Santa Run 5k (20:10)

Santa Run 5k Recap

I’ve wanted to start running 5ks again and eventually progress to longer distances…

Anyway, I drove down to Binghamton, NY to run the Santa Run 5k.  I got there and immediately noticed, I was the least festively dressed.  I wore my Hollister leg warmers at the Santa Run 5k and called it a day.

Before the Santa Run 5k, I warmed up 4 miles. My body needed to warm up more because it was a 2-hour drive and I had a deep tissue massage two days before.  I knew while warming up that my legs didn’t feel that great but tried to put it past me. They were just very tight and running felt harder than it should. By the warm-up, I knew the Santa Run 5k might not be pretty.

I got to meet Nicki and we chatted throughout the entire event.


Lining up at the start of the Santa Run 5k, I heard some people talking about a female running that had just run an 18:54 5k a couple of weeks prior.  I knew that was out of my league but did try to stick with her for a little bit at the Santa Run 5k…which ended up being roughly 5 feet.

The Santa Run 5k was one big loop.  I thought the Santa Run 5k was relatively flat, but looking back on my GPS there were slight up hills as well as slight downhills.

The only thing I remember about the Santa Run 5k was wanting it to be done and feeling like garbage. My splits themselves were 6:04, 6:31 and 6:34.  Crossing the finish line of the Santa Run 5k, I just felt sluggish and like I had no energy.  My legs were extremely tight and sore so it didn’t make for good racing.

I know this isn’t a great race recap of the Santa Run 5k, but the race was such a blur. It took me longer to write this post, than the 20 minutes I spent running.  All good, though.


While the Santa Run 5k was nothing to write home about, I know I can have much more successful races and I’m hoping they come sooner than later.  (I ran my cross country 6k as well as the Thanksgiving 10k at roughly this pace on harder terrain)  It’s nice to start getting my legs into a faster turnover though.

That being said, the Santa Run 5k was well organized and well put together. I have no complaints about the actual Santa Run 5k, just my body on the day.

I ended up getting 3rd female overall at the Santa Run 5k and winning a gift card to the spa.  Now if I can commute down that far. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll run.


Questions for you: 

1.       What is the craziest thing you’ve ever run in? 

2.       Did you/plan to run any festive races this Holiday season? Have you run a Santa Run?

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  1. I am sad to say I don’t run in anything crazy. Do bunhuggers and a sports bra count??

    I LOVE those leg warmers. You are too cute! Congrats on placing! Deep tissue massages ALWAYS make me feel sluggish.

  2. I love your leg warmers :). But I wouldn’t race in them, honestly the craziest thing I’ve raced in was an old zip up grandma looking sweater for my first half marathon. It was my throwaway sweater but the wind was so bad I kept it on the whole time. I don’t even think people realized I was running the race because it was small and I didn’t look like a runner!

    Congrats on your 3rd place overall- even if it wasn’t your best time, it was a great time, and you got a cool prize and had fun.

  3. You are like I was with dancing. You may feel like this was a sluggish race, but I am guessing you had to have still been pretty epic to have finished 3rd!

  4. you SHOULD feel sluggish!! you’re finally running more miles again and with no speed work your body is just adjusting 🙂 20:10 is definitely still a good race even if its not as close to your pr’s as you want to be! I haven’t ran any races in anything ridiculous but we used to have a “three legged ski race” every year at the race that falls valentines weekend and everyone dressed up in costumes. last year we were “lumberjacks and trees” so i was dressed as a tree….

    1. That was my thought exactly! If I felt good, I was doing something wrong. Tim told me about the three legged ski race. Are there photos? Nevermind I’ll just creep around.

      1. bahaha yes there are photos.. but lets face it you creep on me regardless so you probably would have found them eventually anyway :p

  5. I just moved away from Binghamton, NY to Maryland or I would have run this! (Even with your feeling like your pace was slow – you still would have kicked my butt!) It totally threw me for a loop to see this post – as a bunch of my face book friends are posting about it..

    The good news? Here is more pictures of you and your Hollister leggings:

  6. Congrats on your 3rd place finish, Hollie! Woohoo! Love the leg warms, too–very festive. 🙂 I’m doing a hot chocolate run this weekend, which isn’t super holiday-oriented, but I’m pretty excited for the hot beverage at the end.

  7. So I think your leg warmers make for pretty sweet festive attire 😀 And this may be the runner’s envy in me, but I definitely wouldn’t complain if I could run at a pace like that. Feeling sluggish and still being able to pull off 3rd place? Pft. Rock star….

  8. I love holiday races! And I would totally wear those leg warmers too. Last year I did a christmas race with socks that came up to my knees with pom poms around the top of them and green and red stripes. I’ve also raced in pink and white tie-dye spandex booty shorts. That was a cute look for my school to see….That’s a pretty good 5k time to me! If we ever get to race together, you better believe I’ll be chasing after you like that awkward little kid the whole time wanting to be with the big girls lol

  9. I ran two miles on the treadmill last night and my legs and feet felt like bricks. I could just not get in a good groove! I don’t know what was up, but it was annoying. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so used to running outside? Who knows!

