Pumpkin Pancakes

I’ve blogged about this recipe before, so if you have followed my blog for over 2 years now…you’ve probably seen it.  Seeing that covers about 2 people and both are far better cooks then me…I figured it wasn’t a big deal.  Upon searching through my archives however, I can’t find this recipe so I’ll just make this a staple post to link back too. This recipe is worth ten repeats in my mind at least. 

As bloggers, we are all obsessed with pumpkin.  Am I right?

I feel that way…I don’t make it through a full day without reading about how someone enjoys pumpkin.  I don’t say I mind though.  Next month is gingerbread…I personally like hard egg nog…

Pumpkin Pancakes

½ cup flour
1 egg
½ cup pumpkin
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon
Sweetener to taste

Cook at roughly 350 degrees.

This recipe is relatively easy.  Mix all the wet ingredients (including pumpkin) then add the flour…flip and cook.  It also works with peanut flour for a high protein breakfastI’ve made it with both.

I always have the best luck photographing these too…

The pumpkin replaces the oil and makes these quite moist and quite delicious.  I try and make them once a week so I can get my vitamin K and turn orange…therefore not having to go fake tanning (I kid).

Question for you:

1.       Do you like pumpkin?

2.       What is your favorite way to use it (feel free to link a recipe). 


Food Staples

Food de Hollie
After my WIAW rage, (ha) I got a few emails about what I stock at my house to cook. I can assure you some of it is probably weird, some is strange I guess not all of it so whatever.
Breakfast Foods:
1. Greek yogurt

I like to hoard the containers like no big deal…

2. Peanut flour (I have at least 1 serving daily normally…my “odd food”)
3. Eggs (I go through a dozen eggs once a week)
4. Liquid egg whites
5. Sugar Free syrup (for waffles/pancakes)
6. Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder (once you try this stuff you’ll never go back)
7. Stevia and truvia (depending on my mood)
8. Peanut butter
9. pumpkin
10. skim milk
Lunch foods: (While I normally have lunch on campus, I occasionally pack my lunch)
Which is normally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a greek yogurt. Well actually it’s two because I have one at 11 and one at 2.

1. Lots of frozen vegetable steamers (broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts!)

My favorite dinner ever.  Salmon, brussel sprouts and mushrooms

2. Fresh vegetables include onions, garlic, kale and mushrooms
3. Frozen steak and chicken to grill on my george foreman
4. Fresh fish normally bought day of from the supermarket to grill

1. Quest protein bars (these are my current favorites).
2. Greek yogurt+ pumpkin
3. Protein shakes made of Xanthem gum, pumpkin, skim milk and greek yogurt
4. Hard boiled eggs

Random other things  I like:

1. I always have hot cocoa stocked
2. and ice cream

3. Coffee creamer (I am in a Baileys Irish Cream mood lately)

But other then that I have dessert at restaurants because they are clearly better then anything I could make
Question for you: Name your top five staple foods.

1. Eggs
2. Greek yogurt
3. Peanut flour and cocoa powder (for pancakes…it counts as one)
4. Salmon
5. Xanthem gum for smoothies

WIAW Real Talk

I haven’t done a WIAW blog in a while. I was reading blogs the other day, maybe last week…sometime ago and I was thinking about how a good portion of the time I just find WIAW blog posts annoying.

Breakfast today was a waffle with greek yogurt and jam

I can only have 12 ounces of coffee daily.  This picture does not justice for the amount of cream I add. 



 I will be completely honest and I don’t really believe 95% of bloggers posting what they have eaten throughout the day.  Especially posting a “full day” of eats.  It’s like the less you eat, the better your blog looks, the more people will read your blog.  I understand you want to showcase yourselves in good light, but damn I want to know some people eat pizza or some people find regular peanut butter good versus sweet chocolate double stuffed with a splash of vanilla super specialized almond butter. 


Really, I just want to know other people shop at Walmart for 90% of their groceries and I can relate to what they are eating.  I understand a lot of bloggers are vega, have some sort of GI tract issue or some other thing that justifies their need for such intricate food…but most of my groceries come from Walmart. 

Lunch today was 2 bagels with nutella. I had one at 11 and one at 2. That is normally how my lunches are. I forgot my greek yogurts for some odd reason…oh well.


I am all for eating weird foods but there comes a point that I can’t even try some recipes because it takes such specialized food that I don’t stock. When the hell did we start thinking milking almonds was a good idea? 

