Treadmill Base Building (70 miles)

This week has been a proud moment in my training.  This week fueledbyfuel told me that I look stronger (and not like an awkward flailing ostrich while I’m running).  I have been doing a little bit of core work (a few times a week) but I have never had someone tell me I was ripped or looked strong.

I’m not going to be posting photos of me half naked on the internet but just know my core is getting stronger for two reasons.  One you probably couldn’t tell anything of it and two, I don’t post half naked photos of me on the internet.  Like running your miles actually equates into faster training…who knew.

Since my last training post two weeks ago, I had made a lot of strides towards getting back to where I want to be.  I’m feeling a lot more confident in my training and life in general.  It’s honestly quite the improvement from my last Debbie Downer training post.  I think there could be a chance for a PR at the New Jersey Half Marathon April 27, but I am hoping to change my goal race to Napa Valley, CA .

As most of the East Coast has been hit by a winter storm, NJ was not excluded.   Most of my runs had to be done on the treadmill.  I struggled a bit with it this week and found myself getting more bored than usual.  My main was focus was to get these runs in and get good quality miles.  Something that is personally different for me on the treadmill is that I know the times I’m supposed to hit and can hit them without worry.  I cannot slog slower miles like I find myself doing running outdoors.  I’ve always believed that winter should be a base building and mile logging time period.  Unless you are training for a specific race during the winter, my primary goal is to come out injury free.

Monday: 11.25 mile run easy outside P90x Ab Ripper
Tuesday: 10.25 mile run progressive (8:16 overall pace)
Wednesday: 10.75 hills on the treadmill (2.0-8.0 incline) 8:50 pace Personal Core work
Thursday: 11.55 treadmill progressive run (6.7 pace-10.0 pace) P90X
Friday: AMT Cross training
Saturday: 11.23 miles treadmill (8:28 pace) P90X
Sunday: Tentative: 15 miles Nike training club abs
Total: Total: 70 miles And lots of core

My goal this week was to have one progressive run (Thursday) as well as one hill simulation run.  Running hills on the treadmill has become my staple treadmill workout.  The amount of sweat and accomplishment after 90 minutes is boarderline gross but I’m always glad I actually do it.

Where I live in NJ has no hills and is pretty flat so logging hilly miles is a challenge.  With treadmill workouts at least I can get some solid inclines in.  I’ve been doing set programs which have gone from 2.0-8.0 several times.  It seems to be working well for me.

My progressive run of the week was a 95 minute run (90+5 minutes of cooldown).  I always log a 6.7-7.0 for 45 minutes then just start increasing the pace from there for the next 45 minutes.  Eventually (for 1 whole minute) found myself at 10.0.  That was enough of that and after nearly flying off the back I went into cooldown (#selfie) mode.

So I have nothing bad to say about this week of base building.  Honestly it was awesome!  I was supposed to run a 5k today (Sunday) but it was cancelled again for ice.  This has not been my month with races but as long as I make it through this season injury free I will come back for a strong Spring season.

OH and Please please take a minute to vote.  I am only 200 votes away from first place.  Winning this ZOOMA trip means so much to me and I’ve never wanted to win anything more.  If you want to link it to your blog, retweet, share to friends facebooks I wouldn’t mind at all.  I’ve never been so close to winning something so amazing.   I’ll continue with daily memes.

Questions for you:

Have you ever had 4 races cancelled in a month?

What was your best workout of the week?  


  1. Nice week of workouts! I’ve been struggling as well, just with life getting in the way of some training. I’m trying not to sweat it, but it’s difficult. I managed to get two good AB workouts in, which I need to do more of. I did two days in a row, then had to take a rest day as I was real sore. Good luck on the contest! I’m voting as much as I can for you.

  2. 4 cancelled races?! That’s insane. I’ve never even had a race cancelled at all. My best workout was probably 7 with 5 at tempo followed by insanity. I’m not nearly where I need to be with mileage yet but I’m trying to be safe with my increases. Being safe is SO boring though. Oh well, I hate injuries enough to be careful.

    P.S. I posted my very first picture of my abs ever on Instagram the other day and now I’m judging myself 🙁 momentary confidence leads to poor choices haha

  3. That is an incredible mileage base! I wish I could keep that up – especially on the off season haha

  4. 4 races cancelled in a month?? Wow, girl I am so sorry for you! Your week of workouts look so awesome and intense! Way to go!

