Golden Dove Diner

The Golden Dove Diner is located at the top of Delaware. While Tim and I were driving back to VA, we opted to stop there. I wasn’t sure if a Delaware Diner could or would compete with NJ.  This is a way throwback from last month but I finally finished writing it.

The Golden Dove Diner is as good to Jersey diner as you can get.  That being said, it’s so far north in Delaware, it basically is in NJ.  We arrived around 5:30pm. There were 4-5 parties in the restaurant but we were the youngest by a solid 50 years.

Atmosphere: B-
I felt like I was sitting in a college dining hall. There were blacklights and the tables were arranged as such. It gave me a flashback to college days. The thing that really bumped the score of the Atmosphere was the fact that Beyonce was on the Juitbox. For 5 dollars, I could have played “Run the World” 15 times.  I thought about it but decided not too.  I wanted the waitress to bring me lots of coffee so I wanted to stay on a positive note with her.

Coffee: B
The coffee was good. I swear each time I write a diner review, the coffee mugs get smaller and smaller. The coffee mug was small but the coffee was good and they gave me whipped cream. Tim said his first batch was a bit watery.  I didn’t have an issue with it, just the size of the coffee mug.  It was brought out pretty quickly though, so no complaints.

Food: A
This diner really specialized in seafood. While they had all of the regular diner favorites: breakfast, greek delights, steak, salads…they also had a very extensive seafood menu.  They also had a lot of specials which were pretty inexpensive.

Golden Dove  DinerSalad

I ordered the large Greek salad with salmon. The piece of salmon that came out was huge, I was pleasantly surprised. I had thought it would be a few skewers of salmon but it was fantastic. It was one of the best salads I’ve had in a while.  I was actually really surprised about how good it was.  I would say, the salmon was in the top 3 best pieces I’ve had from a diner.    You can see it has a lot of feta cheese, olives and pita bread.  What more do you need in a salad?  (Well more cheese of course).

Price: $
For both Tim and I’s meals plus two coffees, the total was 26 dollars. I’m not sure if I was more surprised with how good the food was or the cost.

Would I come back/Overall Thoughts

For the amount of food and the quality of food, this place is one of the best.  The food was great, the price was very inexpensive and it was just an overall good diner.  I will certainly be back sometime soon on one of the many trips back to VA.

Questions for you:

What was the last restaurant you were pleasantly surprised with? 

What was your college dining hall like? 


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  1. I love feta cheese on salads. So yummy! And you are right, that is a huge piece of salmon. I think it’s so funny that you felt like this was a college dining hall when you guys were by far the youngest people there. Plus this meal was super cheap… I mean $26 for two people is even cheap by Charleston standards. Sounds like a great time.

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