So instead I had a pumpkin protein shake when I got home. 1 cup of greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of pumpkin, cinnamon, ice cubes and xanthen gum to thicken it


As we all know, I’m not a chef.  I’m terrible at cooking (also cleaning and don’t care for babies…can you I’ll be a great stay at home housewife?). 

My quick and staple dinner is always fish+kale+ Brussel sprouts. Maybe I’ll get adventurous one day.


I want to say, I’m not trying to call anyone out.  The only thing I’m saying is that if you participate in WIAW and post 500 calories worth of extreme healthy food and that’s it…It doesn’t make me want to read your blog. 

Incase you are wondering this ended up being about 2300 calories.   If I could have more gas station coffee (the doctor told me the amount of caffeine I intake could affect bone growth) then it would be 2600 because I know my coffees have about 300 calories.  I’ll run 4 miles for that any day.


Question for you: What do you think of WIAW posts? 

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

I couldn’t think of a good title-at all.  I think I sat here for ten minutes.  First I thought about just making the title pancakes-then it evolved to pancakes and more pancakes.  Finally, I decided to just say pancakes three times.  Right then.

It be no surprise to you if you know what today is that I am celebrating.  In real life, in fake life, in blog life, while running, while arcing, studying, chatting…it will appear in everything I do.  If you could hastag me today-it would just be with #obsessed

But anyways-Happy National Pancake Day

Here are some of my favorites and go poke around the recipes and make yourself some good ones.  You can email me photos of the pancakes you ate to celebrate and I’ll post em here.

I get a lot of questions about my favorite type of Pancakes.

Right now it’s Pumpkin-maybe it’s because they take the best photos.




Sometimes its chocolate+peanut flour

Other times I’m feeling fruity


Blended strawberry




Let’s not forget the other randos that made it into my belly…

Sweet Potato


Red Velvet

 And to answer your questions…yes I’ve had pancake failures.  Often. 


Race Eats

I guess we shall just keep this running shin dig rolling into another running post. Your comments from yesterday’s post about real running really warm my heart!  I was pretty nervous that some people wouldn’t feel as strongly as I do, but it’s a really big topic that I even talk about in real life with my nonrunner friends!  😉 

Since it is a what I eat Wednesday day, I thought I would share some of my favorite prerace foods. 

I must say-I’m mostly boring when it comes to prerace foods.  I have never really had a point where I ate too close to a race and vommed for running but I’ve come kind of close.   I have with swimming and vom+chlorine water.  Oh dear but that was because I ate a piece of pizza literally 10 minutes before swimming the mile race.   In middle school, I knew how to prerace fuel let me tell you.  My only concern with middle school swim meets is how much pizza I could have. 

I digress.

Depending on the race time and how far it is away-I will eat different things.  Any races after 8:30am-I’ll wake up around 6 and have a waffle or pancakes.  I eat them every morning before I do my training runs-why change it?  They give me energy and I always feel more comfortable.  The only thing I skip though if it’s race time, is yogurt.  That normally doesn’t sit well in my stomach.

oatmeal pancakes have been my prerace choice lately (in my recipe section)

Dairy won’t sit well in my stomach via running or swimming unless it’s had 2 hours to digest.  I don’t like to take chances-especially in longer races.  Yogurt is the most awful thing to feel when you are having a hard workout, in my opinion at least.

So let’s all pretend that you are shocked that I eat pancakes before a race.

Confusion face shot. Appropriate.

What happens if the race is at 7 am?  Am I waking up at 4 to eat breakfast?

I can honestly say I have never done that before.

Then it comes into, well how long is the race? 

(I should have made a flow chart).

If the race is under an hour I will have a snickers marathon bar.  They have never once upset my stomach and we all know how much I rave about these and eat them like candy.  I normally will have one before the race and one after-usually an hour before.

I normally hoard and have about 20 on my person at all times.

If the race is more than an hour and starts before 8:30am (ie: 10 milers and halves)., I’ll have a bagel with peanut butter or pumpkin butter.  I’ll still eat it about 2 hours before and normally cold.  I don’t toast my bagels a lot but before races I do.  Random fact of the day.

Toasted bagel with pumpkin butter. Also peanut butter, but not almond butter because I don't care for it.

Keep in mind this is all eaten with 24 ounces of coffee and 24 ounces of powerade zero.  Both are my favorite prerace beverages of choice.  For me personally, I can stomach coffee before races but I know that is not the case for a lot of people.

Because gas station coffee is the bomb.


Question for you:

1.       What do you eat before races?  After races?  During races? 

2.       What can/can’t you stomach during races? 

Like I’ve rambled…the only thing I’ve had a problem with is stomaching yogurt.

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