Frequent Gym Goers

I spend a lot of time in the gym.  In the arctic tundra, ain’t nobody got time to run on the ice, slip and fall and break their arm (about that).  Anyways, I obviously see my fair share of people whether they are regulars or not…cardio kings and queens or power lifters…I see them all and thought I’d share my wisdom.   Due to my work, I’m actually a member of two gyms and both have their fair share of characters.

Chatty McPhee-She is my least favorite of all the gym people I encounter.  For some reason we always seem to be using a close treadmill at the same time.  She always screams into her blue tooth.  Though I haven’t heard about what happened since her boyfriend was hanging out with some other girl named “Rebecca”, I have heard her gossip about her suitemates (who apparently stay up really late watching movies and make popcorn), her parents who are always on her case and of course her RA (who seems to hold a lot of hall meetings..).  Her life is pretty rough.

Grunting 1 Mile Sprinter-He goes to a treadmill, sprints 1 mile at exactly a 7.0 pace.  Grunts several times and goes and lifts.

Cat eared Cartoon Watcher– You are in college and watching cartoons?  Well that is fine, except you workout in a hat with cat ears on it and have worn a tail to the gym before. I get everyone has their own style but wearing cat ears, blue jeans and a tail to the gym seems a touch too much.

Tweedle Twins-Always come to the gym together.  They normally wear similar outfits…they are at least late 20s and possibly early 30s.

Foursquare Champion-He is the mayor of my planet fitness gym.  It’s weird to put his face with checking in there but he is always as PF when I am.

What what in the butt-Well I can tell you because her shorts are so short, I wouldn’t even wear these things.  When you go to the gym, ass out class out is still in effect.

ROTC Fellas-They are always in the gym at 7am.  They always seem surprised when I am there on the same machine.  It’s normally because we are the only ones in the gym at the time.

Oxygen Champion-This man is pushing at least 80.  He walks on the treadmill at 1.0-2.0 pace.  He has an oxygen tank.  Talk about freaking awesome.

Puddle Jumper-I don’t see him too frequently but when I do I have to swim to my machine.  How someone sweats that much is beyond me but hey at least he is getting a good workout.

Novel Reader-I’ve never not seen her reading on a machine.  She seemed engrossed in her fiction books so much that an earthquake or fire could be going on in the gym….she would never know.

Question for you: What kind of gym goer are you?