The Tick Tock Diner

Tick Tock Diner (Clifton, NJ)

The Tick Tock diner has been voted as one of New Jerseys best diners.  I have wanted to go for a while, but because it is 90 minutes away, it’s more of a day trip then a dinner trip.  When the opportunity presented itself, I took it.

Tick Tock Diner Atmosphere: B
The exterior of the Tick Tock Diner is a giant, metallic building. It just draws you in. Just judging by the atmosphere, it would appear the Tick Tock Diner hasn’t aged since it was created in 1948.  The inside, however, looks like a normal restaurant.  Nothing to write home about and certainly not the interior of the number 1 diner I expected. It’s clean, but I thought it would be more retro.

Tick Tock Diner Coffee: B
The coffee was okay.  While they did have whipped cream, it wasn’t great whipped cream.  It was the type of whipped cream that sags because it has been sitting out for too long.  I liked the personalized Tick Tock Diner coffee mug though.  I love when diners use their logo on coffee mug versus a plain white dollar tree one.

tick tock coffee

Tick Tock Diner Food: A
The menu at the Tick Tock Diner was extensive and impressive.  They had everything from seafood (which looked to be their specialty) to steak, to Philly cheesesteaks to breakfast and disco fries.

I ordered the Salmon Niçoise Salad with a side of pita bread.  This was one of the most unique salads I’ve had.  The salmon portion was huge, and it came with greens, capers, Potatoes (yes Potatoes in the salad), tomatoes and green beans.  The only thing I would have added was cheese and a few more greens.  It was delicious, though and left room for dessert.

tick tick salad

Tick Tock Diner Dessert: A
The red velvet cake at the Tick Tock Diner was the best red velvet I’ve had so far in NJ and life.  I would have liked a bit more ice cream to balance it out…but it was excellent.  No complaints and I devoured it I forgot to take a photo.  I apologize for my bad blogging technique.

Tick Tock Diner Price: $$
For two meals at the Tick Tock Diner, two drinks and two desserts, it was 46 dollars.

Would I come back/overall thoughts of the Tick Tock Diner:
I thought it was good overall.  For me, it wasn’t the number one diner in Jersey, but it was good.  I would go back to the Tick Tock Diner if I were in the area, but I certainly wouldn’t drive 90 minutes north to go.  Although the cake was probably worth it.

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Questions for you:

What is the most unique salad you’ve had?

This was up there as well as the smoked salmon salad at the Pop Shop.

What is your favorite coffee mug?


  1. You need to try the brownstone pancake factory in jersey city or broadway diner in summit nj. Worth the drive to explore.

    Great blog.

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  2. I like the coffee cups at Amy’s Place, they’re like ’70s & ’80s style as far as the designs go, I believe they get them at thrift shops. If you care to see the mugs, you can click & scroll!

    If you’re ever in the Buffalo area you should go to the Lake Effect Diner, Tuesdays they have B1G1 milkshakes.

  3. I had a salmon salad for lunch today and thought of you! I was like this is totally a Hollie diner meal (we went to Bluerose which is a West Ashley diner). But, no red velvet cake there or we probably would’ve gotten it. That salad looks delicious, sorry the coffee and atmosphere weren’t all that.

  4. I SEE cheese silly! Regardless it looks amazing. I had pita bread with dinner and it was PERFECT – soft and chewy. I wish I had more.

  5. I drove past this diner last night on my way to Denville and thought of you! I’m here for five days of vacation!! Maybe I need to try this one out?? Or maybe I need to treat you to a Denville Diner! 😀

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