Flower City Half Recap (1:29.39)

So about Flower City half marathon.  I needed a day to let this race simmer-in fact I didn’t even write a race recap until now (12:30pm).  I’m not really sure why the race itself bothered me so much, but it did.  I don’t even know what I was expecting to do but whatever it was-I didn’t do it. 

So anyways, about the race.  I went down to Rochester, NY the Saturday before.  Picked up my race packet…all the jazz and was in bed by 10pm.  I ended up driving down with Justin (awesome 50ker), Shannon (a cross country teammate of mine…her first half!) and Justin’s friend Evan.  It was such a fun car ride (all crammed into my car…with gas station coffee of course).

The morning of the race, I was feeling good (not great) but a bit tired and groggy.  We got to the race around 7 am (and it started at 7:30).  Somehow the rest of my party (ie: the boys…ran off past Shannon and I and we never even saw them till after the race).

The race started and I threw off some shirt and began.  It was quite cold, so I had to bring my first ever throw away article of clothing.  It ended up being yellow so I looked like a giant lemon between my yellow shorts and shirt (poor wardrobe choice)  I felt pretty good for the first mile (a bit stiff) but I hit mile 1 at 6:40.  Immediately, my thought process spiraled downhill and I mentally checked out of the race…at mile 1. 

I knew the hills at this race were going to push some of miles ABOVE 8 minutes (and they did).  I knew it wasn’t a PRing race (and it wasn’t).  I also knew there was another female very close to me and it just put me in a state of anxiousness (if I’m being honest…).

So with that, I hit the second mile in exactly 13:00.  Then I kept a rough 6:30 pace until mile 7.  At mile 4, they told the other girl and I we were number 9 and 10.  (I literally could not see any other females AT ALL…and I could see about 2-3 min up).  (Come to find out-an elite running group came and the first 6 females finished below 1:24)

So with that, we entered Highland Park.  A brutal couple of hills.  It climbs about 200 feet within less then half a mile…then flats and turns around and climbs an equally as painful hill.  It hurts but I am a hill runner and I like to drop people on hills.

And I did.  I didn’t see that girl again and my mind was put into ease.  At mile 9, the 1:30 pacer paced me and it was honestly devastating.   I didn’t even think I was going above a 1:30 pace, but it just put me more mentally down.

(Come to find out they finished the race in 1:27.5X!)

The rest of the race was a bit of a blur actually, I couldn’t get my gel open and it legit exploded on my face.   I was just focused on finishing and getting this race done with.  It wasn’t a race that I wanted to last forever (like last week).  It was just a race that I wanted done and over with.
When I could see the end of the race, I picked it up as best as I could and ended up finishing in a 1:29.39.  For the hills, this is a good time.  For racing last week, this is a good time.  I’m not thrilled with it but I’m willing to accept it and move on.  Not every race can be your favorite.  *I don’t need anyone to tell me to be ecstatic with my time or something along those lines and please don’t.

But on a side note my (brother’s that I stole) flats developed a hole on the side.  lolz.  

Questions for you:

Do you like hills? 

How many miles do you put on your running shoes? 

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  1. You are my hero! I hope you know I have plans for us to run all summer long. I didn’t even ask you 😉 Congrats sub 1:30 girl!!!!!

  2. I can relate to how you feel, but it’s not gonna stop me from saying you did awesome! I am definitely NOT a hill runner. I do so much better on flat courses. A lot of people say that’s because it’s flat, but I know people who run faster times on hillier courses than flat ones. I think it’s all mental for me because hills psyche me out!

  3. [You should feel awesome about your time!] Sorry I just had to bug you! But anyways, you know just finishing a half sounds awesone to me! And 2 in 2 weeks? I think you’re crazy- but AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you!

  4. I love hills. Call me crazy, but I would rather run uphill than downhill. Hills only make you stronger.

  5. Great job!! I seriously thought of you today when I was running. I thought to myself, “she wouldn’t give up, so be tough!” I have to admit many running bloggers I read help me during a tough workout even though I’ve never met them. I also pretend I’m a superfadt D1xc runner(Jordan like Jordan Hasay from Oregon is my favorite) or an elite runner like Molly Huddle, Flanagan, etc. Hey, whatever works right? Haha. I have to admit I’m not the best hill runner. I live and train in prob one of the mist hilliest places ever. It’s hard, it sometimes sucks, and makes me want to hate running sometimes. However, come raceday I know I can conquer any hill. I use to love it in college xc when we would race and we (our team) would kill everyone on the hills. Good memories. 🙂 I have a favor to ask. Could you do a post on how you recover? You tun pretty high mileage and I was just wondering what works best for you. Keep up the amazingness girl! (Even if u weren’t so fast, I’d still think you are awesome, don’t worry).

    1. Awe thank-you Vanessa! That means a lot! I think of other people when I run as well. I’ll type up a post on recovery this weekend! You are seriously awesome!

  6. I LOVE hills…they are where I like to drop people too 🙂 I haven’t run a “flat, fast” course yet this year, so I’m excited to finally get on one of those come June!
    from a reader’s perspective this race sounds like a good one for you…but do know that if the mental game comes into play mid run then BOOM the race suddenly shifts.
    it sounds like you had fun though and did push it to the end! I am proud of you girl!!!

  7. I hate hills. I live in a hilly neighbourhood and I keep trying to avoid them, but it’s impossible 😉 But hey. If all runs were completely flat it wouldn’t be as interesting!

  8. F Hills.

    You’re a baller Hollie. Remember that, forever. You can’t PR every race, but you can always ball out!

    Yeah for Blue Cross Arena! You know you were literally about 200 yards from Dinosaur BBQ? I’m taking you this summer.

  9. 1. Your a champion.
    2. I wish I could’ve raced wit you guys.
    3. I wish I met Justin’s friends.
    4. I hope Shannon had fun.
    5. You sure know how to destroy shoes!

  10. I think you still did AMAZING. Seriously! That is an amazing time, especially for the hills you said you had to climb. Great job Hollie 🙂

  11. Awesome time…you are fast! My first 1/2 was the MVP Rochester 1/2 last September. I have since done 2 fulls and am thinking about going back to NY to do the full in September (I have a work event the day before in NJ so the timing of things has made me not officially sign up yet). A bunch of my friends are planning to do the 1/2. Are you thinking of doing the 1/2 or full MVP one in September? I’ve missed the Flower City the last 2 years because of Seneca7 in 2011 and the PA Tough Mudder this past year. Wicked impressed with your times!

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