Senior Year Throwback

It seems like almost yesterday that I began my college quest.  Maybe it was because I’ve been doing this series of college blogs all week.  It’s like I got to relive my youth again…

Moving on.

Senior year, oh senior year. 

Most ya’ll have traveled this path with me.  (My blog is nearly a toddler at two!?)

Filled with running highs.

Running lows.

eh beginning of senior year. ie: stress fracture.

Quitting swimming.

but still going to the swimming formal the day after… (and remaining close with the team!)

Narrowing my focus of my major to nutrition and wellness with college students.

Meeting new people…

All in all, I would say this has been a fabulous year.  My last year of college, I learned that you really aren’t going to make everyone happy and you need to put yourself before other people.  You cannot allow people to walk all over you.

From my schooling, I learned that not everyone will like you, your writing style, your personality…whatever.  You have to deal with it, maybe change your objectives and move on.  I had a very tough course that I chose to just drop hints about.  I’m a relatively good student but in that particular course, I was JUST hoping to snag a 2.0 and pass it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t spend time on that class, as you heard me complaining about the 50 page paper I had to write…but these happen.

Question for you:

1.       What did you learn senior year?

2.       Have you ever had to work with someone you just didn’t mesh well with? 


  1. I have to work with people I don’t mesh well with all the time. It’s a part of having a job- you just learn how to deal. But I mesh well with so many people that it really doesn’t matter all that much and I don’t think about it :).

    I had an amazing senior year of college. I was super busy but loved all of it, between internships, writing for the student paper, student government, and obviously classes. I do miss college, but I don’t think I’d go back now if given the choice, I do like being a working girl :).

  2. mm senior year was tainted for all of us.. I had a great year.. until the end of the year.. April 2007 to be exact.. that was the month of the shooting at Tech.. it was rough..

  3. those are all good lessons you learned, and I’ve experienced that sometimes you just won’t mesh with others like you hoped. my senior year I learned that some relationships are more do more harm than good, and you have to learn when to let go and walk away. really tough

  4. My senior year has had my running high and running low as well. Hopefully my freshman year of college I can get back to that high. I think this year has taught me to appreciate things while I have them and that worry about things too much can make them perpetuate and get worse.

  5. What a fun and eventful year!

    Senior year I learned to have fun and not take college so seriously. You only get that experience once! Live it up lady!

  6. I am going into my senior year of college, and I’m hoping I’ll learn a lot! I hate working with people I don’t mesh with, honestly. But, I grin and bare it.

  7. I know for me, this year taught me that I can put a lot of time & effort into a class and still earn a C+ ….oh concepts of biochemistry.

  8. Congrats on finishing your last year of college!! And learning and experiencing so much! Go you =)

    You are darn right that you can’t please everybody. You can try, but you just wind up being untrue to yourself *and* still pissing some people off.

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