Ponzios Diner

Another diner, Ponzio’s, located in Cherry Hill has caught my eye several times. I never really want to drive 45 minutes to eat when I can find something really good within 15 minutes.  I work relatively close to Ponzio’s and a lot of my coworkers had recommended it.  Apparently Ponzio’s have been around for a while and if it’s a diner, I will try it.

Atmosphere: (outside A, inside C)

The outside is big and located on a round about in Cherry Hill.  When you drive by you think it must be good.  (Another case of judging a restaurant by it’s outside). The inside is seperated into several sections with several different rooms and host tables.  It’s honestly a little bit confusing.  Which room or hostest table do we go to? The mystery is still there…There are two or three host tables and I’m not even sure we chose the right one.  We chose the side that looks most like a diner.

Coffee: A

I requested for a coffee with whipped cream and got…coffee with whipped cream.  The server was super attentive and refilled my cup (also asking if I wanted whipped cream).  The coffee at Ponzios was delicious and the whipped cream was good too.  I have no complaints about the coffee.


Food: D

Ponzios has a huge menu as most diners do.  They have everything you would expect at a diner: Seafood, steak, Greek delights, breakfast and of course a bakery.

I ordered the Violetta salad with a salmon topper.  I had been craving salmon all day so I was excited they had it.  However, I was underwealmed with the salad for two reasons.  The salad contained canned pears.  I expected to have fresh pairs versus canned (still with syrup/liquid).

Look at you chilling there little canned pear.

Look at you chilling there little canned pear.

The second reason Pozio’s salad underwhelmed me was the $6 salad topper was clearly a frozen piece of fish and then heated back up.  I am rather postive I could go to the local Acme and get a frozen bag of salmon for $6.  When I order a salmon topper (or chicken, steak, or any sort of meat), I don’t exepect a 2 oz piece of still partially frozen meat.

This has been the most disapointing main course of any diner so far. (Don’t let the photo fool you)

Dessert: B

We ordered red velvet cake, ice cream and a mini toffee cheesecake.  The toffee cheesecake was better than the red velvet cake.  The red velvet cake was okay but nothing to write home about.  I would go with one of their mini cheesecakes personally. I liked the mini cheesecake a lot.



Cost: $$

For two meals, dessert and a beer it was 55.  For the amount of food it was about average. The food quality was below par for a $55 meal.

Would I come back?

I haven’t decided.  I was extremely disapointed with the Ponzio’s salad.  If I am capable of making better food that is saying something (the point of going out to eat is cooking thing you can’t).  If I go back, I won’t be ordering that salad.  I’ll probably try something completely new like breakfast.  However our server was one of the best and most attentive people I’ve had.  If I do go back I’ll be writing a part 2.

Questions for you:

What is one thing you have trouble cooking and preparing?

For me it’s both omelets and salads.  I think at least 75% of my food orders in restaurants are one of those because I can never prepare them very well.  It’s easy to grill a piece of salmon and cook a baked potato…but create a delicious salad?  I struggle.

Where was the best server or hostess you’ve had?  Why?


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  1. My husband and I used to go to this one particular brew pub in Ottawa after I finished night class and he finished with his robotics program – he picked me up and the pub was 5 minutes away. We would usually just get the special (wings mostly) and a beer. We almost always had this same particular waitress and she ended up knowing us after awhile – she was a really good waitress. But soon, I was pregnant and asking for ginger ales rather than beer. When my son was born, we stopped going in weekly. We went in about 4 weeks after Max was born – and they gave us beers on the house for a ‘congrats!’. Super nice. Overall most of the servers at this brewpub are really really nice – some of them work there because they really love the brewpub and it shows!

  2. That salad looks delicious to me, but who cares if it doesn’t taste good? The prices seem a bit high too, I know you got salmon but if it was frozen salmon and not very good, it is not worth the extra cost (it seems like every salad that contains salmon here is ridiculously expensive!). Plus canned pears on a salad at a restaurant is a bit weird too.

    At least they got the coffee right, and they had whipped cream, looks like they put a lot of it on there too. But hey, not every diner will be great, gotta try em all to really know sometimes!

    • We live in NJ…so everywhere is not cheap. HA!

      But I do agree Amy..why does it even matter if the food wasn’t great. I would rather pay the price for my favorite diner which is closer to my house.

  3. I’ve been to Ponzio’s once… wasn’t thrilled with it and haven’t been back since. It’s not too close and if I’m going to travel, I’d rather hit the Pop Shop.

  4. Have you been the 1950s theme diner in Cherry Hill? You probably have, but I’m new to your blog. I went about 6 years ago when I was visiting a friend in Philly. They had a bazillion types of grilled cheese but the place wasn’t as cool as I’d hoped, it felt rundown. There was another ’50s diner I wanted to do instead but I was assured this one was better. Still fun.

    • I haven’t been but I have been to the Cherry Hill diner and also the Silver Diner…both were extremely good. If you ever come back let me know and we can explore more diners. 🙂

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