The Meadows Diner

My Fourth of July weekend was pretty peaceful and relaxing.  I worked both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday evening, I was finally able to meet CaitlinOn a random note, it was awesome because Caitlin is as tall (if not taller) then me.  I didn’t picture her to be as tall.  As a lot of people posted about exciting fourth of July plans and races, my week consisted of working and exploring a new diner with Caitlin.


The Meadows Diner in Blackwood, NJ is located on the main road.  It’s a cute, fun old school looking diner.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Atmosphere: A-

The interior of the Meadows Diner was very old school.  They had a claw machine in the front as well as old school diner music.  It was decorated with silver metal and shiny, glossy booths.  The only weird thing was our booth was located next to the bar.  It seemed like the waitresses hung out there which made it somewhat uncomfortable. It wasn’t a big deal but it did make me uncomfortable.

Coffee: A

The coffee was really good.  However, it came in a tea cup sized coffee mug.  The waitress was extremely good that she refilled it so quickly.  She was one of the best waitresses I’ve ever had. Even though the cup was tiny, it was refilled so quickly it didn’t really matter.

photo 1

Food: A

I was pleasently surprised with the food.  Their menu was huge and they even had a salad bar.  I nearly got the salad bar but opted for the Greek salad itself.  Often times if a restaurant has a salad bar, ordering a main course salad won’t be as good.

photo 5

Both Caitlin and I ordered a Meadows Diner Greek Salad with a side of pita bread.  The Greek salad consisted of (a lot) of lettuce, chicken, egg, anchovies, grape leaves,and onions.  It was a standard Greek Salad and it was surprisingly really good.

photo 2

Dessert: A

We split a piece of carrot cake.  The carrot cake itself had a lot of chunky carrots and was very sweet.  It was also really good.  After having several not so good pieces of cake lately, I was pleasantly surprised by the Meadows Diner cake.

photo 4

Price: $

For two meals, extra pita bread, cake and a coffee the meal was 27.  The carrot cake itself was only 2.99 (included).  It was definitely one of the best priced diners I’ve been too.

Would I come back?

Yes, if I’m back down there I will be trying it again.  It was a great deal, great company and just an overall good experience.  I have no complaints and The Meadows Diner was a great diner.

Questions for you:

How was your Fourth of July?

What is your favorite thing on a salad bar?

The iceburg lettuce.  Just kidding, probably if they have sundried tomatoes or feta cheese.


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  1. Tall girls unite! Glad to hear you have a relaxing 4th of July weekend–even with having to work. I didn’t get to my hometown diner unfortunately when I was home. 😦

  2. Omg I thought the same thing about the bar and waitresses hanging out there! Not a fan of that, but I agree with the rest of the awesomeness 🙂 and now I want a piece of carrot cake at 8:30 in the morning haha. That frosting….

  3. This diner looks really neat! I love that the Greek salad came with grape leaves- usually they don’t here (the ones at Saffron do, but most places don’t). Plus pita bread is another nice touch and the carrot cake looks delicious. Seems like the meal was a good deal for the money too.

  4. It’s crazy when you find out the height of some bloggers- some seem ridiculously tall but in reality, aren’t really! Had said salad bar had sundried tomatoes or feta, I’d be all over it. Sadly, ‘salad bars’ here never have the good stuff

  5. My 4th of July was spent in my room and I think I went to sleep at like ten. Hahah.
    But that carrot cake. Oh my gosh. Get in my belly. I haven’t had carrot cake in over a year.

  6. My favorite thing at a salad bar is whatever is unusual, things that I don’t usually have at home. And noooooooo to iceburg lettuce! I’ve never understood it!

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