  5. You really have had some bad luck with the races being cancelled. I don’t think I’ve ever had one cancelled on me, I’ve just had to drop out of races for injuries. Love seeing you feel confident about your training again and crossing my fingers for you that Napa will be your goal race!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! It really helps to hear what other runners are doing- keeps the motivation there! This week was an unanticipated and unplanned recovery week. I think I needed it not only for my knee but also for my mind. I did have one great workout this week though and it was UNPLANNED! I had 75 min to be in the gym so decided I would split the time between X-training and running. When I got bored on the Xtrainer and started running, I had 30 min left and was thinking, “I want to get as much mileage in as possible!” So started running faster and faster until I figured, “might as well make it a workout!” so I did 30 min at 6:35 pace with minor elevation changes 2.0-2.7.

    Next week is back to work! Hopefully it will be warmer for those of us in the Northeast!

  7. 1) I’ve never scheduled 4 races in a month. 🙂
    2) Best workout of the week/month/year was yesterday’s 18-miler. Nice morning, great route, felt good!

    PS – Don’t forget your rest day(s)!

    1. Thanks Kevin! With a 5 dollar 5k it was hard to not schedule them, even for workouts!

      Since I was sick last week and took quite a few days off I felt pretty strong this week that I didn’t need one and wanted to do cross training. I think Ill end up needing one this week for sure!

  8. Awesome training week! It’s making me itch to train so much, but I know if I do anything before I’m feeling better I’ll regret it! I’ll vote and share!

  9. “… winter should be a base building and mile logging time period.” <– agreed! I'm still right there with you–logging the miles, building my base, and reminding myself there will be plenty of time to go hard later in the season. There was a half in Central Park today that almost got canceled because of icy conditions, but it went on as planned. Here's to another productive week!

  10. Wow, your mileage this week is awesome. I’m impressed with those miles. I could never log more than 7 miles during my week runs in marathon training.

    And I have been voting everyday. 🙂

  11. When did posting naked photos of yourself on the internet ever come back to haunt someone?!?! 😉 I would love to run Napa!!! Have fun on that treadmill – I avoid it at all costs!

  12. 4 races cancelled in one month is cray cray! I feel bad!! I hope you get to go to California to race, though!! I am rooting for you! Great job with your training! It looks like you’re really getting to where you want to be with your running and core strength! Also: I am jealous where you live has no hills!!

  13. I have been using the treadmill a lot to get in some good hill workouts because Florida too is crazy flat. I also find that I can do speed work a lot better on the treadmill!! I just posted a february ab challenge because I need a little extra motivation to get it done!

  14. Yay Hollie! You are an inspiration! I could not have done that much on the treadmill! I had my down week this week, but I will be back over 70 again next week! We definitely need a run again sometime soon! I think the progressive run will go really well after the treadmill! It is so much easier to get moving outisde……well….if this cold ever goes away! You are doing great! Keep up the good work :)It will all pay off!

  15. Sorry to hear about all the cancellations! I’ve actually never had a race called off but I’m feeling super lucky right now. Especially after this fall when I think 3-4 marathons were called off around the country because of weather, that has to be heartbreaking. Hang in there!

  16. awesome week girl! glad you are starting to feel confident again. i had 2 races cancelled in december.. such a bummer! i think my (favorite) workout last week was running up emerald mountain with a four legged friend! obviously snow packed, but the weather was GORGEOUS! bright blue skies & 25 degrees!

  17. P90X Ab Ripper is my favorite core workout. I just ordered the Insanity Ab workout from Amazon but I haven’t tried it yet.

  18. Super impressed by your weekly mileage, treadmill or not! I haven’t tried many of the P90X workouts but the NTC workouts always leave me hobbling for a few days. January is my slacker month before I begin training again in Feb. Kind of can’t wait.

  19. Yay for you. You really are doing awesome incorporating hills and core… makes me really jealous of you. Treadmill hills scare me more than a hill outside ever will.

  20. Such a solid week, how exciting to be feeling good and getting back on track! We have lots of hills here… I’m jealous of your flat… but I also know how good hills are for training.

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