LOLZ Recovery

A reader that I bounce back a lot of emails with, Vanessa asked me if I would do a post on recovery from my halves.  It also made me realize-I never got around to posting last week’s mileage and training report, which would have made that ten times easier eh? 

Before I ramble away about my recovery, I want to say, I’ve run all sorts of mileages.  I’ve run 20 mile weeks, 40, 60, 80…my personal sweet spot is around 70 mile weeks.  I ran my best half marathon on a 69 mile week. 

But that is just me. 

Between my two half marathons (a week apart) I took the time to really recover.  And looking back, I did recover nearly completely.  I ran a harder course and I’m certain I could have been in the high 1:27 range if I had run Plattsburgh again that weekend.

So a brief synapses of my runs between the two races:

Plattsburgh was on a Sunday.

I took Monday off.

Ran an easy 10k Tuesday (I didn’t time it…but that is nothing new).

I also didn’t time the 10 miler I did Wednesday but that run really stretched out my legs a lot.  I felt 10000 times better afterwords.

Thursday I did 1 hour on the arc in the morning and a 10k tempo run (which I ran in 40:30).

I took Friday off and ran an easy 8 miler Saturday.  I remember feeling extremely awesome on Saturday but not wanting to jynx it.

Then Sunday was the next half. 

So that was my running wise recovery. 

Other elements I do to recover are taking an ice bath within 24 hours of a road race.  I personally hate ice baths and in Upstate, NY (where it’s never warm) they are ten times worse…but I do know I feel better after taking them.

relaxing 50 degree ice-bath.

I also foam roll (excessively).  I literally do not know anyone else that foam rolls as much as me.  Every day that I feel sore in the slightest, I foam roll.  While I’m watching trashy tv…I foam roll…

As far as food goes I amp up my protein to above 150 grams for 3-4 days.  It has worked for me after every race and I feel like those extra calories really just make me recover quicker.

ie: lots of muscle milk!

These are just simple things that I have found work for me.  I never put pressure on myself for running after a race and just take it how it comes.  Sometimes a 5k will knock my socks off for no particular reason and take me longer to recover then a half.

Question for you: How do you recover from a race?  (hard workout…)