New Berlin Diner

Tim and I were traveling back from Virginia and found ourselves about an hour south of our house.  We could have held off and just ate at home but we were in a new area of NJ so we thought trying a new diner would be fun.  I put “diner” into the foursquare app and The New Berlin Diner popped up a mile away.  Perfect.

So we found ourselves at the New Berlin Diner.

Atmosphere: A

Outside: The old cable car style diner could possibly be bigger than the 15 car parking lot.  We actually stole the last spot and only because Tim’s car is small.

Inside: Cable car diners are my favorite.  They feel more personal and really give you that diner vibe.  It’s like a throwback to the 1950’s.  I’m not sure what the Berlin Diner was like (Or even if it existed) but they really did a good job with the “New Berlin Diner”.  It feels the most like a diner versus any diner we have been too.

Coffee: B

The coffee was good, not great and not bad.  It was average.  The waitress brought plenty of refills and I got more than one refill (something that apparently isn’t common in NJ).  In summary it wasn’t a place I would rave about coffee but not bad either.  I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt saying they were really going for the burnt diner coffee feeling.

Food: B

I was pleasantly surprised with the menu.  The menu could have been more massive than the diner itself.  I don’t know if a restaurant counts as a diner if the menu isn’t big.  I expected a more greasy style diner menu (to go with the atmosphere) but they have everything from seafood to salad to breakfast to sandwiches.

I ordered the Greek salad with chicken and a side of over easy eggs with toast.

New Berlin Diner Salad

The Greek Salad at The New Berlin diner came with tomatoes, eggs, feta, anchovies, lettuce and tomato.  It was a medium sized salad and I really liked the dressing.  In fact, this might have been one of my favorite Greek salad dressings so far.

The eggs were good.  It’s hard to have bad eggs and I enjoyed them.   They didn’t have any pita bread but the toast was an okay alternative.

Dessert: A

Tim got a milkshake with his meal that I split half of.  It was a good milkshake.  They had plenty of whipped cream and a cherry which are huge bonus points for me.  (I forgot to take a photo…some foodie I am.

Price: $

For two meals, a side of eggs, coffee and a milkshake it was 40 dollars.  That is relatively cheap for everything we got with the meal.

Would I come back/Overall Rating:

I was pleasantly surprised with the New Berlin Diner.  If I find myself in Berlin again (which I probably will since I don’t work far from there), I would go back.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been in an only cable car style diner?

What is your favorite way to eat eggs? 

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  1. I went to a diner while I was in Lake Placid and thought of you! Although I didn’t tweet, so did I really eat there? … 😉

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