Since Running is the only Stable Thing in my Life Right Now

As with every Sunday, I always post Sunday training.  This Sunday isn’t that lame considering I don’t really have to work tomorrow.  I have to go in and finish a few things up but not work.  So I’m not really sure when my next actual busy before the workweek Sunday will be.  Oh well, I’ll just become a professional blog writer and reader…that pays the bills…right?

Moving on training this week:

I got a new running training log.  Though I post on dailymile, I think to keep a pencil and paper tracker for me.

Sunday: 6.2 miles recovery from Saturdays 15 mile long run.

Monday: AM: 1.5 hours elliptical/PM: 8.5 miles

Tuesday: AM 1.5 hours elliptical/PM: 8.2 miles

Wednesday: AM 6.2 miles

Thursday: AM 8.2 miles/PM 1 hour elliptical

Friday: AM 8.25 miles/PM Deep Tissue Massage

Saturday: AM 8.6 miles

Total 54 miles

Can you tell I was aiming for about 8.2 miles daily?  I didn’t even run the same route but did keep my runs on as much grass as possible and also to keep it out of the town.  The problem for me is that even keeping it on grass and on campus, I’m still running up and down 70 foot hills a few times.  So there is never really any flat ground.  Which is fine as long as my cyst stays at bay.

I couldn’t tell you my plans for next week.  I honestly don’t even know where I’ll be at the end of the week…I assume VA but who knows…so that means traveling.  (Like I said, can we talk about what a mess my life is?).  I’d like to be around 60 miles, but I won’t fret either way. 

So I'll leave you on this photo of me traveling and pumping gas.  Because that is a workout.
So I’ll leave you on this photo from last winter of me traveling and pumping gas. Because that is a workout.

Question for you:

1.       Do you live in a hilly or flat area?

2.       What was your favorite workout of the week?