Santa Run 5k (20:10)

Santa Run 5k Recap

I’ve wanted to start running 5ks again and eventually progress to longer distances…

Anyway, I drove down to Binghamton, NY to run the Santa Run 5k.  I got there and immediately noticed, I was the least festively dressed.  I wore my Hollister leg warmers at the Santa Run 5k and called it a day.

Before the Santa Run 5k, I warmed up 4 miles. My body needed to warm up more because it was a 2-hour drive and I had a deep tissue massage two days before.  I knew while warming up that my legs didn’t feel that great but tried to put it past me. They were just very tight and running felt harder than it should. By the warm-up, I knew the Santa Run 5k might not be pretty.

I got to meet Nicki and we chatted throughout the entire event.


Lining up at the start of the Santa Run 5k, I heard some people talking about a female running that had just run an 18:54 5k a couple of weeks prior.  I knew that was out of my league but did try to stick with her for a little bit at the Santa Run 5k…which ended up being roughly 5 feet.

The Santa Run 5k was one big loop.  I thought the Santa Run 5k was relatively flat, but looking back on my GPS there were slight up hills as well as slight downhills.

The only thing I remember about the Santa Run 5k was wanting it to be done and feeling like garbage. My splits themselves were 6:04, 6:31 and 6:34.  Crossing the finish line of the Santa Run 5k, I just felt sluggish and like I had no energy.  My legs were extremely tight and sore so it didn’t make for good racing.

I know this isn’t a great race recap of the Santa Run 5k, but the race was such a blur. It took me longer to write this post, than the 20 minutes I spent running.  All good, though.


While the Santa Run 5k was nothing to write home about, I know I can have much more successful races and I’m hoping they come sooner than later.  (I ran my cross country 6k as well as the Thanksgiving 10k at roughly this pace on harder terrain)  It’s nice to start getting my legs into a faster turnover though.

That being said, the Santa Run 5k was well organized and well put together. I have no complaints about the actual Santa Run 5k, just my body on the day.

I ended up getting 3rd female overall at the Santa Run 5k and winning a gift card to the spa.  Now if I can commute down that far. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll run.


Questions for you: 

1.       What is the craziest thing you’ve ever run in? 

2.       Did you/plan to run any festive races this Holiday season? Have you run a Santa Run?