’m glad I have running related topics (with my own training) to talk about.

Anyways, December has nearly left and I accomplished what I wanted too (running wise) this month.

Running Stats:

Total Miles: 246

Range of Paces: 6:40-12:00-untimed

Shortest Run: 2.0 miles

Longest Run: 17.25 miles

Best run: I don’t have a favorite run this month.  As cliche as it sounds, the month as a whole was good to me.  To keep it short, I will say my best was also my longest run.  I felt strong and as if I could just keep going.

Good times with my brother running
Good times with my brother


Dec 7: Schuylkill River 8.3 Miler (7:01 pace)

Dec 14: Haddon Hearts 5k (20:35)

December 31st (ha ha tonight!): Beat the Ball 5k

Training thoughts:

This whole month went smoothly.  December was the first month I ran the miles I wanted.  Not to beat a dead horse again but during December I finally felt like I was training (not just coming back from injury).

I didn’t do much speed work but focused on building my base with easy runs.  Since I didn’t cross train a lot during my stress fracture, I lost a lot more fitness than in previous injuries.  I’m not complaining about that and I do believe resting was the right thing to do.  My goal in December was to build fitness back up with lots of easy, untimed runs.

Another food for thought:

During the month of December I also began using the GNC products I was sent to review.  The included the protein powder, amino acids, preworkout and bars.

GNC PurEdge 1

I promised I would review them when I had time to finish the majority of products I was sent.  Since I finished the amino acids last week, the timing was perfect to review them now.  I believe some of the products helped me recover quicker from runs so I wanted to include the review in my monthly recap.

During December I used the Complete Amono after each run.  I mixed it into whatever I was consuming post run. I added it to pancakes, oatmeal and even milk.  I think my favorite method was actually just adding it to a glass of milk.  I set a goal to have the complete amino after each run and I made that goal. Like running, consistency is key. It’s hard to review a product without using it consistently for a while.  Honestly, I believe it helped me recover from runs faster.

The complete amino does not have an unusual taste (the fruit punch is what I like) so it isn’t gross to actually consume.

The amino acid powder has 30 calories and contains 5g BCAA blend of leucine, isoleucine and valine as well as 2.5g betaine .

Do I think it was the sole reason I stayed injury free?  No.

Do I think it was one of the blocks for building a solid foundation and base to stay injury free? Yes.

I liked the powder so much I ended up purchasing another container from GNC. If you know me well, you know I don’t waste money on expensive foods…hashtag #walmartshopperforlife).  I doubt the point was for me to end up buying the product but I really like it and I have felt better since beginning to use it.  So thank you GNC for opening my eyes to that.

I also enjoyed the protein powder because it made me remember how much I enjoyed making pancakes.  I am just over 75% done with that container.  Once finished with the protein powder, I will probably purchase that again too.  I don’t make protein pancakes every day but I do make the a few times a week again.  I think the protein powder is similar to any protein powder but it tastes good and I have no complaints.

Out of the items sent the preworkout energy drink is my least favorite. I don’t drink caffeine (not even coffee) before I run.  The preworkout drink is geared towards someone who does drink caffeine, so it makes sense it wouldn’t be a fit for me.  While the preworkout drink tastes good I don’t foresee myself using it.  The few times I consumed it I felt as if I had more energy but it isn’t something I would personally use regularly.

Overall thoughts?

I am firm believer the GNC amino acids and protein powder are helping my running. I 100% recommend the amino acids to any runner or athlete.   Thank you to GNC for sending me quality products that I am benefiting from.   I enjoyed being on your campaign.


Goals for January:

I’m going to lump this into one big post with my 2015 goals.  Briefly, my goals for January are to maintain and grow my base smartly.  I will continue to grow my base appropriately as well as train for the Phoenix Full Marathon.

I also have a few races I’ll be doing:

January 1st: Hair of the Dog 5k Va Beach, VA

January 10: Wilmington Delaware 10 miler Wilmington, Delaware

Anyways this has been a much longer training recap than normal.  That is partly because I think that nutrition has played a big role in my recovery and training this month.

Have a Happy New Year my friends and stay safe! 

Questions for you:

How was your month of December?

How are you celebrating New Years? 

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  1. Interesting on the amino acids! I want to look into that for myself. You’ve had an awesome month and really excited to see what the new year brings for you running wise 🙂

  2. December was a blur – although, a mostly fun blur. Celebrating New Year’s at home with the fam. PS – my recovery drink of choice is Endurox R4. Good stuff.

  3. I have been keen to try some amino acids myself to see if they can help me recover after my runs. I have been debating doing this for some time, so great to see a real runners review. Decision made.

  4. Glad to see you’re coming back injury free and consider this month “training” and not “trying to come back from an injury”. Even if it did set you back, you ran for many years before it and have solid miles on your legs. Plus doing a run that long and thinking you could run more and feeling strong is a great sign. Can’t wait to read about your races today and tomorrow and also training for the marathon as that goes on.

    I liked your review of the aminos and have considered buying some. I have noticed that Amino Acids are in some products like protein powder and it seems to make a difference for recovery and being less sore the next day and generally feeling better. If it works, keeps you injury free and feeling good then it’s worth the money.

  5. Some good things from December were finishing my first semester of college with 3x As’ and one B, running the most miles in a week since June, and seeing my grandparent from Florida.

  6. I have always had two thoughts on supplements (1) unless medically indicated you should always get your intake from actual food and (2) if you think something is helping you, unless the risks have been shown to impact something you care about (such as fertility for those seeking to have kids, or containing possible carcinogens as many ‘made in China’ unregulated supplements do, or things that can mess up your liver or kidneys the way overdoing vitamin C does) … then what the heck” Right?

  7. Haven’t tried Amino Acids for running recovery before, but flirted with the idea. Good to know you feel you’re having success there! Good luck with your race tonight!

  8. Happy new year and have a blast tonight! December went pretty OK trainining-wise, but “playtime” is officially over next week when training starts on the 5th. Watch out, 2015–we’re coming for you!

  9. Congrats on a solid training month! Thanks for the reviews on the GNC products, I’ll have to give the amino acids a try! Have a great race tonight and happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much. I honestly don’t have a lot of favorite products but do enjoy this stuff a lot (and believe it works!).

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