Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

I couldn’t think of a good title-at all.  I think I sat here for ten minutes.  First I thought about just making the title pancakes-then it evolved to pancakes and more pancakes.  Finally, I decided to just say pancakes three times.  Right then.

It be no surprise to you if you know what today is that I am celebrating.  In real life, in fake life, in blog life, while running, while arcing, studying, chatting…it will appear in everything I do.  If you could hastag me today-it would just be with #obsessed

But anyways-Happy National Pancake Day

Here are some of my favorites and go poke around the recipes and make yourself some good ones.  You can email me photos of the pancakes you ate to celebrate and I’ll post em here.

I get a lot of questions about my favorite type of Pancakes.

Right now it’s Pumpkin-maybe it’s because they take the best photos.




Sometimes its chocolate+peanut flour

Other times I’m feeling fruity

Blended strawberry



Let’s not forget the other randos that made it into my belly…

Sweet Potato


Red Velvet

 And to answer your questions…yes I’ve had pancake failures.  Often. 



  1. Yumm I think I’m a fan of the pumpkin and sweet potato pancakes 🙂 Happy Pancake day!!

  2. just made pancakes yesterday! Thought of you!

  3. Oh man! I Wish I knew that today was national pancake day! I would have had them for breakfast…instead I had oatmeal! lame! Oh well I am a HORRIBLE flipper anyway…

  4. If I died and went to heaven (unlikely…the going to heaven part, anyway) the first thing I would see would be those Peanut Flour chocolate pancakes.


  5. I think we were seperated at birth! Pancakes make me happy! 🙂

  6. I made pancakes today! Well, a pancake. It was one big one. I’m actually starting to like them this way. Mostly because I can flip it better and it’s more fun to eat! I also bought buckwheat flour so I can try buckwheat pancakes! Yaaaay pancakes!

  7. I love making breakfast sandwiches with pancakes! I take two warm pancakes, put pb on each (so it gets all melty) and put on bananas. It is soooo good <3

  8. I have a love hate relationship with this post. I love it SOOO much, but I hate it because it is 11:00 at night and all I want to do is go into my kitchen and make hundreds of pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes (okay you get the point.) hahahah

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