S’mores Pancakes

It hit me the other day and I thought about why on Earth I hadn’t made these before. As a child, one of my favorite desserts was a SMORE. Nothing beat roasting the marshmellows (well I tended to catch mine on fire) and squishing it between the chocolate and graham crackers.  Not that I don’t mind going out in -30 degree weather in upstate NY, but as a child it seemed like more fun in the summer.  This recipe is generally pretty easily and if you are like me (and starving the moment you come home) a quick chocolate waffle recipe always catches my eye.

Can you see I tried to do a LOLZ?
Can you see I tried to do a LOLZ?

Smores pancakes:
Basic Pancake recipe:
2/3 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ -1 cup milk
1 egg
¼ cup sweetener

Smores ingredients:
½ cup Chocolate (I actually used gheradelli chocolate chips)
2 Crumbled Grapham crackers
½ cup Marshmellows (I used mini ones because they were easier in the recipe)

Mix the basic pancake recipe together and then add the smores ingredients. Cook.

Such an easy and quick fulfillment in life, it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of this earlier!

I folded it so it be like a sandwich...you know...for fun...
I folded it the second time (could be the third or fourth time I made it actually) so it be like a sandwich…you know…for fun…

Questions for you:
Do you like smores?
I did as a child and I do now. Tim and I actually have spent a few nights drinking Guinness and making smores in the upstate weather.
Were you ever a girl scout or boy scout? (smores also remind me of my days doing that).