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The year has come and gone.  Last week, I recapped my running in 2017 and now it’s time to recap blogging since this is a Running Blog. I have begun to think a lot about blogging in 2018.  Where is it going?  Is it dying?  Will fueledbyLOLZ die?

Eventually yes, all good things must come to an end.  I have a longer post about the direction the blog will “go”.  Mentally I have written the post, but I haven’t strung 500 words together.  In summary, I probably won’t kill FueledbyLOLZ, but I will post less in 2018.

Instead of focusing on 2018 (which I will do at some point), it’s always fun to look back at the year and hanging out with friends and fellow bloggers and internet users.

danielle amelia and i

Danielle, Amelia, and I

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Interestingly enough, a lot of my shoe posts are the “top” posts.  Yet, they seem to have the least comments.  

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Thomas Edison Me New Jersey Isn't Boring

Hanging out with Cyd of NJ Isn’t Boring at the Edison Museum

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Runners World Festival

Blogging brought many new friendships!
Photo Credit Marty D.

Thoughts about Blogging:

I do like blogging and I enjoy it as an outlet.  For me, blogging will never pay “the bills”.  I am lucky that I do occasionally get sponsored posts which equate to extra spending money.  Those come and go and are completely unpredictable.

Plus, I don’t accept sponsored posts from something I wouldn’t personally use or buy which also limits how many I receive.  It’s nice to receive sponsored posts, but will they pay the bills?  No.   It’s also nice to receive free product to review and try, and I’m always cautious when I do that (for instance, I’m clear in shoe reviews if I didn’t pay for shoes…which 95% of the time, I paid for them).

The platforms of which people choose to blog is also changing.  With Instagram growing, many running bloggers have stopped sharing posts or writing lengthy posts and gone to microposts on instagram.  You must do what works for you.  I am not there yet because I do see blogging as an outlet.  While my grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired, it’s nice to connect with other bloggers and readers in that form, especially my “real life” friends (and dad) that don’t use social media but subscribe only to blog posts.

Blogging is 2017 wasn’t my highest viewership, in fact one of my lowest, but I still enjoyed it.  At the end of the day I blog for “me” but it’s nice to share the experience with others.  If I wanted to keep a personal diary (which I do keep a personal notepad), I wouldn’t press publish on a public website.  Thanks wordpress for being more organized than I am…

blogging stats

Questions for you:

Bloggers: How was your 2017 in terms of actual blogging?

Do you have a favorite post?  Do you keep a personal diary?

December Training

I feel like I have overloaded this week with running blogs.  You could say I’m running right through Holidays…ha terrible LOLZ pun.  This is a running blog so I’m glad I have running related topics (with my own training) to talk about.

Anyways, December has nearly left and I accomplished what I wanted too (running wise) this month.

Running Stats:

Total Miles: 246

Range of Paces: 6:40-12:00-untimed

Shortest Run: 2.0 miles

Longest Run: 17.25 miles

Best run: I don’t have a favorite run this month.  As cliche as it sounds, the month as a whole was good to me.  To keep it short, I will say my best was also my longest run.  I felt strong and as if I could just keep going.

Good times with my brother running

Good times with my brother


Dec 7: Schuylkill River 8.3 Miler (7:01 pace)

Dec 14: Haddon Hearts 5k (20:35)

December 31st (ha ha tonight!): Beat the Ball 5k

Training thoughts:

This whole month went smoothly.  December was the first month I ran the miles I wanted.  Not to beat a dead horse again but during December I finally felt like I was training (not just coming back from injury).

I didn’t do much speed work but focused on building my base with easy runs.  Since I didn’t cross train a lot during my stress fracture, I lost a lot more fitness than in previous injuries.  I’m not complaining about that and I do believe resting was the right thing to do.  My goal in December was to build fitness back up with lots of easy, untimed runs.

Another food for thought:

During the month of December I also began using the GNC products I was sent to review.  The included the protein powder, amino acids, preworkout and bars.

GNC PurEdge 1

I promised I would review them when I had time to finish the majority of products I was sent.  Since I finished the amino acids last week, the timing was perfect to review them now.  I believe some of the products helped me recover quicker from runs so I wanted to include the review in my monthly recap.

It isn’t a secret that the amino acid powder is my favorite (Called complete amino). During December I used the Complete Amono after each run.  I mixed it into whatever I was consuming post run. I added it to pancakes, oatmeal and even milk.  I think my favorite method was actually just adding it to a glass of milk.  I set a goal to have the complete amino after each run and I made that goal. Like running, consistency is key. It’s hard to review a product without using it consistently for a while.  Honestly, I believe it helped me recover from runs faster.

