My Mom is Awesome

I hope you know it’s Mother’s Day. 

I know a lot of bloggers dedicating posts to their mom’s on Mother’s Day and I am going to follow this trend as well because my mom is simply amazing.  To put it bluntly, there has never been a time when I couldn’t call my mom when I needed something. 

high school prom
high school prom

I feel my dad is often seen more on the blog because he does road races and is often in the cast of characters at race recaps.   You should know I am just as close with my mom as well.  My mom has been there for me 100% of the time and for that I cannot thank her enough.  Of course when I was younger, we had our fair share of rifts.  I was young, I thought I knew everything about anything.  (I mean…wait…I don’t?).  Everyone was a bratty at some points in middle and high school (me probably especially).

As some of you guys know, my dad was in the military for a full 30 years (meaning until the end of my freshman year of college).  While growing up my mom raised us when dad was away on travel, my mom moved us from overseas (That is over 16 hours of flying with 3 kids under the age of 6, 2 dogs and 2 cats) and she did this alone.   

With Matt at his graduation
With Matt at his graduation

But since going to college, maturing a little bit and pretending to conquer the world I can truly say that I have become even closer with my mom and she has helped me through so much.

visiting me at college...How many moms drive 700 miles and take a photo in -30 degrees?
visiting me at college…How many moms drive 700 miles and take a photo in -30 degrees?

Like right now.  Being a college graduate, leaving my job in Oswego and she (and my dad) are welcoming me back into the house while I look for a new job and get on my feet.  I know for a fact that I am extremely lucky for this and not everyone would have that opportunity.

So thank you mom.

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  1. Happy mother’s day to your mom! I love this trend :-). We didn’t ever fly when I was a child. I hate it enough now. I can’t imagine doing it with kids, and making such a huge move. Go your mom!

  2. I think going to college is when most people do begin to appreciate their parents more. I know it has for me at least. It’s nice to have that person you can literally go to with anything. It’s really too bad we can’t be there with our moms today but in a week, we will both be celebrating with our parents!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom! Sounds like you and I are on somewhat, parallel paths. Good luck with the job hunt!

  4. Moms are the best! Having a close relationship is something that we shouldn’t take for granted, and the fact that we can count on our moms for anything in the world makes me feel extremely lucky and blessed. I’ve always had a strong relationship with my mom, and since going to college and growing up a bit, she’s definitely become more of a BFF, and I tell her absolutely everything.

  5. This is so beautiful girl. Your mom sounds just as amazing as mine, and we are so lucky to have them. She has raised a beautiful daughter and I know she is super proud of you!

  6. This post is truly lovely. It’s nice to see something that isn’t overly flowery and sappy, but instead seems sincere and from the heart.

    Mother’s Day confuses me because it’s in March over here in the UK, so I always panic and my heart sinks when all of the US posts come out. I worry I’ve forgotten then I remember we’ve already had our version 😉


  7. I fight with my mom SO much but I know I’m so lucky to be able to live in my house. She feeds me and buys me a lot of things moms stop buying their children at a young age. I know I’m blessed in this way although I feel bad for her for having to deal with my high school self. Oy. I feel so bad for her. Lol.

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom :). Even though you talk about your dad more because of running and racing (after all this is a running blog), I totally get that you have a good relationship with your mom bc you have talked about her a bit. And Kudos to her for driving to Upstate NY in freezing weather for that picture! Glad you guys have a great relationship with you moving back in too, it’s good when parents welcome their adult kids back!

  9. Happy Mothers Day to your mom! It is so awesome being close with your mom – you’re right, we’re really exceptionally lucky to still be able to live with our parents, a lot of kids don’t have that luxury. And it always boggles my mind how moms still love us even when we’re bitchy teenagers…maybe because they know we’ll grow up and become their bffs lol

  10. Great post in dedication of your mom. I definitely had times where I was a pretty bratty kid and looking back my mom handled it quite well 😉 Lol.

  11. Your mom (and dad too) are clearly awesome, you had to get your awesomeness from somewhere! 🙂

  12. Aww, your mom is too sweet! I’m glad you guys have a good relationship. My relationship with my mom has also improved vastly since middle school/high school, too! I def thought I knew everything haha. I think your mom is amazing for moving you guys overseas by herself. AMAZING!

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