Junior Year Changes

If you were to ask me which year I truly “found myself” it would be junior year.  Not early junior year-more late junior year.

When I decided that math wasn’t for me and dropped the major.

this is math?

When wheels started turning that swimming injury was near and perhaps quitting swimming would in my best interest.

Swimming the Mile, Can you tell?

To sum up junior year the most it would be risk taker.   My life 100% changed junior year.  At the beginning I asked myself, what could be lost with joining cross country team?  If I didn’t enjoy it after the first couple of weeks, I could leave, but giving it a shot would be fun.

One of my first XC races!

I still haven’t left.

Then later I asked, what was going to do graduating with a major that I didn’t care for.  Math and education (double majors) are a very narrow focus.  If you graduate with those…you go into teaching…if that isn’t your jive…well…you need a different major.

The minute I changed majors, I have never been more happy in my life.   A weight was off my shoulders and I immediately knew that is what I wanted to do with my life.

So entering junior year as the n00b math education runner who was clueless of how to actually blog.

Exciting junior year as the running obsessed community health major who was still clueless of how to blog.

Question for you: Did you change majors in college? 

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  1. I think people who do not change their majors are the rarity. I admire them but I wasn’t one of them. I started as a Social Work major and it drove me completely bonkers. It was not at all what I expected. I ended up switching to Political Science with a Writing/English minor and I LOVED it.

    That math homework gave me a headache just looking at it. That is crazy math! You are so smart!

  2. I’m loving these college posts this week – haha a good time to remember my 4 years a few days before I graduate. I changed majors beginning of junior year to dietetics – BEST decision ever. It was a major change because I transferred and switched majors, but I was so happy that I did that. Glad you’re much happier with community health now!

  3. You look gorgeous in your cross country picture! I did change majors – I actually switched from business to writing. My parents were not pleased, but it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It got me an internship, followed by a full-time job at graduation, & I’m still employed by the company 15 years later. Now, I do something completely outside what I was hired to do (technical writing), but I’m still so happy that I made the move when I did.

  4. I love these college recap posts you’re doing! I changed my major my junior year, too…went from journalism to public relations. so not quite as big a change as yours, but I definitely felt a weight off my shoulders when I made the switch

  5. This is so cool! I had no idea you totally changed education paths junior year. In high school, I quit soccer what I had done for nearly my whole life to join cross country. Let’s just say I have been running ever since.

  6. I definitely could never be a math major. I’m glad you found your place! I love how “right” finding your major feels. 🙂 I think I’ve changed my major between chemistry, archaeology, and geology at least five times.. With different combinations in forms of double majors. Now I’m a geoarchaeology major and I couldn’t be happier!

  7. Another interesting read Hollie! You were a math major once… smarty pants 😉 seriously though, that is impressive that you were that for awhile! I changed majors several times actually- nursing then transferred and couldn’t get into nursing at umass so went to biology, then nutrition, then to public health and psych minor! Stuck with the last few haha

  8. I’m glad you went for running! That was how it was when I started running when I was a sophomore, I mean there was no reason NOT to try. Someone at the running store (who is actually the guys assistant coach) said that he made his daughter try XC for two weeks and if she didn’t like it she could quit. She ended up running at Washington University in St. Louis! So I applied the same thing to myself and I loved it too.

  9. I am seriously loving all your college reflections! I am about to start my junior year and can just feel like this will be the year of major changes – like my major. Glad to see that your risks paid off!

  10. I didn’t change my major. I’ve always wanted to teach. However, as much as I know know about how the education system I may have changed my major. I would like to do pre-k, instead of k-6major. Changing majors is a huge decision..but crucial. I wish colleges gave ire time to let you decide what you want to do the rest if your life. Its hard enough graduating on time, and changing majors makes it almost impossible!! I think they do that to get more $.

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