WG Marathon Week 2: Change of Pace (77 miles)

Training this week has been a bit different then what I anticipated.  I had thought I was going to run a 5k on Saturday but then decided to wait and run a 5k on Memorial Day (so that’s what I plan  to do tomorrow). 

Therefore training became a little bit off.  I was still able to get a speed workout, long run and rest.  All three of which I think will make up the basics of my marathon training.  I almost had to change my marathon choice but you can read about that here.

Monday: 12.5 easy Nike Training Club Core Crunch
Tuesday: 11.3 (8:40) with Jamal  
Wednesday: 12.5 7:16 tempo P90X Abs
Thursday: OFF  
Friday: 16.25 mile long run
Saturday: 12.5 easy  
Sunday: 12.5 easy with Tim  


All of my easy runs were done easy.  I can’t say there was a whole lot of excitement…I just ran.  They are just fluff miles I’ve added into my training.  Tuesday, I was happy to run with my friend and neighbor Jamal. I haven’t run with anyone in a while so it was really nice to run with my neighbor Jamal.  It’s funny because we have talked about running together for a solid 7 months now and we both live within a mile of each other…but then we finally did.

Post running with Jamal
Post running with Jamal

My tempo run went better then expected.  My goal is to do a longer tempo run each week (hopefully at some points, it will be my long run).  I started out around 7:40 pace and worked down to a couple of miles under 7 minute pace.

My long run went well (I can say that now that I’m finished I guess).  I felt decent, I don’t really know what else to say about it.  I ran by myself, listened to my newly downloaded Iggy Azealous CD and it was fun.  Right now, a 16 mile run feels so difficult to me.  I remember during my previous training cycle waking up and running a 15 mile run before breakfast and feeling good!  I could not do that at all right now.  I can’t wait to progress into this training cycle so I can do that.

So that’s all I have for marathon training week 2.  I don’t have any complaints except I wish I had done core once more but laziness got the best of me.  I changed my schedule a bit to accommodate my race on Monday. 

Week 3 Goals:

I have my race tomorrow.  I would really like to be faster than last week.  (I mainly signed up for the race in hopes I would be).  I’ve already packed my shoes in my car.  I’m heading down to VA for wedding things as well as the Run for the Dream Half Marathon.  (My last half until the Summer is over).  I would like to be around this mileage again.

Questions for you:

Favorite core workout?

How was your week of workouts?

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  1. Enjoy your trip and good luck on the race!
    I’ve had some good runs this week and a 5K race, as for a favorite core workout, sadly, no such thing. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your race! looks like you had some great runs this week and glad you got to share them with Tim and Jamal. I am sure once you get into the swing of marathon training again, the 15-16 milers won’t feel so rough.

  3. That’s a whole lot of miles!!!

    My favorite ab workout is P90x ab ripper – looks like you already found that one! 🙂

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