Week 2 Training: Hashtag #Doms4Dayz

Training Week 2: Hashtag #DOMS4Life

This week has gone both smoothly and sorely.  With the addition of more miles my body has certainly felt it.  I always have a point (when adding miles) that it all hits me.  My body says “oh you are training much harder, so you need to feel the consequences of that”.  I think the addition of more miles combined with the Schuylkill River Race last weekend hit me all on Thursday.  I was also working on my feet for 9 hours both Thursday and Friday and it caught up to me.  I don’t think I sat down once.

I always enjoy this feeling (in a weird way) this because it means my hard work is paying off and my body is absorbing the mileage and hard work.

Monday: 7.25 miles
Tuesday: 5.25 miles
Wednesday: 12.5 miles (midweek long run)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 8.3 miles
Saturday: 5k Race (20:35) Total 10 miles
Sunday: 15 Mile long run
Total: 58 miles



My midweek long run was the hardest run this week actually.  I ended up running (ha) into one of my coworkers and we ended up running the first 8 miles together.  It was a hillier route and chatting while running at a quicker pace made it a harder run in general.   The rest of the miles were pretty easy or relaxed.

I wasn’t surprised my 5k race didn’t go well.  My legs have been sore but it was nice to get some faster miles on my legs.  Long story short, the moment I crossed the starting line was the moment I knew the race was not going to go as well as I would have liked.  I’m not upset with the race but logging a personal worst (in roughly 3 years?) only means I can get better…I hope!

Like I was saying, my body is absorbing the mileage.  I’m upping my mileage and cannot expect to run more and faster.  It was a nice speed workout.   Next week I plan to add a few more miles.  It’s going to be a chaotic week due  to work, people visiting and T leaving.  I don’t have any races scheduled until the end of the month (partly because I could not find any races but if you are in the South Jersey/Philly area racing, let me know…).

Questions for you:

How do you relieve soreness from upping mileage?

For me it’s deep tissue massages, foam rolling and Epsom baths.  I need to take a bath today I think.

What was your best or hardest workout this week?

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  1. At this point in the year it is all about the temperature and wind chill for me … so my worst was the day when it was supposed to be 25 and no winds, but just as I started the temperature dipped and winds picked up … so when I got home it was 18F with 15mph winds … i.e. darn cold, much colder than expected! My hands were really sore as they warmed up – ugh.

  2. Whenever I add mileage (especially when I’m in a rebuilding cycle) my speed goes to crap. I typically only race for the “tempo” work during times like that and forget about even trying for a PR. I must say that a 20 and change 5K is still pretty damn speedy, and if nothing else you got those legs turning over a little faster right? Keep up the good work!

  3. I take hot baths and foam roll. My best workout this week was yesterday when I ran my longest run since I got compartemnt syndrome again. I think the ” miracle treatment” the doctor is using is actually starting to help.

  4. I think you have a really great attitude when you say that logging a personal worst means it can only get better. That is still an excellent 5K time though, you should be proud of it coming off such a hard training week and also so soon post-injury. Sometimes I think the rigors of racing add up, racing is just more mentally taxing than running a lot of training miles. Glad you had a great week and are able to increase your mileage too!

  5. My hardest workout this weekend was a 10 miler before 5 am. Idk why I was so sore afterwards. But I did feel really good about it afterwards.

    Looks like you had another greatt week of training 🙂

  6. Building mileage, racing and working on your feet for long hours definitely will make for a tired body. I am glad that you remember that the goal is long term and not fret about the 5k too much. Going into NYC I had a terrible half, but just as you did, I reminded myself that I can’t expect to train through races and PR all at the same time. Positives: You are healthy and right on track for long term goals!

  7. I use magnesium oil on my legs after long runs because it reduces inflammation and is a common nutrient deficiency. I had a week of pretty easy runs so I would have to say the hardest parts were the psychological component of going slow.

  8. I went sub-8 for the first time post injury (stress response) which was awesome. I’m glad that you reminded my that you can’t increase distance and speed at the same time. More miles will eventually lead to speed, right?

  9. Great week of training! I pink puffy heart Epsom Salt baths. I think for me it’s just the luxury of laying in a tub.

    I’m just now getting back into a workout groove. I’m not training for anything in particular, so my goal is really just to work on my speed and take some decent long (long for me) runs on the weekends. My best/hardest was a 4 miler I did yesterday where I ran up a hill I have avoided since I started running. Now that I’ve done it once, I feel confident about adding it to my regular rotation.

  10. Since becoming a runner (ha!), I’ve made foam rolling a priority–and it makes *such* a difference. Not only do I feel better during my runs, but I’m also able to recover faster. Funny how the things we tell folks at our running stores *actually* work. 😉

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