Tidewater Striders 1 Mile (5:50)

How does one recap a mile?  It takes you longer to type a mile race recap then to type it.  I’ve done the mile a couple of times all down here.  While this was my slowest time (and slower than I’ve taken some 5-10ks out in), I raced a hard mile without my arch or anything bothering me.

I consider it my most successful.

My future father in law Paul as well as my dad and I, all headed down to the race. I got to the race and was happy to see of all my friends.  I wish I had been able to talk to more people but time got away from me and I needed to warm up.  Kellie and I went for a 2.5 mile warm up around the track.  I’ve always known I need to warm up more for shorter races.  For half marathons I warm up nothing while 1 mile races I need at least 2-4 miles.

After warming up Kellie (Who won overall!) , we lined up in our sub 6 minute heat.

Kellie and I
Kellie and I


I went into the race with two goals:

  1. To finish with no arch pain (I have been doing decent mileage with longer runs having no pain so the last item in the check box was a “speed” workout…or race).
  2. To hopefully break 6 minutes. I would be lying if I wouldn’t be somewhat upset if I didn’t break 6.

In the sub 6 minute heat there were 3 females (Kellie, myself and a 6 year girl).  I took my rightful spot in the back.  Then we were off!

I ran on the inside right behind Kellie the entire race.

Lap 1 thoughts: Wow, that was a blur…on to lap 2.

Lap 2: thoughts: OMG we still have two more laps…so painful.

strider mile 1

Lap 3: You go on without me Kellie in an overly dramatic I might peel over type of way(as she pulls away).

strider mile 2
I don’t know why it looks like I’m smiling…believe me I’m not.

Lap 4: OMG breathing is so hard. Running is so hard.  Everything is so hard. Wait is the clock really under 6 minutes?  Kick Hollie, kick!  Throwback to trying to pass the gym class mile.

Crossing the line: Thank god that’s over with.  Does my foot hurt?  No.  I am alive?  Yes.  Okay, success.

After the 1 mile, you have the option to do a “random relay”.  They assign you a team based on lottery.  You could be with the high school stud or walkers but no one cares because it’s all in good fun.  Why this couldn’t be like high school gym class….I don’t know.  Anyways I was lucky that my team was all my friends!  We nicknamed our team 2F@st2BSlOW (ha).   We ended up getting second overall.   Everyone does a 400 (1 lap around the track).

relay pass

I'm smiling because I actually didn't drop the baton.
I’m smiling because I actually didn’t drop the baton.

So as I said before this race was one of the most succcessful races I’ve had all year.  It confirmed that my foot is feeling better and it doesn’t hurt while racing fast.  I’m hoping it’s the gateway to race a 5k, then 10k, then half…then Wineglass…HA!  All in all I had a great time and it feels even better to actually be able to post a race recap.

Questions for you:

Have you ever raced a mile?

I’ve only ever done this one. It’s never worked out that I’ve been in a PRing shape (or what I feel is my highest fitness mile shape).  I think I’m capable or running a 5:20.

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  1. great job Hollie! You must be happy to be racing pain free 🙂 I can’t wait to see how Wineglass goes for you!

    I’ve never raced a mile…I should probably put that on my race bucket list. UNLESS you count speed walking the mile to get froyo from my home…

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and you’re getting your confidence back. Go girl!

  3. Looks like you had a great race! I love that they had the relay at the end for fun too. I haven’t raced a mile and I wanted to do that, but both mile races here took place shortly after I started running after injury, so I didn’t want to risk it (plus I’m kinda enjoying a little break from racing). I think a 5:50 mile is excellent and you should be really proud of that especially since you’re mostly marathon training and also coming off injury.

    1. I’ve never actually raced a mile when I’m in peak fitness. It’s something I want it do at some point!

  4. I might actually race a mile this weekend. And I can guarantee that I will not be anywhere remotely close to as fast as you!!! Speedster 🙂 Glad the foot is holding up.

  5. Well, this just all sounds very painful. Mile repeats are my least favorite type of speedwork so I can’t imagine I’d be terribly successful at racing all out for a mile! Congratulations on accomplishing your goals!

    1. I always say mile races have all the pain of longer races but are more painful since all that pain is compressed!

  6. Great job Hollie! I’m with Danielle – like the slow burn more than the all-our dash! But I think I would like to try something like this just for fun!

  7. I’m so happy that your foot is feeling better 🙂

    I’ve never raced a mile…I don’t know where I would start! Pacing for that is something I have no clue about, and I’m impressed with your time even without training or being at full fitness. The idea of running any mile with a ‘5’ at the start of it just about makes me sick with fear. I wish I had half of your speed!


  8. Um yes and it was awful and I never want to do it the way I did again hahaha. It’s like the 14th circle of hell in my book. That relay looks like a lot of fun, though. They should make more of those!

  9. Oh gosh, sometimes I run 5Ks that I think are too fast and short, but I’m sure trying to run a super speedy mile would feel long-I’d definitely be huffing after 1 or 2 laps! Glad you are feeling reat!

  10. The last time I ran a single mile for time was in high school! That’s actually a pretty fun race idea and I can totally see a community hosting something like that for all ages and abilities. Adorable! Also nice time!! You’re a lightning bolt of speed 🙂

  11. OMG, so fast, so painful! I’ve done some two-mile time trials for training purposes, but the shortest race I’ve ever “raced” has been a 5-K.

  12. Yay so glad your back racing and with no pain!!! OMG though the mile HURTS even when your uber fit… It’s so much more painful than a 5km for sure… 🙂

  13. You look like you had so much fun! Congrats on such a great time! I haven’t raced a mile in… well… 20 years. I ran a 6:45 when I was nine – maybe I should get on that again? So happy to hear you’re running and now racing again injury free 🙂

  14. 4×400 was my favorite relay in high school and college…so jealous! I still think this is a solid time, you are well on your way back from all the stuff going on this summer. I haven’t raced a mile in years, maybe one of these days I’ll go to the track and see what I can bust out.

  15. Congrats on a great race! I’m glad your legs and fitness were where you hoped they would be and hooray for running with no pain! The closest I’ve ever come to racing a mile was running the mile in gym class back in middle school and high school. I’m definitely built more for endurance than speed so I try to play to my strengths. 🙂

  16. Love that after time off you can still go significantly sub-6! Roll with it, Hollie–good stuff to come!

  17. I do not understand why anyone wants to race a mile. That just sounds incredibly painful! EVERY.TIME I run on a track, I always think “– more laps to go? How will I survive!?” So I try to limit my track workouts. It sounds like you had a great time, despite the crazy fast, painful running.

  18. So glad to hear you got through this with no arch pain. That is most important in my book. Congrats on a successful race!

  19. The mile is my favorite race! By a mile! (Get it? Eh?) It’s so hard, and there are so few opportunities to do it compared to longer distance races. I would much rather run a short race based more on speed than sustained endurance, than a longer race where sustained endurance is the key to doing well. (Not that the mile doesn’t require endurance, of course… it’s just a different style of running.) I’ve actually only ever ran three (all road races, not track), and two of them this year: a 5:57 on a hard course and a 5:27 on a fast course. And they were only 10 days apart. I think hills/terrain play a bigger role on road milers than in longer races.

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