Training Week

This training week was a bit all over the place honestly.  I like the whole, not having a strict training plan, plan.  I know loosely what I would like to accomplish throughout the week and that works for me.  I didn’t really know how my legs would feel so I just kind of took it from there.  I would like to mention my legs didn’t have any soreness until late Tuesday and then wam bam thank you ma’am.   I added some photos from my half marathon last weekend so it might be a little more interesting…you can laugh and judge me.  😉

Monday: 10.2 miles easy, it was boring-I got it done and didn’t feel too terrible.

Around mile 3…the girl that ran the first half of the race with me

Tuesday: 10.2 miles easy.  Same route, same time, same weather….deja vu. I did feel a bit more tired today because it took a couple days for my muscles to decide they had run hard last Sunday.


AM: 10.4 miles easy (changing it up).  Here was a mental struggle to get through.  Maybe it was because it was raining?  I don’t know-either way, my speakers started to work on my ipod so I was 100% happy about it.

PM: 4.1 miles.  My new Newtons came in so I decided to test them out.  My legs actually felt a lot better then they did earlier in the day and it honestly hit me at the end of this run that my total milage was 14.5.  Certainly didn’t feel like it on this second run.


AM: 6.3 miles easy

PM 6.2 miles easy

Friday:  8.2 miles, very easy.  My runs have been leaving a lot to be desired so I cut it short.

The final home stretch!  I always seem to be looking at something…not straight ahead.  Over it.

Saturday: Some of you may have remembered that I was planning on running a local 5k but opted to sit it out.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends between school work, running and just being tired.  I woke up on Saturday and didn’t feel 100% so rested and did an easy run of 4.1 miles.  These things happen.

Sunday: Though I didn’t fell 100% better, I felt a lot better than Saturday.  I don’t know where it came from but I waited until 2pm to run (I’m normally a 9am runner) and ended up running 12.5 miles in 1:33.  I ran out in 50 minutes and brought it back in 43.  It was what I needed to get out my running rut this week.

Total: 73

This was not an awesome week of speed workouts for me, nor was it a week that I wanted to get up and go running everyday-but these things happen.  Not every training week will be highlightable with perfect workouts.  My plan next week is to take running easy again and see how it goes.  I don’t need to do any sort of speed or anything right now because I don’t have any immediate races that I’m gunning for on my schedule.

I should get back into cross training and p90x but I had just been lacking a desire to do it.  That and school has been a pretty heavy load these last few weeks.

Group shot

Questions for you:

What was your favorite workout of the week?

How do you get over workout (life) slumps?