The complete amino does not have an unusual taste (the fruit punch is what I like) so it isn’t gross to actually consume.

The amino acid powder has 30 calories and contains 5g BCAA blend of leucine, isoleucine and valine as well as 2.5g betaine .

Do I think it was the sole reason I stayed injury free?  No.

Do I think it was one of the blocks for building a solid foundation and base to stay injury free? Yes.

I liked the powder so much I ended up purchasing another container from GNC. If you know me well, you know I don’t waste money on expensive foods…hashtag #walmartshopperforlife).  I doubt the point was for me to end up buying the product but I really like it and I have felt better since beginning to use it.  So thank you GNC for opening my eyes to that.

I also enjoyed the protein powder because it made me remember how much I enjoyed making pancakes.  I am just over 75% done with that container.  Once finished with the protein powder, I will probably purchase that again too.  I don’t make protein pancakes every day but I do make the a few times a week again.  I think the protein powder is similar to any protein powder but it tastes good and I have no complaints.

Out of the items sent the preworkout energy drink is my least favorite. I don’t drink caffeine (not even coffee) before I run.  The preworkout drink is geared towards someone who does drink caffeine, so it makes sense it wouldn’t be a fit for me.  While the preworkout drink tastes good I don’t foresee myself using it.  The few times I consumed it I felt as if I had more energy but it isn’t something I would personally use regularly.

Overall thoughts?

I am firm believer the GNC amino acids and protein powder are helping my running. I 100% recommend the amino acids to any runner or athlete.   Thank you to GNC for sending me quality products that I am benefiting from.   I enjoyed being on your campaign.


Goals for January:

I’m going to lump this into one big post with my 2015 goals.  Briefly, my goals for January are to maintain and grow my base smartly.  I will continue to grow my base appropriately as well as train for the Phoenix Full Marathon.

I also have a few races I’ll be doing:

January 1st: Hair of the Dog 5k Va Beach, VA

January 10: Wilmington Delaware 10 miler Wilmington, Delaware

Anyways this has been a much longer training recap than normal.  That is partly because I think that nutrition has played a big role in my recovery and training this month.

Have a Happy New Year my friends and stay safe! 

Questions for you:

How was your month of December?

How are you celebrating New Years? 

July through December Musings

It seems like the second half of my year was far more exciting then the first.  I like to save the best for last right?  Actually after the marathon my life seems to have simmered down.


I turned the big 23.  I’m an old lady now.

I finally ran a 5k PR that I feel I’m never capable of again (18:35).

Life is good!

Life is good!


As with the rest of the summer I worked a lot between 50-70 hours and was really burnt out.

I ran an 8k PR and then was hit by a cylist who broke my arm.

YAY for no sling!

YAY for no sling!

I was accepted to run for Oiselle! 



I ran the Rock and Roll VA Beach half marathon with Laura and Heather.  It was awkward because I ran it with a broken arm.



I moved to Texas.

I ran another half marathon a week later in San Antonio.  1800 miles of driving, two half marathons back to back…only to go a few seconds faster in San Antonio and win a sweet Growler.



(one week later) I found out I was moving to New Jersey.

The night we found out we were Jersey bound

The night we found out we were Jersey bound


I drove back across the country seeing Laura along the way.


I moved back home with my parents (again!) for a few weeks before my marathon.

Kris and I dressed up like Pumpkins for a 10k that I missed my PR by 5 seconds.



I ran my first marathon.


I moved to NJ.  After moving to NJ, I took some time off of running and just relaxed and looked jobs for a while.


I haven’t (honestly) done a lot of note worthy things this December.  It’s been just assimilating into NJ and looking for jobs.  I hope I have something to report by the end of the year.  I guess I’ll work on that.

I took photos in the snow.  It counts as productive.

I took photos in the snow. It counts as productive.

I did run my first and only race since the marathon, The Surf and Santa 10 miler.


Thoughts of 2013:

Although 2013 was anything but calm I truly enjoyed the year.  It seemed like it flew by and that I was happier then I have been, especially in the later half of the year.  It seems like I should have been more stressed being jobless and the 4000 miles I drove in 2 months but I wasn’t.  It was a really good year.  I have found the more stressed “I should be” is when I become less stressed.  Little stressors that shouldn’t stress me out often are the worst for me.

Anyways upward and onward to 2014 from here!

Question for you: Most notable thing of 2013? 

