Basic Pancake Recipe…on Monday

I get a lot of questions about my staple pancake recipe. If I wanted a large “normal” pancake, but in the blogging world what is a normal pancake? It isn’t a protein fused pancake with pumpkin or kale…just a normal carbohydrate rich pancake. I feel like you can add cocoa powder which seems typical for me but to someone without a blog would be like wtf?

I tend to eat normal pancakes quite often. Just a hint of sweetness, a bit of this and that to make them extra fluffy. Same with oatmeal…but don’t get me started on the amount of ways you can eat oatmeal. Or oats…or in a jar…

and yes this is one serving…

This makes pancakes for one person because I’m lonely and only need to cook for one person…duh.

2/3 cup flour (I’ve been using wheat, though buckwheat is really good too)
¼ cup sweetener (sugar or an equal cup for cup)
1 tablespoon baking powder
½ cup milk
1 egg
2 teaspoons oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1. Mix all wet ingredients (egg, milk, oil, vanilla)
2. Add dry ingredients (flour, sweetener, baking powder (last)).
3. Mix and pour on griddle. Cook at 350 degrees.
I have added all the ingredients for a reason. The oil, the egg versus egg substitute, sweetener…ect. If you substitute for egg whites or skip the oil (you can do both and you’ll have decent pancakes) but you won’t have the best.
You asked for a normal people recipe and I gave it to you. A recipe your mom might have made as a child…the American Dream recipe…(I kid) I have plenty of healthier, interesting and unique flavorful recipes in the near future too. (Duh you can add fruit or chocolate in them and they will be delish).

Question for you:
1. Did your parents ever make pancakes as a child?
My mom did and we used fiber 1 pancake mix or bisquick. I quite enjoyed it.

2. What pancake/waffle ideas would you like to see on the blog?