The Day I met Kate Grace and Made her Choke on a Hot Dog

Last Tuesday Oiselle participated in NOLCHA fashion week. They showcased some new styles and walked the run way. Their future styles are to die for and I cannot wait to see them out and about. Afterwards, we had a party at the Brass Monkey in NYC. Anyone was invited and there was quite a collection of people there.

There were many different elite attendees from Kara Goucher to Lauren Fleshman to Kate Grace to the CEO, Sally.  Also many different members of violee, flock and the entire Oiselle family. If you liked NYC and wanted to celebrate Oiselle’s accomplishments then you were there. I think the most shocking part was that I made it to the city in one piece.  If you know anything about me you know I have no sense of direction, I hate NYC because of how intense it is and I go to bed early. I cannot take credit for getting into the city, that would go to Amelia and Danielle.

To set the stage, I woke up on Tuesday morning after a rough nights sleep. I was an emotional mess because I was running (but not really running…) on very little sleep.  First, I was debating if I should go.  While I’m 90 minutes from NYC, it’s actually about a 3 hour commute.

I was also debating what I wanted to wear. It had not dawned on me that I had to wear tennis shoes….tennis shoes to the bar! (I can’t wear anything else due to my stress fracture.  The blue asics cumulus I’ve been wearing have felt really good so I’m not switching them up.  They’ve felt good but they are loud and match nothing) i was so upset because it ruled out wearing any dresses I owned as well as other clothing. I don’t know why it upset me so much but once I broke out of crying, I grabbed my party pants and traveled north.

Now that I’ve set the stage, linked to half of twitter, and gave visuals to everyone I can dig into the content of the post. Fast forward to taking the train into the city, grabbing dinner at a foodie truck (my first one ever!) and walking to the Brass Monkey with Danielle and Amelia.

People were chatting amongst themselves. I chatted with a bunch of people there and being the social awkward person I am, I just introduced myself and chatted with anyone would listen. Sometime during the party came across Kate Grace. We hadn’t met before Tuesday and I went to introduce myself and she went to grab a mini hot dog. Of course I go to talk to someone who goes to eat. Of course it was Kate.   It quickly escalated into a LOLZ moment (as did many moments of my life that night).

After introducing myself while Kate was clearly eating, we both began to laugh hysterically.  It was one of those awkward but just laugh it off moments. Of course I’m just talking, laughing and poor Kate is nearly choking on the hot dog. Luckily Kate was really nice about it and seemed to not think I’m too weird.  We chatted a bit too.

We took a photo obviously.  We almost took a selfie (shocked emoji) but then we decided to get the bouncer to take a photo.  The bouncer was more than happy too.

kate grace

I found at the end of the night introducing myself as LOLZ was much easier because let’s face it, I don’t exist outside of blogging. Anyone that was there can testify I’m extremely awkward in real life and there is no need to question that.  That being said I had a lot of fun and I’m glad I went.  I’ve certainly been catching up on my sleep all week though.

Question for you: What is an embarrassing social situation you have been?