Blueberry Cobbler Pancakes

I feel like this could become a mouthful if I didn’t say it right.

The Blueberry Cobbler Pancakes.

Blueble Coblo…I don’t know.  Anyways, for easiest sake I’ll just call it the blueberry cobbler pancakes.  This came about because I am supposed to clean out my fridge and saw I had some of the most serious ingredients for a blueberry cobbler style pancake…which is how most of my recipes come about.

Blueberry Cobbler Pancakes

2/3 cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg

1 tablespoon butter (if you “forget” this it will not taste as good…at all)

½ cup blueberries

¼ cup sweetener of choice1

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

½  cup milk or water (these are a bit more dense as blueberry cobbler generally is)

½ cup vanilla yogurt

Spices: A dash of cinnamon. 

Mix dry ingredients to wet ingredients (including vanilla yogurt) than pour on griddle.

They came out a bit of a strange shape that own fault
They came out a bit of a strange shape that is…my own fault

I’ll be perfectly honest with you.  When I saw that the recipe would be best with butter I somewhat lacked the motivation to make it.  (I was so proud that I’m actually cleaning out my fridge versus making more of a mess).

So I tried again a few days later and made the same recipe in waffle form for a normal photo
So I tried again a few days later and made the same recipe in waffle form for a normal photo

Do I really want to go to the store to stock up on butter when I’m leaving soon?  I’m so glad my housemate allowed me to use a bit because it added a nice range that you will not get (and this would just be blueberry pancakes really) without it.

Questions for you:

 Favorite seasonal dessert?

How do you use butter?

For me, I sauté vegetables in it.  I don’t eat a lot of toast and my lunch sandwiches are peanut butter and jelly but I do go through it sautéing vegetables and occasional recipes that call for it.


  1. That looks great!!! I love blueberry pancakes/muffins/pie so I might have to give this a try. My favorite seasonal dessert is strawberry rhubarb crisp. So summery and delicious!!

  2. I’m not a blueberry person but I love just about any other fruit. And one of my favorite things about summer is fruity desserts and snacks. Nothing beats the fresh sweet taste!!

    Is it this weekend yet?

  3. I never use butter for anything besides baking. Usually, I’ll use some kind of oil or Pam Spray if I need to saute anything or grease anything. Otherwise, I don’t really have a need to buy an entire tub of butter. These look pretty darn delicious, as always! Have a great Monday!

  4. These look so good! I eat butter every day on my morning toast. It’s so good. I didn’t eat it for a looong long time, but my Norwegian roots have finally gotten back to me. Both of my grandparents had heart attacks from years of butter though, so I’m going to cool it soon.

  5. I hardly ever use butter. Probably just on toast w/ jam and on corn-on-the-cob. And of course for recipes like the chocolate chip cookies I made last night. MMMmmmm! The blueberry cobbler waffle looks delicious!

  6. omg….blueberry cobbler is AMAZING. Probably one of my favorite breakfast/desserts ever….and also, my cousin gave me some Star Wars Pancake Molds for my birthday, so I should probably make some Jedi-Blueberry-Cobbler-Pancakes! YES! As for butter….I won’t lie, I’ve never eaten it. It’s skeeved me out since I was a kid, so unless it’s hidded in a baked good….ew, no. I cook everything in lots and lots of olive oil lol!

  7. I put butter on my rye toast, but that’s it. I sauté in olive oil. Pretty much unless a recipe calls for butter, I ain’t usin’ it.

  8. Love the quotes around forget. Honestly people that fear butter are uninformed. In moderation (as with anything) butter is great! It is pretty natural too I mean come on, haven’t people heard of churning butter. not so with margarine. I am going to make these next week for my dad! He loves blueberry anything! Maybe I will have new waffle iron by then 😉

  9. Mmm, those look so good! I keep frozen blueberries on hand for smoothies and overnight oats, but I haven’t bought fresh ones yet this season. Clearly, that needs to change.

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