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A reader that I bounce back a lot of emails with, Vanessa asked me if I would do a post on recovery from my halves.  It also made me realize-I never got around to posting last week’s mileage and training report, which would have made that ten times easier eh? 

Before I ramble away about my recovery, I want to say, I’ve run all sorts of mileages.  I’ve run 20 mile weeks, 40, 60, 80…my personal sweet spot is around 70 mile weeks.  I ran my best half marathon on a 69 mile week. 

But that is just me. 

Between my two half marathons (a week apart) I took the time to really recover.  And looking back, I did recover nearly completely.  I ran a harder course and I’m certain I could have been in the high 1:27 range if I had run Plattsburgh again that weekend.

So a brief synapses of my runs between the two races:

Plattsburgh was on a Sunday.

I took Monday off.

Ran an easy 10k Tuesday (I didn’t time it…but that is nothing new).

I also didn’t time the 10 miler I did Wednesday but that run really stretched out my legs a lot.  I felt 10000 times better afterwords.

Thursday I did 1 hour on the arc in the morning and a 10k tempo run (which I ran in 40:30).

I took Friday off and ran an easy 8 miler Saturday.  I remember feeling extremely awesome on Saturday but not wanting to jynx it.

Then Sunday was the next half. 

So that was my running wise recovery. 

Other elements I do to recover are taking an ice bath within 24 hours of a road race.  I personally hate ice baths and in Upstate, NY (where it’s never warm) they are ten times worse…but I do know I feel better after taking them.

relaxing 50 degree ice-bath.

I also foam roll (excessively).  I literally do not know anyone else that foam rolls as much as me.  Every day that I feel sore in the slightest, I foam roll.  While I’m watching trashy tv…I foam roll…

As far as food goes I amp up my protein to above 150 grams for 3-4 days.  It has worked for me after every race and I feel like those extra calories really just make me recover quicker.

ie: lots of muscle milk!

These are just simple things that I have found work for me.  I never put pressure on myself for running after a race and just take it how it comes.  Sometimes a 5k will knock my socks off for no particular reason and take me longer to recover then a half.

Question for you: How do you recover from a race?  (hard workout…) 

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  1. Your recovery looks exactly like I would do! I don’t foam roll that much though. I have no idea why because everyone else loves the foam roller but it makes me feel so much worse. Ice baths are amazing though. I am going to remember the tidbit about protein too. That makes so much sense.

  2. Awesome post! Yay for muscle milk haha. This reminds me that I need to foam roll more LOL!!

    I can totally relate that some 5k’s knock my socks off and make me soo tired/sore while some half marathon’s don’t!

  3. oh my gosh I forgot to say you rock and congrats because you had 2 fabulous back to back half’s!
    I agree with all your recovery tips! I make sure to do easy running right after the race as a “cool-down” then I try to ICE bath, and hot tub, and foam roll, and re-fuel with a lot of protein/healthy things, and SLEEP! 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great Monday!

  4. I just have to say that it’s awesome how everyone in that picture of you running is staring at you. Especially the guy in the left hand corner. He’s like “holy shit what just happened”

    Anyway I love my ice baths and vanilla milk for recovery. Sometimes I make my sister punch me all over the back of my legs. She loves the chance to beat me up, I love the free “massage”

  5. Ahh, thanks so much for this post!! I’ve never ran a 70 mpw. My highest is 60. But, I do plan on it this summer. I believe higher mileage in the summer=better performance when you start adding speedwork in the fall.My goal is to get superfast like my “good old days.” I will NEVER forget my first ice bath. I was a freshmen in college running xc. My body wasn’t used to the higher mileage. So, the athletic trainers made me get in an ice bath. Holy Guacamole!! I seriously cried! It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced! . It was just pure ice!! But I believve they help. I seriously need to foam roll. I hate to admit I never have, not even once!! 🙁 Thanks for the tips on recovery. Keep it up, cause its def working…u=speedy, that has AMAZING things to come due to your talent, hard work, and dedication.

    1. YES! My first ice bath was a similar story. I def think they are awesome though and anyone could really benefit from them! 😛 You are awesome! I wasn’t into foam rolling too much until my brother basically forced it upon me haha!

  6. I think every race I’ve done was strictly done for beer.

    True story. But I think you know how i feel about running.

    Recovering from a workout is up and down for me, I dont (usually) get the sore, but I do love a good quick 5 minute cardio (on non-cardio days) and a good stretch, but lots of long hot showers/baths and foam rolling!

  7. I foam roll a ton a focus on nutrition post workout right away (ok well… kind of…) I wish I could live in Tampa, but have an ice cold river to soak in- making ice baths are such a hassle lol!

  8. I’m honestly slacking a lot in the recovery department… the most I do for post-run OR post-race recovery’s just a cup of milk (not even chocolate!!) and some stretching. No foam rolling or ice baths, mostly because I’m lazy.

  9. I can’t remember when I fully recovered from a race. I normally don’t, which is terrible on my part, but oh well. When I start doing marathons, then we’ll talk recovery.

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