Three Brothers Diner (Browns Mills)

The Three Brother’s Diner (Browns Mills, NJ) is in my top three favorite diners in NJ.  Since moving to NJ, I’ve been to this diner a total of 11 times.  (I only know because I checked foursquare).  I know most of the friendly waitresses and hostesses.

Three Brothers Diner Atmosphere: B

It’s honestly one big restaurant room.  It’s not a train car diner, it’s not a fancy diner, and there is no special lighting.  It doesn’t receive any high marks for that.  In the back, there is a minibar, but it reminds me of a small local diner.  It’s probably one of those places you would drive right by if you were doing through town.

Three Brothers Diner Coffee: B

The coffee at Three Brothers Diner is good.  It’s a typical off burnt taste of diner coffee.  The cups at the Three Brothers Diner are small, but the waitresses always bring you refills.


Three Brothers Diner Food: A

This is where the Three Brothers Diner makes up for anything and everything.  First, since it’s in a small town, it’s rarely crowded, and the food is generally brought to you within 15 minutes of ordering.  It lives up to the diner greasy spoon mentality.


I usually get the Greek salad that with standard Greek toppings (feta cheese, peppers, tomatoes, chicken, cucumbers, sundried tomatoes) as well as homemade Greek dressing.  Also included are grape leaves, pita bread, hard-boiled eggs in the salad and soup on the side.  Not to mention it’s massive.  The Greek Salad at the Three Brothers Diner is one of the biggest salads I’ve had to date.

Split pea soup
Split pea soup


Three Brothers Diner Price: $

Tim and I both get full and filling meals for around 22-25 dollars (FOR BOTH OF US!).  For both of us to eat meals that are filling for that low of a price is rare.  I think it only happens at a handful of restaurants (mainly diners). I think this food cost less than sometimes when we cook at home…and it’s better.  Why am I even cooking at home anymore?

Overall Impression of the Three Brothers Diner (Browns Mills):

The Three Brothers Diner is one of my favorite NJ diners.  It’s a “hole in the wall” type of small-town diner which are truly my favorite.   If you are looking for an adorable, inexpensive, quick, cheap diner, the Three Brothers Diner in Browns Mills) is your place.  It could be because I’m an ultimate regular, but this place gets two thumbs up.

On a side note, I think I have narrowed down who the “three brothers” owners are, but I have yet to ask…yet.

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Questions for you:

Are you a regular at a restaurant?

Favorite hole in the wall type of restaurant?


  1. Sometimes hole in the wall restaurants – and that’s an amazing ticket price for two people!

  2. Hole in the walls can be secret gems. When I lived in the middle of nowhere Georgia friends and I used to go to the best diner. Everyday the menu was different, whatever they were able to buy to make that day, and it always included Sweet tea or coffee and a Dessert with the meal for $6.99. Diners are great! That salad you had looks amazing. Sun-dried tomatoes are so yummy!

  3. I love your diner reviews! You have definitely opened my eye back up to diner eating! I love that small town feel too!

  4. We’re regulars at a few places, including a couple of diners. I agree it’s nice to find a restaurant where a couple can eat for under $25 and actually be full! Plus Greek salads are delicious, it’s one of our favorite things to eat.

  5. It’s those “hole in the wall” bars and restaurants that usually have the best stuff. My family has a group of go-to restaurants at home where we’re recognized, but nothing in the city–yet. 🙂

  6. Read your post, got a hankering for diner food and had to hit “Solleys” today… as I’ve mentioned before, about the closest thing to a diner out here in Lala Land.

  7. I don’t get the whole diner phenomenon. The first time I went to Long Island, I asked where I could “eat like a local” and they all said to go to the diner. I swear the menu was like a novel! How do you decide what to order?!?! It was good though.

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