Wineglass Week 10: Deep Tissue and Cortisone

If I’m being honest, while the first week was difficult accepting I was injured, this week was far more difficult.  It didn’t heal in the first or second week of cross training so now I’ll be heading into week 3 of cross training.

I have decided I’m letting go of Wineglass August 1st.  If by August, I don’t feel any better I won’t run the Wineglass Full and defer it until next year.  I’m sad to eve think about this but I know it’s better.  A lot of people can do a full marathon cycle in 2 months but right now I’m not one of them.  It would mean running a 20 miler within a few weeks of coming off an injury and diving into high mileage again.  (Hashtag dumb, hashtag forever injured).

Trying to cram miles in, cram my long runs and be stressed about it would probably lead to me to get injured again.  There are plenty of seasoned marathoners that could do it…but I’m not one of them.   It would be upsetting to defer but there is a marathon (or 100) every year and I would rather run a healthy race versus hobble an injured one.

Training and Recovery: (AMT Post here)

Monday: 1 hour high intensity cardio AMT Nike Training Club Core
Tuesday: 1 hour low intensity cardio AMT Nike Training Club Core
Wednesday: 1 hour high strength AMT  
Thursday: OFF  
Friday: 90 mins medium AMT  
Saturday: 90 mins medium AMT Nike training club core
Sunday: 1 hour low intensity AMT Full body workout at gym


Just reading my AMT cross training, I’m happy I got it all done.  Writing it out makes it seem more intense than it was.  Each session went by quickly and I felt like I did enough to suffice but not overdoing it.  I never felt my foot at all (another thing that is frustrating since I only feel it when I run).

Recovery Wise:

I did two things last week that I am hoping will speed up my recovery.

First on Monday I got a deep tissue massage and a trigger point on my foot, calve and leg.  On Monday I went to the most painful massage session I’ve ever had. It was completely focused on my problem areas.  For an hour I thought I might just cry.  The woman was great though and broke up a lot of junk in my foot.

I went to a podiatrist.

Second on Thursday, the podiatrist confirmed I had a case of plantar fascitiis.  Not the worse case since I have no problems walking or moving.  It is a case due to my stride and gait cycle that isn’t going to go away easily.  (I’ll do a post on what I believe caused this problem another day. The long story short is: I ran once in an newly updated model of a shoe and have felt problems since).

The podiatrist did a number of things for me including giving a cortisone shot to reduce inflammation.  To answer the question, yes it is extremely painful.  I know cortisone is a very controversial topic but honestly I had good luck with it.  My case of PF was determined to be an isolated incident from running in a shoe that didn’t work for me.

All of that being said, after getting the shot Thursday, it’s been  72 hours and I don’t feel like it did anything right now.

So at least this week I have answers to what I suspected.  I also hope that cortisone takes longer than 72 hours and it wasn’t useless to point myself in that much pain.  I think it took around 72 hours for my last cortisone shot but that was 2 years ago and also a different injury.


I appreciate everyone’s support.  It stinks being out for 2 weeks now but I’ve tried not to whine on the media too much.  There are far worse injuries and things in life to let 2 weeks get the best of me. 

Questions for you:

Have you ever had a cortisone shot?

I had one once prior for my cyst and it completely got rid of it.

What is the shortest amount of time you’ve ever trained for a marathon?