Week 2 Training: Hashtag #Doms4Dayz

Training Week 2: Hashtag #DOMS4Life

This week has gone both smoothly and sorely.  With the addition of more miles my body has certainly felt it.  I always have a point (when adding miles) that it all hits me.  My body says “oh you are training much harder, so you need to feel the consequences of that”.  I think the addition of more miles combined with the Schuylkill River Race last weekend hit me all on Thursday.  I was also working on my feet for 9 hours both Thursday and Friday and it caught up to me.  I don’t think I sat down once.

I always enjoy this feeling (in a weird way) this because it means my hard work is paying off and my body is absorbing the mileage and hard work.

Monday: 7.25 miles
Tuesday: 5.25 miles
Wednesday: 12.5 miles (midweek long run)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 8.3 miles
Saturday: 5k Race (20:35) Total 10 miles
Sunday: 15 Mile long run
Total: 58 miles



My midweek long run was the hardest run this week actually.  I ended up running (ha) into one of my coworkers and we ended up running the first 8 miles together.  It was a hillier route and chatting while running at a quicker pace made it a harder run in general.   The rest of the miles were pretty easy or relaxed.

I wasn’t surprised my 5k race didn’t go well.  My legs have been sore but it was nice to get some faster miles on my legs.  Long story short, the moment I crossed the starting line was the moment I knew the race was not going to go as well as I would have liked.  I’m not upset with the race but logging a personal worst (in roughly 3 years?) only means I can get better…I hope!

Like I was saying, my body is absorbing the mileage.  I’m upping my mileage and cannot expect to run more and faster.  It was a nice speed workout.   Next week I plan to add a few more miles.  It’s going to be a chaotic week due  to work, people visiting and T leaving.  I don’t have any races scheduled until the end of the month (partly because I could not find any races but if you are in the South Jersey/Philly area racing, let me know…).

Questions for you:

How do you relieve soreness from upping mileage?

For me it’s deep tissue massages, foam rolling and Epsom baths.  I need to take a bath today I think.

What was your best or hardest workout this week?