Training to Explore (78 Miles)

After the half marathon last weekend I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Would I be sore or would I not be sore?

Well the honest answer is I don’t feel half bad.  I don’t feel bad at all.  It gives me hope that the race in general was a fluke and my fitness is a bit higher than it showed.  I hope it oesn’t mean that my body is just in for a rude awakening next week.

Last snow fall from Monday.  (Hopefully)
Last snow fall from Monday. (Hopefully)

I actually made an effort to foam roll and recover quickly.  My runs have been especially early this week but this warm weather it hasn’t been bad at all.  In fact, I’ve even worn shorts a few times this week.  Shocking.  With no speed work this week all of my runs felt easy and relaxed.  I’ve found if I don’t do any speed or race my runs tend to be 10-20 seconds faster per mile.


Off (drive home)




Nike Training Club












15 miles with Tim



12 miles with Tim





This week is a rather boring and calm week. I’ve honestly felt strong during my runs and haven’t felt bad at all.  Part of me is a little bit annoyed because I feel like I should have been sore after last weeks half marathon.  It does give me hope that I’m still capable of PRing in a couple of weeks in my next half.

I spent my time just relaxing and discovering new trails and paths near me in the woods.

Finding new pathways
Finding new pathways

This week wore me out.  Not because of training but because of outside life.  I had to be up around 5 am a few days which meant even though I was getting 8 hours of sleep (going to bed around 9) I have been used to 9.  (I know it was a luxury).  That being said this was a rather productive week for me and I’m honestly happy of how it went.  I know I was lucky with being able to get 9 hours of sleep the past few months but I think that time is up.

I had toyed around with doing a 5k this weekend but decided not to do anything fast and just keep recovering. Next week I plan to get in a speed workout and hopefully race a 5 miler in Philadelphia.

Question for you:

How much sleep do you average?

I honestly put sleep as a high prority.  I like to get between 8-9.  I know I need more sleep than the average person and I’m not pleasant to be around when I don’t get it.  Some people can run off of 5 or 6 hours of sleep and I’m not one of those people.