Meal Favorites

When I wrote my last post about food, I had no idea how the post would be perceived.  Since I no longer write much about food, you never know how readers might respond.  Everyone needs to eat, and food and nutrition are an important part of running and working out. I thought it would be […]

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Eating on High Mileage

A lot of people question how I eat enough to withstand 100 mile weeks.  It couldn’t be possible to ever gain weight while running 100 mile weeks and you couldn’t possibly eat enough to withstand that activity…ect.  First and foremost, I only ran 100 mile week.  I didn’t run 52 but rather just 1.  That […]

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Chapter 23.5: Texas

Today I leave again to go back to the East Coast.  I know it has shocked a lot of people (including myself) that I am moving so quickly (a month and a half of being in Texas).   I truly had a great time here even though it was for such a short time.  The military […]

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Tales of the Funemployed

I feel like after a week of deep posts I owe you a light hearted fun post.  In case you missed any of my posts this week and don’t feel like looking at the side hand bar… The Care Free Miles -Why I don’t run for time, pace or mileage these days Comparison-Why comparing yourself […]

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Enjoying My Time

I know my blog is often associated with waffles, pancakes but occasionally….well the majority of meals I like to eat other food too.  This can serve as a life update post too because those have been few and far between.  I’ve been working and going out to eat the majority of time catching up with […]

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