Starview Diner

Last week, T and I headed to a new diner to try.  I have felt like I’ve been slacking a little bit due to my work schedule being kind of crazy.  Some weeks are like that though.  I have driven by the Starview Diner in Somerdale several times (on my way to Berlin).  Sadly there is no website.

Atmosphere: A

The outside is what originally drew me to the diner in the first place.  It’s a very open and picture perfect diner.  It has giant windows and a very cute and welcoming outside.  The indoor portion is just as nice.  It was festive for Christmas.  The diner itself is almost entirely all booths which is always fun.  I like booths the best, more room to spread out.

via google streetview
via google street view

The hostess and waiter were both inviting.  I have no complaints and the waiter made every special request (which felt like 10 million after I asked for whipped cream on my coffee and a side of pita bread).  He was extremely friendly and polite.

Coffee: B

The coffee had whipped cream.  It was nothing out of the ordinary but nothing bad either.  At least they didn’t charge for refills. This was average coffee.  It met my personal needs but nothing stood out.

Starview Diner Coffee

Food: B
The salad was pretty good. The gem of this diner was their homemade bread. They bread looked like a regular roll on the outside, only to find it was filled with cream cheese on the inside. It was the best surprise ever.

Starview Diner Roll

The menu isn’t available online. This wasn’t a cause of concern for us but we went in wondering what we were getting ourselves into. When we arrived we realized this diner had one of the biggest menus. If you aren’t going to visit this diner because the menu isn’t online, long story short…they have everything.

I ordered their soup of the day which was some sort of bean soup.  I can’t remember exactly and the menu isn’t online.  It was good soup.

Starview Diner Soup

My Greek salad was a standard Greek salad. It had greens, feta, hard boiled egg, grape leaves and I ordered a side of salmon and pita bread. I wish the salmon had the skin on it but other then that it was an average salad. There was nothing terrible but it wasn’t number one (much like the coffee).

Starview Diner Salad

Dessert: B
The dessert was okay. I don’t know what we ordered (some sort of chocolate cake?). I liked the frosting because it was light and fluffy. The cake was pretty dry and the ice cream was low fat and crumbly. It was weird to me to have that sort of ice cream at a diner but each to their own.  The dessert was decent but nothing to write home about (much like the entire vibe of this restaurant?).

Starview Diner cake

Cost: $$
For two drinks, two meals and two desserts it was 40 dollars. That honestly isn’t bad at all for the amount of food we got.

Overall thoughts: B
Would I come back?
It was an average diner. I’ll probably be back. It wasn’t the best diner I’ve been too but it also wasn’t the worst. The staff was friendly and I don’t have any real complaints…it was just an average New Jersey Diner.  I  recommend going to Starview Diner if you are in the area but it’s not anything to drive to far to get too.

Questions for you:

Do you like fish with or without the skin? 

I think the fish skin (and chicken skin) is the best part.

Do you research food menus online first?

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  The Starview diner doesn’t have a menu, website, or facebook page online (which is pretty odd to me).

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  1. I always like my salmon with the skin on it. It gets SO crispy and delicious. I don’t understand how people don’t like it.

  2. I pretty much always look at the menu online before I go somewhere, mainly to make sure they have something I can eat (I don’t eat chicken, beef, pork, etc, but I do eat fish). Like 99% of places do but I guess it’s habit. And yeah, i like the skin on my salmon too.

    The outside of this diner looks so cool. Sorry the food wasn’t that spectacular, but at least it wasn’t too bad either. It looks like a fun building.

  3. I will look at the menu if I know I’m going there with people who order fast. I want to be up to speed. If I go with more chill people, I don’t bother because I’ll have time to look at it there.

  4. YES to fish skin!! I won’t buy salmon unless it has the skin on it. My family thinks I’m gross for this haha.

    I think the diner looks soo nice on the outside! All the diners around here look pretty old fashioned, but I definitely appreciate nice looking ones with big menus! I think $40 is a good price for all the food you got, too!

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