  10. I ran in a onesy this past weekend!! SO FRICKEN HOT. Never wearing felt ever again. Congrats on placing! You can mail my lil brother the gift certificate if you want 😛

  11. I love your leg warmers, I am running a holiday 10K next weekend and wearing a candy cane turtle neck. I hope the cotton doesn’t drive me crazy. Awesome wins, you better get that massage!! I would have loveed winning that!

  12. How long did that take you to get down there? Seems like a bit of a drive but then again, I am bad with estimating driving times, lol. Deep tissue massages are rough (in a good way) so good for you for stretching your legs for a 5K, haha…still a great time and 3rd place is always nice too. Hope your legs start to loosen up some more and great job as always! #badass

  13. Ha, the craziest thing I’ve ever raced in would have to be my “conehead costume” for a 5k trail run. Surprisingly, the cone stayed on my head really well!

    Great job on getting 3rd place– especially after sitting in a car for 2 hours!

  14. I hate when the end of the race feels that way, but you got through! And who doesn’t love a spa gift card!?

    I’ve never worn anything weird for a race, but most races i’ve been in uniform so I haven’t had many options. My teammates had the idea to get socks that are the 7 different colors of the rainbow for the top runners so we could come in that order. I still wish we did that!

  15. I love the race shirts and congrats on the run! I haven’t run in anything too crazy, but two years ago I ran in the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half marathon and there were some awesome outfits (one person was a turkey, another was santa, and some were just random characters ha)

  16. I was going to run a 5k santa run on sunday but after splitting my crotch and then it raining (and the suit is not made for water) I dibbed out in favour of 5 miles instead 🙂

    I think you’re time was fun and I hope to one day be as fast as you

  17. Dang girl! Congrats!!! You were flying! haha 🙂

    Are you coming to the fashion thing on Thursday?? I have my work-christmas-party that night so I probably can’t go to the event, but if you’re in town, I want to find a way to meet up!! 🙂

  18. Woah, running that fast on a bad day? You rock. And I’m not a runner, but I did wear jeans to the gym once–forgot my shorts, wasn’t about to drive all the way home again.

  19. I LOVE Holiday races!!! (they are the only time I can get my family to do a race with me!)
    Your leg warmers are so cute! I would wear them everywhere!
    On Christmas Day I’m doing a 10k Jingle Jog (we race with bells on our shoes…)
    Your speed will come along, I think you’re more fatigued right now because your building up your mileage, patience and lots of stretching/foam rolling will have your speedy legs back in no time!

  20. I don’t think I’ve run in anything too crazy but does a old school Kilt count? ya know from middle school field hockey days 🙂

    I think i’m running a Jingle bell 5k Saturday if all goes according to plan!

  21. My cross country team had an unofficial “turkey trot” in college which involved wearing a costume and running from one apartment to the other (and taking shots at each). I was a doctor one year, and a hula girl (bikini, grass skirt, running shoes) another year. I don’t know why we called it the turkey trot though because it was in December and freezing cold!

  22. Not gonna lie, I think it would be fun to run a nudist race. haha.
    And I feel like I need a long time to warm-up, even if my legs aren’t feeling sluggish. 3mi is my absolute minimum before I feel like my legs are under me. Especially when I’m doing “shorter” bursts.
    You’ll get it back. I have nooooo doubt!

  23. I’m not even going to comment on my craziest races or anything, but I just wanted to leave a comment on a crazy fast female xc runner I saw at my last xc meet of the season! She almost broke 17 minutes and had a half mile lead on the runner after her (who was also on her team). She’s either a junior or a senior in high school, but omg.. Watching her was so inspirational. It’s not MY craziest race, but it was the craziest race I’ve ever seen in terms of people’s running talent!

  24. Mad props for even running after sitting in a car for 2 hours =) && yay for winning a spa appointment. Sucks you have to drive 2 hours for it.. but hey at least it’ll be worth it =)

  25. Congrats on the spa giftcard and nice time! I love that this post took longer to write than your actual race haha. I’ve never run in anything crazy unfortunately…I’d quite like a pajama race, how comfy would that be??

  26. Woot woot, you officially win! Love the fact that you’ve run in those clothes hahaha. I sadly don’t think I’ve ever run in anything crazy… I have swum in crazy leggings and such though back in the day

  27. Girl, look at you go and rocking those leg warmers, you’re awesome! Maybeee you can go to the spa when you’re on your way down this-a-way? 😉

  28. You are SO freaking fast!!! I’m amazed at your running super powers! I think those wicked amazing leg warmers helped propel you to victory heehee 😀

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