Peppermint Pancake

As promised, the second of my Holiday recipe roundup.  Now that we are in the “legit” wintertime, all I want is Holiday pancakes.  Between Eggnog, gingerbread and now peppermint I guess I have my heart set until New Years…

I had debated how on earth I was going to get the “peppermint flavor”.  For me personally, I’m not a huge peppermint fan but I do enjoy it now and again.  I quested around Wal-Mart and found they even sold peppermint extract well as every flavor imaginable from root beer to butter.  Seriously, when you go to Wal-Mart check out their baking section.  I thought vanilla extract was the only thing they sold but boy was I wrong.


½ cup flour

1 egg

½ cup milk-1 cup milk depending on the consistency you like your pancakes

2 tsp peppermint extract

1 tablespoon oil

Chocolate chips…It seemed appropriate at the time (chocolate and peppermint)

Sweetener to taste and for me I like sweet things so I added about ½ cup stevia.  I’m not joking.   I don’t tell lies.

I enjoy making towers of cakes.

I actually wasn’t sure how I would like these pancakes, seeing as peppermint isn’t my favorite flavor in the world but I loved them!  I think it was combination of the chocolate and peppermint.  So yes, they are a win.

Question for you:

1.       Chocolate and peppermint or just one or the other?

2.       Favorite Holiday flavor?


  1. I’m always nervous to use peppermint extract in recipes because I imagine they’re going to come out tasting ridiculously minty, and I’m not the biggest fan either. Pairing it with chocolate was definitely a good idea though – the chocolate/mint combo has to be one of my favorites around this time of year… Another one is any kind of orange/spice mix.

  2. The fudge chunks in my favourite candy cane ice cream make for the perfect combination — so chocolate and peppermint, yes. You’d think that it would be like mint chocolate chip, but it’s oh so much more — probably because it’s in vanilla ice cream. Which is making me think that making a combo of peppermint and vanilla flavoured pancakes would make for an excellent stack as well. Oh so many possibilities!!

  3. Yes!!! Peppermint alone or with chocolate. I will try these on Christmas or Christmas eve. Or tomorrow? I’m a little too excited right now 🙂

  4. YUUMMM!!! I adore peppermint. Seriously ADDICTED to peppermint green tea right now, and I have been putting smashed up candy canes in everything. Try it in oats 🙂

  5. Chocolate peppermint sounds incredible 🙂 You are the fanciest pancake maker in all the land.

    Actually, though, a restaurant that used to be in Ship made fruity pebble pancakes..

  6. I like peppermint but don’t love it as well. It has to be used in the right way that’s for sure. These pancakes sound good and I actually happen to have some peppermint extract from cookies I made last year!

  7. I’m all for minty flavors but sometimes they can be a bit… Intense? I made a batch of chocolate peppermint pancakes last week and they were okay but a bit much, need to tone it down. Chocolate and coconut go well with peppermint IMO 🙂 Ooo and eggnog!

  8. Yummmm these sound really good too! I can’t imagine how peppermint would taste in a pancake. But hey, can’t knock it till you try it 🙂 I think sugar cookie would be my favorite flavor.

  9. Oh those sound delicious. I would love the plain peppermint I think… But throw in chocolate too and I probably wouldn’t complain! My favorite holiday flavor is definitely gingerbread 🙂 peppermint is a close second

  10. I agree, peppermint by itself is not that special, but when you add chocolate to the mix….now we are talking! I do love peppermint bark during the holiday season, but I think gingerbread will always have my heart (or stomach).

  11. Oh yum! Chocolate and peppermint has to be one of my favourite combos ever… but nothing beats cinnamon has my favourite holiday flavour!

  12. Our ice cream pace has new flavors for the holidays peppermint, eggnog, and gingerbread all homemade… the peppermint looks awesome and I am not the biggest fan either. and my mom made peppermint snowballs yesterday with peppermint extract. she said they are great! I want to try to make peppermint pancakes with peppermint mms… yum

    1. If your ice cream place in VA Beach we are going when I return…ha ha. We could always make pancakes too! So many life options! Hope your finals are going well!

  13. I love that those pancakes are slightly green – I’ll eat most foods so long as they’re coloured green (other than spirulina *barf*). I’m not the biggest fan of peppermint as I find the taste too strong – plus peppermint tea did nothing for my digestive problems so I’m permanently resentful and holding a grudge 😛

    Mint and chocolate is a different matter though – inspired move on your part to add the chocolate chips.

    I definitely prefer gingerbread to eggnog and peppermint – just the thought of eggnog makes me feel queasy. Thank God it’s not as popular in the UK as the US.

    1. I was hoping they wouldn’t taste like giant breath mints LOL. I’ve made spinach pancakes as well which are bright green. I’ll have to post those eventually!

  14. I’ll take plain chocolate, no mint for me! These pancake posts of yours have me wondering why I don’t have pancakes in my life more often. I can’t even remember the last time I had them! Blasphemy.

  15. I’m def an outcast when it comes to peppermint, because I do NOT like it with anything dessert related. I like mint with tea and with gum, that’s it! OCCASIONALLY I will have like a peppermint cookie like a thin mint, but I am not into the minty treats!! These pancakes still sound good though, I love me some peppermint extract.

  16. Love your pancake recipes darling! I’ve never had peppermint pancakes before, but I couldn’t imagine them tasting anything but amazing. I have to say my favorite pancake flavor would be cinnamon bun though =)

  17. oooh love the sound of these. Could never imagine peppermint pancakes! My favourite flavours for Christmas are everything in mulled wine pretty much haha. So warming and aromatic! Cinnamon is high up on the amazing list as well obviously.

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