Ponzios Diner (Cherry Hill)

Another diner, Ponzio’s, located in Cherry Hill, has caught my eye several times. I never really want to drive 45 minutes to eat when I can find something delicious within 15 minutes.  I work relatively close to Ponzio’s, and a lot of my coworkers had recommended it.  Apparently, Ponzio’s Diner in Cherry Hill has been around for a while, and if it’s a diner, I will try it.

Ponzio’s Diner Atmosphere: B

The outside is big and located on a roundabout in Cherry Hill.  When you drive by you, think it must be good.  (Another case of judging a restaurant by it’s outside). The inside is separated into several sections with several different rooms and host tables.  It’s honestly a little bit confusing.

Which room do we go to? The mystery is still there…There are two or three host tables, and I’m not even sure we chose the right one.  We chose the side that looks most like a diner.

Ponzio’s Diner Coffee: A

Ponzio’s Diner had good coffee, and the server was attentive and refilled my cup often (also asking if I wanted whipped cream) Ponzio’s Diner also serves locally owned Lacas Coffee.  I have no complaints about the coffee.


Ponzio’s Diner Food: D

Ponzio’s Diner has a massive menu as most diners do.  Ponzios Diner has everything you would expect at a diner: Seafood, Steak, Greek delights, breakfast and of course a bakery.

I ordered the Violetta salad with a salmon topper.  I was craving salmon all day, so I was excited they had it.  However, I was underwhelmed with the salad for two reasons.  The salad contained canned pears.  I expected to have fresh pairs versus canned (still with syrup/liquid).

Look at you chilling there little canned pear.
Look at you chilling there little canned pear.

The second reason Pozio’s Diner salad underwhelmed me was the $6 salad topper was clearly a frozen piece of fish and then heated back up.  I am rather positive but I could go to the local Acme and get a frozen bag of salmon for $6.  When I order a salmon topper (or chicken, steak, or any meat), I don’t expect a 2 oz piece of still partially frozen meat.

This has been the most disappointing main course of any diner so far. (Don’t let the photo fool you)

Ponzio’s Diner Dessert: B

Since my meal was underwhelming at Ponzio’s Diner and I didn’t eat it all, I decided to order dessert. I split both the red velvet cake, ice cream, and mini toffee cheesecake.  The toffee cheesecake was better than the red velvet cake.  The red velvet cake was okay, but nothing to write home about but the mini cheesecake was good. I would order the cheesecake again.



Ponzio’s Diner Cost: $$

For two meals at Ponzio’s Diner, dessert, and a beer it was $55.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of Ponzio’s Diner (Cherry Hill): 

I was disappointed with the Ponzio’s Diner and salad.  If I am capable of making better food that is saying something (the point of going out to eat is cooking thing you can’t).  If I go back, I won’t be ordering that salad.

I’ll probably try something completely new, like breakfast.  However, our server was one of the best and most attentive people I’ve had.

ETA: I’ve been back since but haven’t had any better experiences, so I don’t think Ponzio’s Diner is for me. To this day I can’t figure out why Ponzio’s Diner (Cherry Hill) is considered “one of the best” diners in NJ…but it’s always crowded when I drive by in Cherry Hill.

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Questions for you:

What is one thing you have trouble cooking and preparing?

Where was the best server or hostess you’ve had?  Why?