2013: January through June

The end of December only means one thing for blogging.  Time to reflect upon the year and see how you have changed (or not) and the excitement of your life.  I can honestly say 2013 was the most crazy year of my life.  Pictures seem to be more interesting then random musings so where we go. Like last year I broke this up into two posts since I need more content and long posts are boring. 


I began my New Years running the Hair of the Dog 5k in a prom dress.  YAY!  (you are supposed to wear last night’s outfit)


I worked in Oswego.  (It was cold and snowy)


Awe I miss you Danielle!

Awe I miss you Danielle!


I ran 18 miles with Laura.

I ran the Lake Effect half marathon and met Heather. (and froze!)



I had my first half marathon of the year, Shamrock!

This is from last year when I realized I was about to PR.

This is from last year when I realized I was about to PR.

This is probably the reason my legs locked up post race.

This is probably the reason my legs locked up post race.


I had my current half marathon PR: Nike Women’s half!


Was this the month I ran 20 with you Laura?  I feel like it was my first 20 miler in my life too.

I think this was from that day.  I remember wearing this dingy jacket and complaining about it a lot.

I think this was from that day. I remember wearing this dingy jacket and complaining about it a lot.


I had one last ho-rah with Heather and Laura at a 5k.



I moved home with my parents.

I broke my first tape in a race.



I worked anywhere from 50-75 hours weekly.  It was awful but I needed to save a good amount of money because of my unsuspecting future.  (Which I needed for sure!).  Sadly I’m not one to take selfies at work.   This was the boring month.  The first half of my year seems pretty tame compared to the second half.

Questions for you: Tell me something about your first 6 months of 2013. 

More Year in Review

I guess we can keep on continuing with my rambles of 2012 with a July-December recap.  I’m glad so many people found that my car sliding into a police car was hilarious.  It wasn’t hilarious with the amount of money I had to pay as well as not having a car with a broken arm when it was 0 degrees outside…but I guess looking back it might seem funny on the outside. 

July: Oh July…Celebrated my 22nd birthday…better than 21 because I didn’t celebrate with a stress fracture.  Ran and PRed in the Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run (my 5k was an 18:57).  Ran my first 80+ mile week and also just worked most of the rest of the time.  July was all about working to make the money.  I didn’t really do too much, just tried to stay busy.

August: Ran my first 90 mile week.  Swam an open water 5k.  Moved up to Ice cube, better known as Oswego, NY.  Ran a half marathon because I had no friends up there to keep me mused.  Finally, started my cross country season out with a second place overall in our very first race.


September:  September was by far one of the hardest most stressful months for me.  I found out it was viable for me to make it nationals in XC.  Two hours later found out my cyst led to the muscle ripping off my bone…meaning time off of running.  Worked on the Suicide Prevention Walk (for work) on campus (we raised close to 20,000 dollars!).  Really started loving my internship.

The Walkers beginning the actual walk!  450 coming!

The Walkers beginning the actual walk! 450 coming!

October: Just kept cross training.  It was a pretty blur month for me just reaping the after effects of September and being injured.  I did start PMB though which I think helped me personally see positive when it seemed like my world was coming down.  Got the most painful shot in my heel…cortisone.  After a solid week of pain, it somewhat killed my cyst.


November: Began running again.  Ran a 6:27 paced 6k on cross country after 2 months off and one week of running(I was extremely happy).  Went to Texas (obviously a good week for me). Then got to go home and see some of my friends for a couple of days and then drive all the way back to NY.  So much traveling I couldn’t contain myself.  (I actually hate driving).


December: Stress.  Stress. Stress.  That is all.  LOL.  Just kidding, waited for my job…moved back home for a month.  Literally did not know from day to day whether I could travel home or not. Finally found out that my job was going to work out.  Ran a 19:04 5k out of nowhere after running a 20:10 5 days prior.  Christmas.  I’ve kept pretty low in December because of traveling and hanging out with family…typical December stuff.

love my work frienzzz

love my work friends!

Where does this leave me for 2013? 

I assume sometime this year I’ll be injured (as runners normally are).  I assume I’ll Pr at some point and move away from Oswego sometime (even if it’s back to VA).  I assume I’ll continue to love my job in Oswego but it is from the people I love the most and eventually I’m going to have to make a decision of what I want to do.  I’m hoping 2013 will be a great year for me (but who says…I’m hoping 2013 will be god awful?) So that’s that.

I’ll assume I’ll have really good weeks and months as well as really bad weeks and months. Hopefully none involve breaking a bone, hitting a policeman or cultivating a cyst in my heal.

Question for you: Tell me about your later 2012 or 2013 plans. 

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