Week 7..Possibly Less Injured then week 6

It seems like weeks have gone by very quickly.  Have I really been without running for 7 weeks already? 

On that front, I have another doctors appointment on Tuesday.  Seven weeks is a long time and I can lie to my readers, tweeters, friends and family that weight lifting is fine and it’s just the same.  I was cleared to run slow distances not on grass (uneven terrain could rebrake my bone) and not hills (seems obvious…they are harder).  Both of which are basically all of running in my area.  You can’t take the runner out of me and I’m hungry for running.  I have been since the day I began developing my cyst.

I’ve really trying to work on my core strength more then anything. 


First, I have been doing 1-2 hours on the cybex 100i.  This may be a lot for someone who wasn’t running 90 miles a week…but it really doesn’t feel like that much to me and I often have to tell myself to get off.  (mostly when trashy TV is on).  It is also pretty similar to running and I like the machine a lot.  I will preserve my run fitness as long as possible.


As far as strength workouts go I did 4 strength training workouts.  Typing that up, it doesn’t really even seem that much.  I posted my typical core workout but I’ll get around to posting my leg routine (which kills me), arms (my favorite to work), back and chest (which is similar to core because the mass amount of pushups) and shoulders.

Running Development:

I was able to run 4.5 miles yesterday.  It didn’t feel awful…but it did not feel great.  I am somewhat sore in my heel area (which is where my cyst was/IS).   I was able to run the miles without any major problem which is a huge difference.  A few weeks ago, I could not even WALK quickly without early crying.  The problem with my heel is it’s so darn temperamental.

I’m honestly not really sure where my running will go but I’m hoping this is an upward slide..Though I’m def not holding my breath.  Every day is a different situation so I could not being to tell you.  Every day I wake up hoping somehow my cyst decided to peace out.

So this post is really boring because I don’t have a lot to report.  I’d love to tell you that I was running 90 mile weeks again or that I don’t have god knows weird pains in my feet everyday…but I’m not a liar. 

It’s a lull time on my blog when I’m injured.  So if there is something you want to see don’t hesitate to let me know. 

Finally if you haven’t entered my #coffeeaday contest.  Do it!  

Question for you:

1.       Favorite topic to blog about? 

2.       Best thing you did this weekend?


  1. Haha I guess my favorite blog topics would have to be running and daily life and weekend happenings and football because that’s about what I talk about. Good job with your 4.5, at least it is something :).

  2. you’re starting to look like quite the bodybuilder 🙂
    Also, love working out inside when my tv shows are on- especially when it’s cupcake shows

  3. Wow look at that muscle, I am jealous! 🙂
    Hope you’re foot stops being so tempramental, I know the feeling well with my nerves after my fractured healed, sucks, but I keep trying to convince myself that anything is better than nothing! Hope things continue to improve for you! Ps: I will most likely get twitter in the holidays… which for us is soon… yay! 🙂

  4. Any improvement is better than none, right? Hang in there, Hollie. I love blogging about fitness–running, triathloning, strength training, etc.–and food, of course. 😉

  5. Whoa, I am jealous of how easily you and several other girls get such ripped muscle definition without bulk. I now have to borrow your arms for the day as well as your abs 😛

    I really hope things are heading in the right direction with your foot – it does seem like there’s some progress there, but it must be so hard not to push too far and go back to square one (I say this because it’s exactly what I would do). It’s great to at least have a machine that replicates running quite closely though – I am sure you won’t be losing too much fitness and/or endurance at all – I am still keeping things crossed that everything continues to improve.


    1. I only put on arm muscle. I don’t put on muscle in my back, shoulders, legs, chest (at least something would puff out if I did…;)) or abs. My abs will never be defined no matter what I do. But arms, I could do ten bicep curls and have man arms!

  6. I hope your foot keeps feeling better, I keep thinking of you each morning because I am still blown away by your dedication. i could never do two hours on a machine like that. you got some drive girl. keep your head up, I hope good news comes your way

  7. BOOO to injuries for realllll. Why can’t our bodies be superhuman and just last forever!? It’s good news that you are feeling better though and can walk without pain. Your arms are looking BEASTLY!! Way to embrace the strength. I need to get me some guns like that.

  8. Gah thats so annoying about your cyst! It would be better if it was consistent with the pain because I’ve got to imagine its not easy to have one good day and then one painful day. On the plus side – you’ve got some rocking muscles 🙂

  9. Congrats on the 4.5 miles even if they weren’t the best! I’ve never tried the Cybex but I’m kind of intrigued after hearing about your use on it. Those things always scare me. I kinda get sea sick? Weird totally. You have the best dedication to keeping up your fitness ever. Seriously people need to learn a lesson from your drive.

    Favorite topic to blog about: whatever I feel like!

  10. Yey, I am so so happy you may be getting better! You’re smart not to get your hopes up just becuase it has been one more week, I am learning the hard way, there is no magic number and everyone’s recover is different.

    I would love to read a post about what you workout on the cybex 100i looks like. I’m suffering from a stress fracture and pretty sick of the elliptical/spin.

  11. Hoping you’re on the mend girl and nice muscles you got there! Proud of you and impressed with your dedication throughout your injury! I’ll be sending in a coffeeaday pic soon! 🙂 Have a great nigh!

  12. Daww, sorry you’re still kind of out. But at least you’re getting better! I totally understand the cardio.. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Awesome arms 🙂

  13. Praying good news comes your way on Tuesday!!! I do love the fact that you’re so dedicated to fitness, and will do whatever you can do get your endorphin’s going.. even if it’s not running. You’re just a beastttt 🙂

  14. The cybex thing hurts my knees! I used it a few times when I was injured and I think the shoeboxes constrained my foot and caused knee pain or something. Who knows. I’ve had knee surgery so I have to be super careful about that.

    I’m sorry you’re still unable to run without pain but you’re getting there!

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