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Delaware Kids Fund 5k (21:33)

On Saturday I ran the Delaware Kids Fund 5k.  I haven’t run in Delaware since January.

I knew this race was not going to be strong for two reasons:

  • I’ve added a second speed workout (the track) to my training. My body can feel it and it’s tired.
  • The race was in a hilly area. It wasn’t flat at all.

I got to the race around 7:30. I easily signed up and then warmed up. I didn’t know anyone at the race.  I warmed up a couple of miles sola and explored the hills in the area.

After the race started, I immediately found myself as third women where I stayed the entire time. The first mile made a sharp turn and went up a large hill. I thought that was the extent of the hill climbing but I was wrong.

We continued to climb a hill. I ran the first mile in 6:27.  I knew my body was in for a pain train type of race.  The adrenaline kept me moving quickly despite the terrain being difficult.

The second mile went into a park. There were a few short hills but nothing like the first mile. I ran with a pack of several men.  I almost missed the halfway because it was a small cone but luckily the men in front knew what they were doing.

I hit the second mile in 6:41.

delaware race

Since the course was out and back, I knew the third mile was going to be hard. It did not disappoint. We ran up the hills from the beginning of the race. I like out and back courses because I am able to see what is coming. There are no surprises! I ran the last mile in 7:01.  During the last mile, I felt as if I was climbing hills like in cross country.  They were steep.

I crossed the finish in 21:33 and 3rd female overall.  My garmin logged a 3.25 but I have no idea if I didn’t run the tangents well.  It was a personal worst for me, however, I’m in the meat of training. I’m currently doing 2 speed workouts a week. I race every weekend and I know that some races will be more of a workout then a PR. I’m okay with that. With the course and my current training state, I am happy with my race results.

Don’t get me wrong, logging my slowest race in years stinks but I know that is a reality with racing every weekend.  They all cannot be PRs!

Questions for you:

Do you prefer out and back or loop race courses?

What was the last race you ran that put you back in your place? 



December Training

I feel like I have overloaded this week with running blogs.  You could say I’m running right through Holidays…ha terrible LOLZ pun.  This is a running blog so I’m glad I have running related topics (with my own training) to talk about.

Anyways, December has nearly left and I accomplished what I wanted too (running wise) this month.

Running Stats:

Total Miles: 246

Range of Paces: 6:40-12:00-untimed

Shortest Run: 2.0 miles

Longest Run: 17.25 miles

Best run: I don’t have a favorite run this month.  As cliche as it sounds, the month as a whole was good to me.  To keep it short, I will say my best was also my longest run.  I felt strong and as if I could just keep going.

Good times with my brother running
Good times with my brother


Dec 7: Schuylkill River 8.3 Miler (7:01 pace)

Dec 14: Haddon Hearts 5k (20:35)

December 31st (ha ha tonight!): Beat the Ball 5k

Training thoughts:

This whole month went smoothly.  December was the first month I ran the miles I wanted.  Not to beat a dead horse again but during December I finally felt like I was training (not just coming back from injury).

I didn’t do much speed work but focused on building my base with easy runs.  Since I didn’t cross train a lot during my stress fracture, I lost a lot more fitness than in previous injuries.  I’m not complaining about that and I do believe resting was the right thing to do.  My goal in December was to build fitness back up with lots of easy, untimed runs.

Another food for thought:

During the month of December I also began using the GNC products I was sent to review.  The included the protein powder, amino acids, preworkout and bars.

GNC PurEdge 1

I promised I would review them when I had time to finish the majority of products I was sent.  Since I finished the amino acids last week, the timing was perfect to review them now.  I believe some of the products helped me recover quicker from runs so I wanted to include the review in my monthly recap.

During December I used the Complete Amono after each run.  I mixed it into whatever I was consuming post run. I added it to pancakes, oatmeal and even milk.  I think my favorite method was actually just adding it to a glass of milk.  I set a goal to have the complete amino after each run and I made that goal. Like running, consistency is key. It’s hard to review a product without using it consistently for a while.  Honestly, I believe it helped me recover from runs faster.

The complete amino does not have an unusual taste (the fruit punch is what I like) so it isn’t gross to actually consume.

The amino acid powder has 30 calories and contains 5g BCAA blend of leucine, isoleucine and valine as well as 2.5g betaine .

Do I think it was the sole reason I stayed injury free?  No.

Do I think it was one of the blocks for building a solid foundation and base to stay injury free? Yes.

I liked the powder so much I ended up purchasing another container from GNC. If you know me well, you know I don’t waste money on expensive foods…hashtag #walmartshopperforlife).  I doubt the point was for me to end up buying the product but I really like it and I have felt better since beginning to use it.  So thank you GNC for opening my eyes to that.

I also enjoyed the protein powder because it made me remember how much I enjoyed making pancakes.  I am just over 75% done with that container.  Once finished with the protein powder, I will probably purchase that again too.  I don’t make protein pancakes every day but I do make the a few times a week again.  I think the protein powder is similar to any protein powder but it tastes good and I have no complaints.

Out of the items sent the preworkout energy drink is my least favorite. I don’t drink caffeine (not even coffee) before I run.  The preworkout drink is geared towards someone who does drink caffeine, so it makes sense it wouldn’t be a fit for me.  While the preworkout drink tastes good I don’t foresee myself using it.  The few times I consumed it I felt as if I had more energy but it isn’t something I would personally use regularly.

Overall thoughts?

I am firm believer the GNC amino acids and protein powder are helping my running. I 100% recommend the amino acids to any runner or athlete.   Thank you to GNC for sending me quality products that I am benefiting from.   I enjoyed being on your campaign.


Goals for January:

I’m going to lump this into one big post with my 2015 goals.  Briefly, my goals for January are to maintain and grow my base smartly.  I will continue to grow my base appropriately as well as train for the Phoenix Full Marathon.

I also have a few races I’ll be doing:

January 1st: Hair of the Dog 5k Va Beach, VA

January 10: Wilmington Delaware 10 miler Wilmington, Delaware

Anyways this has been a much longer training recap than normal.  That is partly because I think that nutrition has played a big role in my recovery and training this month.

Have a Happy New Year my friends and stay safe! 

Questions for you:

How was your month of December?

How are you celebrating New Years?