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I thought I would extend this blog a bit because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I’m training and why the change in my workouts and if I’m doing weights, core, strength. So this may be a bit lengthy (for me..I know 1000 word posts come easily for some…). Anyways:
First, I am no longer mindlessly ellipticaling unless it’s a recovery day. I don’t go the gym for the soul purpose to burn calories. That isn’t why I want to go to the gym (though that is obviously a side effect). My workouts are more targeted for when I can run again.
In a week span, my new workout plan might look something like this and is COMPARABLE to the amount of time I was running before. Also this is what works with my personal schedule. I work an 8:30-4:30 job as well.

Monday: AM: 1 Hour easy elliptical
PM: 1 Hour elliptical, higher resistance as well as core work, arms and

Tuesday: AM: 1 hour Water running
PM: 1 hour easy elliptical

Wednesday: AM: 1 hour easy Elliptical, plus core work
PM: 1 Hour 100 resistance Hard plus strength training for legs

Thursday: AM: 1 hour Recovery elliptical or water jog
PM: 1 hour Recovery elliptical or water jog, work arms and shoulders

Friday: AM: 1hour Easy/Recovery elliptical +core

Saturday: 1 hour High Resistance Elliptical (full body weight)

Sunday: Long 2-3 elliptical

But to break it down, all my workouts can be divided like this:
Easy/Recovery: This is done as the primary amount of my workouts as with running. Not every run you do is hard (I obviously advocate that and am a really firm believer of it). This is exactly how it seems and I mostly zone out to trashy TV or chat with friends.

Hard: Like interval and track workouts (or races) this is done trying to get my heart rate rather high. When I was running, I was doing two of these workouts weekly…so now I’m doing two of these weekly.

Long: 3 hours on the elliptical, is not the most pleasant thing in the world but it wasn’t really bad when I did it. I certainly don’t mind that much because I know it will make me stronger in the long run.

So why am I training this much through my injury?

I’m keeping this short and real. Often times when runners get injured, they stop working out completely because they are depressed, gain weight, and feel the world is over. I’m sorry but I’m more motivated then that. If I let all that happen then I when I could start running again, I’d be more depressed because I would have lost all endurance, would have some weight to work off and be in a more depressed mood.

So although no one is forcing me to go to the gym, I’m enjoying still being just as active as if I was running. It keeps me in my own groove so that it won’t be a shock to the system when I can run again. I would also like to point out, I don’t do anything that I feel pain during.

Question for you:
1. What do you do when injured?
2. Favorite workout?
3. Poll:

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  1. I find it hilarious that people give you crap for crosstraining so much, because as a (sort of temporary) cyclist…for us, 2 hours is a short workout haha. You could say that cycling is my XT which in that case my volume is way higher than it would be running, but i see it more like training for a new sport since i won’t be able to run for a long time. But when i was crosstraining last year with the goal of simulating running, my schedule looked exactly like yours. It was half the volume, but thats because 1. My injuries were overuse (yours were not) and so rest was more beneficial at least at first, and 2. I was running half the volume you were, only 50mpw. So i like your plan and i think it’s smart-we all like our endorphins, and you’re doing this because you’re a dedicated athlete. I think on some level that much xt is something only other athletes can understand and respect, so nevermind what the haters say- you’re working towards a future of running greatness and you’re not letting setbacks get in your way. Word. 😀

    1. Exactly! I was running this much and never got any crap for it! Now ellipticaling for an hour is considered “overtraining”. LOLZ my injury isn’t even from overtraining!

  2. Sounds like you’re doing a good variety of workouts. Glad you can get the water jogging in lately :).

  3. Sounds like you are preparing yourself just right for the running you do. When I had a foot injury I strictly did the elliptical for 5 months- it was tough but it kept me in better shape than nothing. Swimming was great too!

  4. It still confuses me that you have to explain this to people – to anyone with any sense or athletic mindset (regardless of ability) it should be obvious. Also, it’s important to keep in a routine: it just makes it all the harder to get up at 4am once you can run again if you get yourself used to, say, sleeping in. I’ve found that out the hard way!

  5. I completely understand… when I had an accident during one of my runs (fell hard and really banged up myself) the doctor told me to stay away from exercise for a month or two… that didn’t happen lol Just listen to your body (which is seems like you are) and ignore the people who give you hate about it 🙂

  6. Favoritw workout is running by far…seconded by swimming then cycling…cycling is making a drive for the top though…wee what happens when i get my bike fixed!

    Hope you survive the week!

  7. Ooo, water running–heard lots about it, but never tried it. Do you like it? One of my runner/triathlete friends had a nagging injury, so she did a lot of aqua jogging.

  8. hey, why don’t you take rest days or a rest day? just curious

    1. Thanks Jill for your question. That particular week I didn’t need any rest days. This week I will because I had a shot in my foot. I don’t plan on rest days and do them when my body needs them. 🙂

  9. Seriously people need to STOP being so nosy…. I did the same thing when I was injured in March to make sure I came back strong and didnt loos endurance. Running is a passion – once you get bit by the running bug its hard to let go of. Good for you for keeping up your endurance and wanting to stay in tip top running shape, even if you can’t run right this moment.

  10. Ugh. I’m sorry you’re injured that sucks! I had a stress fracture and then a hamstring strain last March and was out for about a month. It sucked because I was training for Boston and went from being in marathon shape to being unable to run. I did what you’re doing and did a mix of ellipticaling, swimming, and cycling (heavy on the elliptical to immitate running). I even did 20 miles on the elliptical one weekend as my “long run”. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay in running shape!

  11. Love your positive outlook on this all. Seriously the fact that people are getting at you is absurd. SO proud that your keeping on with what makes YOU happy and smile. At the end of the day you’ve got to do it for YOU. Keep rocking!

  12. I just can’t get over the fact that people have been giving you crap for your workouts. Truthfully, they are just jealous that your awesome & they aren’t 🙂 🙂

    When I’m injured I do the stationary bike/weights
    Favorite workout: running of course!

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