S’mores Pancakes

It hit me the other day and I thought about why on Earth I hadn’t made these before. As a child, one of my favorite desserts was a SMORE. Nothing beat roasting the marshmellows (well I tended to catch mine on fire) and squishing it between the chocolate and graham crackers.  Not that I don’t mind going out in -30 degree weather in upstate NY, but as a child it seemed like more fun in the summer.  This recipe is generally pretty easily and if you are like me (and starving the moment you come home) a quick chocolate waffle recipe always catches my eye.

Can you see I tried to do a LOLZ?
Can you see I tried to do a LOLZ?

Smores pancakes:
Basic Pancake recipe:
2/3 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ -1 cup milk
1 egg
¼ cup sweetener

Smores ingredients:
½ cup Chocolate (I actually used gheradelli chocolate chips)
2 Crumbled Grapham crackers
½ cup Marshmellows (I used mini ones because they were easier in the recipe)

Mix the basic pancake recipe together and then add the smores ingredients. Cook.

Such an easy and quick fulfillment in life, it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of this earlier!

I folded it so it be like a sandwich...you know...for fun...
I folded it the second time (could be the third or fourth time I made it actually) so it be like a sandwich…you know…for fun…

Questions for you:
Do you like smores?
I did as a child and I do now. Tim and I actually have spent a few nights drinking Guinness and making smores in the upstate weather.
Were you ever a girl scout or boy scout? (smores also remind me of my days doing that).


  1. This recipe pretty much just made my morning ha s’mores are my absolute favorite- actually, anything involving marshmallows are. These pancakes will definitely be made when I’m home.

  2. Officially handing in my Mondy morning resignation. I am trying to taper my food for IMTX and eating less and come across this……ahhhhh!!!!!

    I have made S’Mores waffles but did not fold the marshmallows into the batter. Might be a reason to make them again.

      1. HAHA! That would be epic and quite dangerous. But if you think about it the marshmallows don’t burn when you make rice krispie treats. Definitely trying this when I get done with IMTX and will let you know the results.

  3. Is it bad that the first thing that popped into my mind when you said the word s’mores was PopTarts? Those were always my favourite flavour, and I remember eating one for breakfast pretty much every day for a good long 6 months or so. S’mores are fantastic, and I’m pretty much down with anything that involves dessert for breakfast 🙂

  4. believe it or not I don’t care for smores, only because I don’t get marshmallows, they do nothing for me! However I enjoy making smores because I love a fire in the summertime and I enjoy eating the chocolate and graham crackers while!

    1. LOL, I like the gooeyness of melted chocolate between two graham crackers with the marshmallows…I don’t really eat marshmallows by themselves ha ha.

  5. Smore’s are the best (and pretty much the only way I will eat marshmallows..Idk why). Growing up in the middle of nowhere bonfires were always a big thing in the summer which always meant… hot dogs cooked on sticks..and smores. oh and catching fireflies in jars.

    I was a girl scout for a few years…but they don’t remind me of smores…they remind me of overbearing mom’s (not mine), and fantastic cookies.

  6. I used to be a Girl Scout but I don’t ever remember making Smores. Whomp, whomp. I do remember a night in college, a bunch of us went to a campground one random night and made a fire to make Smores. I’m pretty sure it was illegal but I think that’s the last time I had one 🙁 I keep wanting to make ones in the microwave with Peeps from Easter but it’s not as good as the real thing. These really look good. Like, really good.

  7. Hubby’s been on a pancake kick lately which is absolute torture for this, at the moment, non-gluten eating gal. With that being said, I might have to make this for him. S’mores poptarts are his favorite…

  8. LOLZ in pancakes is the best. And those sound amazing. I need to get mallows an grahams. And I am reminded of The Sandlot. Haven’t seen that movie in forever!

  9. Oh snap Hollie! These look like the bomb.com for realz!! And I got your comment… we need to meet up when I’m in the Outer Banks!!

  10. This has to be one of my new favorite recipes, that or your lemon pancakes. I need to try both of these soon. I also need to get some vanilla or birthday cake flavored protein powder to throw in them.

    I actually do love s’mores but can usually only eat one. I prefer the toasted mallow’s.

  11. Those look absolutely amazing. I’m actually not a big fan of marshmallows, so I’ll just take the chocolate pancakes please!

  12. Yum, yum, yum! We used to make s’mores all the time during the summer, and even with all this practice, I’d still burn my marshmallow every single time.

  13. I kinda have this obsession with s’mores so this might be my favorite pancake recipe of yours! Funny story (actually not so funny)….a couple years ago I was craving smores so I decided to make them using my gas stove. I took a fork and stuck a marshmallow on it, but got too impatient to assemble the chocolate and graham cracker and just wanted to eat the marshmallow. Well, I forgot that metal conducts heat and stuck the fork/marshmallow in my fork and proceeded to singe my lips and tongue. The things I do for s’mores….

  14. So I almost bought marshmallows yesterday for our waffle night and then didn’t… How awesome would these be if you melted marshmallows (like the big ones) between the two pancakes!

    The IHOP express at the Norfolk Navy Exchange has s’more pancakes too, and I have always secretly wanted to try them

  15. i would definitely have to find a way to catch my marshmallow on fire if i made these- i love burnt marshmallow…that smoky s’more flavor is just the best lol!

  16. It’s so nice to see a pancake recipe that is a legit pancake… no added protein powder of banana or oatflour… lol.
    I bet some peanut butter would be great in that “sandwhich” amirite?

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