The Club Diner

Last week Tim’s parents, Tim and I went to the Club Diner just off of exit 3 in Bellmawr.  The Club Diner is located directly off exit 3 on the NJ turnpike.  If you are heading north and hungry, it’s a pretty good stop.

Atmosphere: A

The overall atmosphere is great.  The outside has a huge diner sign plastered on top.  It screams diner and you cannot miss it.  It fits the stereotypical diner outside look.

club diner 1


Taken from the Club Diner Website

When we walked in I thought it was a lot smaller than it appeared outside.  I quickly realized there was a whole back room.  We sat in the front and the more traditional diner area.

Coffee: A

The waitress was shocked when I asked for a coffee with whipped cream (I would too, we aren’t in the hipster Starbucks here).  She said she would have to try it.  The coffee mug was extremely tiny but the waitress refilled it and the coffee was good.  I have no complaints.

Club Coffee

Food: B-

The menu was large.  If the diner menu isn’t that large I always question if it is a diner at all. I was surprised that they had such an extensive seafood menu.  Bellmawr isn’t located that close to the shore but the menu made it seem as if we were.  I wanted a salad with salmon but for some reason they couldn’t do it.

I ordered the Greek salad with pita bread.  The Greek dressing was one of my favorites.  It was a bitter balsamic mixed with oil.  If I was just grading salad dressing I would say this was the best dressing I’ve had.  The salad was a little bit smaller but it wasn’t bad…it was just small.  It was very hard boiled egg heavy (the only thing I dislike in Greek salads are hard boiled eggs).  It reminded me of a side salad than an entree salad.

Club Diner Salad

It was a good salad but I do wish it was more salad.

Dessert: A

We ordered a lemon cake and chocolate fudge cake to split.  Tim had already had a milkshake so it ended up being me eating both pieces (I won’t complain).

Lemon cake:

I really enjoyed the frosting of the cake.   I haven’t had lemon cake in a while but this lemon cake takes the cake (ha terrible pun).  It was great and I have no complaints.

Club Diner Lemon Cake

The chocolate fudge cake was even better.  I loved how rich the cake was.  It was a great piece.  The dessert was one of my favorite parts and I didn’t come expecting that.  I actually didn’t think we would get dessert at all so that was a pleasant surprise.

Club Diner Cake

Price: $

The salad, cake and coffee was 18 dollars.  The salad was a little more expensive for the lack of food but overall not a bad price.  They had a ton of specials as well.

Overall Thoughts:  B

Would I come Back?

There are a lot of local diners in South Jersey and in the area.  This is certainly one of the better ones and I will probably be back eventually.  The dessert was good (surprisingly).  The waitress was also one of the friendliest and her politeness alone makes me want to come back.  It was a good diner but there are a few I care for a bit better.  As Tim’s mom said: “eh more of an average diner review right?”.  HA, that is the truth.

Questions for you:

Where was the best waiter/waitress you have ever had?

What is your favorite (nonchocolate) type of cake?

Carrot cake and lemon cake take the cake for me.  (How many times can I use cake in this post?)


8 responses

  1. OMG that salad really is, like, no salad. It’s all chicken, egg, and bread. How weird. But I guess they made up for it with cake. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE.

    My favorite cake isn’t actually cake. It’s birthday cake ice cream by Turkey Hill. Chunks of cake and buttercream frosting swirled in vanilla ice cream. I haven’t had it for like 4 years because I will down a half gallon in no time. #Fitfluential

  2. They have pumpkin pancakes, so it’s an automatic win for me. I base diners off of breakfasts because… UGH, diner pancakes ❤ ❤ ❤

    I think my favorite cake aside from chocolate is a good carrot cake. I haven't eaten one in SO long before my aunt's surprise party. I almost died it was so good! It was a welcome surprise!

  3. The best waitress I had was a waiter at Ponderosa when I was about 7 who said “I will be taking care of you today young lady” It was probably my first crush and I will never forget his spikey gel hair. I don’t really like cake actually because I like dense desserts. The best one I had was a flourless cake, but it was chocolate so that doesn’t count. After that I’d have to say carrot cake because it is dense. Yum 🙂

  4. I really like coconut cake. We have a restaurant here that has a $10 slice of coconut cake that is supposedly the best but I haven’t been there yet. It’s hard for me to justify driving downtown and parking and then $10 cake but if it’s good I’d try it when I’m there. I still think my mom’s coconut cake could beat it.

    This looks like a neat diner, I agree that the service makes or breaks a restaurant sometimes.

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