Tales of the Funemployed

I feel like after a week of deep posts I owe you a light hearted fun post.  In case you missed any of my posts this week and don’t feel like looking at the side hand bar…

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Just kidding but that would be great blogging technique right?  I will tell you what I’ve been up to just for good measure.

First I’ve spent a solid 10-20 hours (seems like a good estimate) applying for jobs in NJ and PA.  I am trying not to stress myself out but job searching is hard work and stressful.  Right now I am thinking, am I good enough?  Why would a company want to hire me?  Then I realize I spent four years in college working my butt off. Then I spent another year working and loving my job so yes I am a good candidate.  As alluring as full time blogging is I don’t have the grammar and spelling skills nor do I have the interest to full time blog forever.  (I mean full time blogging and running pays the bills right?  (Well, no not for me).

I’ve also been running…a lot.  One of my favorite loops around town goes straight to the boarder of Mexico.  I finally remembered to bring my camera and in more proper blogging technique I stopped and took some photos.  I would have live tweeted them while running, but I think I would have gotten hit by a car or attacked by a Rottweiler or pitbull.

Mexico boarder
Mexico boarder

This week is going to be a powerhouse running week (peak week 1) for me and will hopefully be around 90 miles.  Knock on wood I’ve been recovering well and doing what I need to be doing.  It also helps that my only jobs right now are to apply for jobs, eat, sleep and run.

Climbing the Fence to Mexico...
Climbing the Fence to Mexico…

As far as my nutrition front (lolz):

I tried quail for the first time this week too.  I always see these pesky birds while running but when they are cooked it’s like the chef just chopped off the heads and cook them up.  It’s a little intimidating to eat but it was really good.  It really just reminded me of chicken.

This quail is alive.
This quail is alive.
A quail (and steak) on my plate.
A quail (and steak) on my plate.

Since it’s not real life until I show you a picture of a dessert I’ve consumed…I ate this fried ice cream.  It was delicious as anything fried is..as I’m sure 95% of comments will be about how delicious fried ice cream is.

This is fried ice cream.
This is fried ice cream.

My only plans this weekend are to pack the house and prepare for leaving Texas next week.  I’ll probably post more concrete plans once I know of them but the Russian Roulette of my life is ever changing and once I post a blog topic…it will probably change.

Questions for you:

Have you ever tried Quail?

Have you been to Mexico?

What are your plans this weekend? 


    1. Yes, though I think you set off some sort of sensors. There is a lot of boarder patrol around that area so I kind of just run there, look quickly and run back. Though last time we were brave enough to take pictures.

  1. What are you talking about? You could totally be a good blogger! You hit all of the essential photos in one post – running, food and dessert. The only thing missing were the pictures of your garmin and your shoes, lol!!!

  2. I’ve actually never had fried ice cream, so I can’t comment on it. It looks delicious. I prefer a waffle cone, or milkshakes, or frozen yogurt. I like the pic of you climbing the fence, haha. Glad you’re able to get lots of running and rest and recovery in!

    Applying for jobs *IS* a full time job! It’s crazy- I remember when I was applying and ended up with my current full time job. I applied for everything, it’s very tough. But, you’re a cool person with experience and a college degree, so surely you will find something. I bet the job market there is probably pretty good too (but I dunno… I know in small towns it’s very very tough because everyone knows everyone and that’s what we have always run into).

  3. Look at all those proper blogging technique executions–nice work! 😉 (And this means you exist, lol.) Applying for jobs is simply exhausting, especially mentally. There’s no doubt you’ll find something. Oh, and if you’re interested, my running store is hiring. OMG, we could be COWORKERS! 😀

  4. what a fence that is!!! on tv they always make it look like some chicken wire type fence. definitely NOT the case! haha. and fried ice cream is amazing!!!!

  5. I feel you on the job front. Be grateful you’re not moving to Pittsburgh because the job market is dead in the water here.
    Lol at full time blogging. I wish! Actually I feel like I wouldn’t have enough interesting things to say if that were the case.

  6. I’ve never been to Mexico but I find it extremely funny you run to the forbidden border. And I’m not really sure if I ate quail or not because I forget about 95% of the food I ate throughout my life. It might have been mixed in there somewhere. I know what you mean about stressful job searching. I’ve been trying to find a good “at home” job because of all my knee shit, and it’s been not-so-great.

  7. I need to contribute to the 95% of the comments about that ice cream. Fried ice cream = best thing ever. And I’ve been to Mexico a couple of times (all-inclusive resorts) and it makes for a pretty awesome vacation.

  8. fried ice cream is so freaking good. I also love Mexico (the non druglord area anyways). Excited for your NJ arrival. I’m looking at wedding venues this weekend, running and not drinking, boo.

    1. The nondrug lord area…I’m not exactly sure that is here…I stay in at night time. Your pregnancy/engagement life sounds like my typical life…minus the fact you have better excuses of not going out.

  9. I will not mention the fried ice cream… oh wait… dang 😉

    And I feel you on the job front… Self-confidence is something that I struggle with myself, and it doesn’t only rear its ugly head when it comes to applying for jobs — I’m pretty much self-employed and I often find myself struggling with thoughts like “what do I honestly have to offer?” and “why would someone want to work with me?” The easy answer is: because I’m awesome… but we all know life doesn’t exactly work that way. Bugger.

  10. I don’t think I’ve tried quail before and I haven’t been to Mexio…clearly I need to live a little.
    This weekend will be a quiet one. Running 14 miles and hanging with the parents.

  11. Goodluck on the job hunt!!! you will find something soon enough 🙂
    Never had quail before, but I have tried rabbit :X

  12. I tried quail in China. They didn’t even cut the heads off… it was disturbing at first, but so delicious we didn’t care.

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