Injured Training Week 3

Being injured doesn’t get much better as the weeks go on.  You are still not doing the things you love but in all honesty, I know I’m healing so I’m just focusing on that.  Running now would still do more damage then it’s worth.

With that being said, I also traveled to my alma mater in even more Upstate then I am now (I know-it’s possible).  Moving on.

This week was pretty identical to last week.  I spent two hours on the Arc trainer every day.  Even with travel it was nice to be able to get my Arc trainer in.  I know it will maintain part of my base at least, however, much it stinks right now (which don’t worry-is a lot).

and this one too. At least I know I don’t have low bone density

I also added doing more corework (mostly in the form of p90x and it was hard!).  I used to be able to easily finish p90x and not be sore…now I’m sore again after not doing it for a couple months.  I m glad I decided to do that.

What is on my plan this week?

Not too much.  Probably keeping as a similar to this as possible until I’m not injured anymore.  My bone is healing as it should and my cyst will be gone by the end of this week (I hope).  I’d like to say this will be my last full week of not running but one can only hope.

Question for you:

What was your favorite workout week?

Have you ever stopped something and then felt the wrath of starting up again?

Guilty for corework right now.

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  1. Good for you for taking the time to recover. I know how easy it is to try to push through it and that can make it worse. I’ve had to take a break from running several times. The good news is my body remembers what to do when I start back up but it’s slower. And that gets to me every time. With training though, it goes back to normal over time. Good luck!

  2. Glad you’re taking the time off to recover, and the Arc Trainer is pretty similar to running so you will definitely make a fast comeback with all that cross training. Hope your foot is healing well and I drank gas station coffee yesterday and thought of you!

  3. It looks like you’re doing all the right things to allow healing while still maintaining strength. You’ll definitely return with a bang!

    I took almost 5 weeks from running after July’s half marathon and it was really hard to get started again. I don’t think you’ll have that problem though given how much you’re missing running!

  4. what a great idea to do p90x while your injured, i think you will be so much stronger than you realize even when you are not able to run! I saw through twitter you may make this private so please add me if you do! I need my holly fix.

  5. I quit eating snacks and all of a sudden Ive found myself snacking again! Its aweful! Definitely got to get back on track!

    Wanna know a really good routine? If you youtube “8 minutes abs” the old school video will come up. Sometimes I love doing that after a workout and it works really well!

  6. I’m glad you’re healing and still keeping a base! Ah, p90x… The soreness KILLS me if I don’t do it for a few weeks! It’s good though lolz 🙂

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